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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Allah Team, Internet Gods Controversy: True Islam Responds

The Allah Team, Internet Gods Controversy: My Response
by True Islam

When the Allah Team first published our website in 1998 an immediate controversy was set off with certain members of the NGE, particularly from within the cyberspace community. We initially responded to two of the main issues for which we were condemned: (1) our choice of Universal Flags used on the front page of our website and (2) our insistence that Allah is a righteous Muslim (see and Since then, however, we pretty much refrained from responding to the controversy because it had become so negative and divisive that only the devil could benefit from an escalation. So we held our peace for the last 10 years, choosing to simply continue doing what we have always done: building on the Black man being God.

With the recent publication of Wakeel Allah's long awaited book, "In the Name of Allah: A history of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters" this controversy has come to a head. On the Nation of Gods and Earths discussion group ( the Book and the Allah Team were again debated. Because of the nature of some of the claims made, we felt compelled to break our 10 year silence and respond to our critics. Below are two of my responses. Of course, I don't provide here all of the previous builds and follow-up responses; time and space simply does not permit. However, the whole thread can be found there entitled, "The New Book Intitled (sic) 'In the Name of Allah' by Wakeel Allah."
Presented below are the two responses I offered to that discussion.

Response Number One, March 27 2007:

Peace to the Gods and Earths.I enter this cipher as the god True Islam Allah of the Allah Team. So much has been said lately, here and elsewhere (by gods here), about us - much of it born from ignorance or something even more malicious – that I feel compelled to add on to correct some of the errors that have been spoken. The god Precise commented in a recent post, dated Mar 21, 2007 5:46 PM, "Personally I don't see what the big deal is about the wisdom occurring before knowledge."This sentiment is manifested a lot lately, especially where myself, Wakeel Allah, or the Allah Team is concerned. I have never before witnessed so many reputed G.O.D's taking as their religious practice "wisdom before knowledge." But this is precisely (no pun intended) the case.DRE, when we saw you in D.C. during the Million Man March, we extended to you our hand in brotherhood. You accepted it then. You were much more humble in person than is your internet persona. When we saw you at the Show and Prove (I wasn't there, but Wakeel Allah and Understanding Allah were), again we reached out to you as our brother, and again the spirit (current) you displayed was much more humble and peaceable. However, when I personally reached out to you as my brother via Myspace you seem to have rejected my extended hand. And now you are online articulating great errors regarding your brothers. I ask myself why?Over on Farrakhan Factor, your said DRE, "The brother known as True Islam is NOT in the Nation of Gods and Earths, he is a registered muslim in the Nation of Islam." I am indeed a registered Muslim in the Nation of Islam, under the leadership of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan. I registered in 1992. You are also correct in that I am not, nor did I ever represent myself as being in "your" internet nation of gods and earths. You know this DRE because I pointed that out to you personally on Seventh Fam Message board years ago. I am in the Five Percent Nation of Islam. Between 1990 and May of 1992, I, Wakeel, and other gods in our cipher put the Five Percent Nation in Atlanta on the map. When you refer to 'Allah's Garden' you are paying honor to our work, for we gave Atlanta that name in 1991. Newsweek Magazine in 1992 mentioned the Five Percenters of Atlanta because of the work we put in on behalf of this nation. Everyone on this discussion board who was in Atlanta between 1990 and 1994 know of what I speak, and know it to be absolutely true. Our work there is a matter of public record. When I registered in the mosque, I never stopped being a Five Percenter. Who is the Five Percent in this poor part of the planet earth? I never stopped teaching that the Black Man is God. I beg your pardon. I never heard of such! I have been showing and proving that the Black Man is God for 16 years now. Are you not familiar, DRE, with the Book of God: An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God? Are you unfamiliar with God Precise, you question whether we are true and living gods? Our works, which are a matter of public record, testify of us. What, because we made the personal choice to join the FOI, the military training of men who belong to Islam, and elevate the