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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Enlightener" by Wakeel Allah


Here is a small FAQ in regards to young brothers/sisters who are searching for Enlighteners to get down with Allah's Five Percent.

One, you should make sure you have read some articles or books written on the subject of the Five Percenters.

If not, I strongly suggest for starters you read:

Message to the Black Man by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad
How to Eat to Live by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad
In the Name of Allah by Wakeel Allah

Also be extremely careful and wise when choosing an "enlightener". If you are young (or even older for that matter), selecting the wrong enlightener could ruin your life. Selecting the right one could improve your life.

You have the power in selecting an "Enlightener." Just don’t select any person. Be extremely wise in your selection and in this day and time, it’s not a bad thing to be your own enlightener until you are comfortable in finding one who suits the example of a 5% you would like to be. If you follow the course of this teaching as outlined to the 5% by eating the right foods (books, materials, information) then you really can’t go wrong.

The first thing you should focus on is staying true to your moral stance. Focus on the morals first...then everything else will fall in place from there.

But make sure you "vet" (interview) your Enlightener.

Let me give you an example.

When I was at Morehouse College, we had a lot of college students out getting knowledge of self. Mostly they were getting knowledge of self from other college students that were qualified to be their Enlighteners.

But then we had some college students who started selecting Enlighteners who weren’t in school, weren’t progressive, on drugs, and even drug dealing in some instances.

So my question to them would be "Why in the hell would you select somebody like that to be your enlightener when obviously you are on two different paths?" So my response would be to someone like that "Well, you are in school and your major is such and such, so why don’t you build with this positive God over here that’s in the same school with you and has the same major and is qualified to be an Enlightener?"

So what do you think happened to some of the college students that preferred to be taught by brothers on a different path than them? We don’t even need to ask because we already know what happened...their lives went in the wrong direction.

You have to be extra careful of the company that you keep.

Now the above is also the same in vice versa.


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