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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Self-Styled Wisdom" by Wakeel Allah

Peace Gods and Earths,

I want to broach the subject of what we in the 5% Nation call "Self-Styled Wisdom."

Many brothers and sisters who are new to the cipher now-a-days might have never heard this term as it appears to be minimalized with the recent efforts to streamline or make the 5% into an Organization.

And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but when you advocate a collective organization you do to some extent sacrifice individuality (especially in the case of the 5% who prided themselves as being individuals and not part of a monolithic society).

"Self-Styled Wisdom" can be loosely defined as the guaranteed right of "Freedom of Expression" as it exists within the CULTURE of the Five Percenters. In other words the person has a right to share his or her understanding as they see fit from their own unique perspective and it would be respected as such.

The basic criterion for "Self-Styled Wisdom" as it related to the 5% was your ability to stay consistent within the realm of Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and 120 Lessons.

Or the other less traveled alternative was to be able to justify your wisdom (ways and actions) through different "sciences" of life that were apparently outside of "120". (Needless to say the majority of the time it caused an unusual level of waywardness). Other times, some good might have come out of it (but it was rare).

Self-Styled Wisdom means that an individual has the right to wisdom in accordance to their understanding of the knowledge. So you can manifest yourself differently from other individuals is the point and even more important your brother and sister would have a high level of respect for your build because it was recognized by the Gods and Earths that everyone had a right to their "understanding." And in fact, it was openly promoted and taught that an individual’s understanding is the "best part."

I said all the above to say...I noticed that the principle of "Self-Styled Wisdom" appears to be on its deathbed. This beautiful principle that Allah set forth is under threat and very unpopular in today’s cipher.

Dogma has threatened to take the place of "Self-Styled Wisdom" and the God given right (pun intended) an individual has to express themselves in the cipher is unpopular unless they are parroting the "status quo" (even if the status quo is based upon myth, hearsay, false knowledge, etc.).

Picture Galileo in front of the Catholic church pitching his hypothesis that the Earth rotates around the sun as well as his other scientific discoveries. Then picture unlearned ones and the unlearned wanting to crucify him because he dare challenges the status quo. Then picture the learned ones who knew better but remained silent, or even yet attempted to persuade the unlearned ones that Galileo was the "enemy" of the church or better yet "God". This the learned (10%) would do because Galileo threatened their rule over the status quo because they sat as the gatekeepers of the lie and had the most to benefit from it.

There used to be a saying in the 5% Nation "We are all intelligent people." In other words, we have the greatest thing one can have and that is a "mind." And you can gain to learn Knowledge from all individuals...even the babies.

Self-Styled Wisdom. I once read in "Message to the Black Man" that Allah is "the wisdom of all civilizations." We all have something to contribute to the cipher and everyone ought to respect that.

Another thing that cause me to write this build is because I don’t think it’s right that people can’t communicate what they think or believe out of fear of being "persecuted." So they have to keep their true thoughts "private" because it won’t be accepted by the 85% or the 10% although what they are advocating is consistent with the God Given truth in Allah’s vast Universe.

You shouldn’t have to confess to righteous things in private and not be able to share these righteous things publicly. But many feel we have created this kind of environment and I actually agree and really I sympathize with many of these individuals who live in a cage and can’t freely express themselves. Because all of them are very good people.

It’s going to take everybody to break these shackles. Start showing your brothers and sisters respect for what they have to say. Don’t go around saying "You can’t teach that." Listen to what the person has to say and show respect for their understanding. You might learn from it.

Everybody has to do their part in the process. We can get there and we can do it.

Does anyone see the need to have or keep the concept of "Self-Styled Wisdom?"

There might be some who say "Wait a minute Wakeel, that’s not true, we all have the right to freely express ourselves and no one wont be persecuted!" If you feel this way...chances might be the status quo.

Me, True Islam and another God were just building and True mentioned "the silent majority." What is the silent majority? We didn’t actually build on the definition but I draw it up as the majority of brothers and sisters who remain silent in the midst of a vocal minority they disagree with. Usually they are silent from fear of consequences. I have ran across many brothers and sisters who are like this.

"Self-Styled Wisdom."

All praises are due to the Father Allah for bringing this concept to the cipher.

Gods/Earths should feel free to manifest themselves in their own way.
Not that it won’t be contested, but you should have the freedom to present it. And the Free and Dumb should analyze it and process it accordingly to Allah’s mathematics or the Supreme Islam.

Or here is another saying we have "You can accept it, or reject it, but don’t disrespect it."



  1. All praise is due to Allah. Beautifully written.

  2. P.E.A.C.E God! Your 1 and 2 is bright, I'm definitely in your orbit Sun..Peace