manner of our work, you would dare try to disqualify us as true and living gods? As if you had that authority! The Qur'an says, "What, Have you no sense at all?" You said DRE, "You can't be in the Nation of Gods and Earths AND a registered muslim in the Nation of Islam. Come to a Universal Parliament talking that bull$h!t. I know Wakeel and True Islam, saw Wakeel 2 years ago AT A SHOW AND PROVE, and yet, they and know not to come up on the SQUARE dropping some contradictory bull$h!t like that."I beg your pardon!!! Did you think, DRE, we weren't reading your posts? On the contrary, IT WAS YOU WHO CAME DIFFERENTLY WHEN YOU ENCOUNTERED US. We have never stepped off of our square. We don't fear you and you know it. We don't fear any one enough to step off of our square. We proved that in Allah's Garden and Now Why when confronted by elder gods. Every where we go we teach what we teach. Love it or hate it.I cant be a registered Muslim and be in your Nation if I happened to want to? Why not? I can be a Buddhist, a womanizer, a drunk, a thief, but I cant be a Muslim (i.e. a righteous person) and be in your nation? I read a bulletin from a local leader in your internet nation of gods and earths announcing how many women from Myspace he had slept with. If I was a womanizing abuser of Earth I could join your nation and acquire a leadership position, but if I discipline my life by willingly subjecting myself to a Restrictive Law that will refine my behavior, I am not welcome in your nation. I can smoke, drink, and be destructive in the community and I will be accepted by you, but I cant seek structure, discipline, and organized righteousness? What the hell kind of nation do you pretend to run? But we know you don't represent the broader nation of Gods and Earths. At the school we get support. Now you and Allah Jihad want to diss the elders at the school? That's irony.
We, the Allah Team, collectively or individually, have never encouraged gods to leave the NGE and join the Mosque. DRE, you lie, plain and simple. We have never advocated the acceptance of Min. Farrakhan and his administration as leaders of the NGE, the Five Percent Nation, or otherwise. Prove your slanderous charge DRE or shut up with it. We were approached in 1997 by a national official in the NOI with the request that we help get the word out that the Min. wanted to reach out to his family in the Five Percent. What black man or woman who has a genuine desire to see our people rise would object to a Unity meeting? Is not unity in the community desperately needed? Why do you think, over the last ten years, neither I nor Wakeel have responded to the hate that has been spread on the internet against us? Certainly you don't really think it was because we fear you? It is because we never wanted to contribute to the divisiveness. Enough is enough, however. The record must be set straight.On Mar 23, 2007 8:18 AM the god Supreme Scientist posted this comment regarding the Allah Team: "That's just it and that's the biggest issue I have with those people and those 'type' of people. That is, you have a bunch of PSEUDOscientists running around trying to use the same language as real scientists, and it confuses people rather than borning "peace." I'd have a lot more respect for those people if they would just really practice their "accept your own and be yourself" philosophy, be Muslims, stop using Allah's Nation's magnetic as a shield"A dichotomy is here made between "pseudoscientists, " i.e. the Allah Team, and "real" scientists, presumably Supreme Scientist himself. Supreme Scientist, I remember in 1998-9, when we had the discussion board up at I posted a build on the Mother Ship and you posted a response to it on our message board. You disagreed with me (no surprise there). I was so honored by your post and excited about the opportunity to build/destroy with you. I responded to your post, but then never heard from you again. I lamented the fact that our intellectual dance was so brief. I hope we can do it again someday soon (see below).What evidence, Supreme Scientist, do you offer to justify your qualification as 'real scientist' and what evidence do you offer disqualifying me (I assume I was your main target) as "peusdoscientist"? I read Classical Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, French and German. I do my research in these languages. My third year as a grad-student I wrote an article proving that the god of early Sunni Islam was a man and that article was published in the flag-ship peer-reviewed journal of the field, the International Journal of Middle East Studies. That article is now cited as the reference of the subject. Currently I have an article forthcoming in the Harvard Theological Review, the flag-ship peer-reviewed journal of biblical/theological studies; my article is on the Jewish secret of the Black God. I received from the Department of North African and Middle East Studies at the University of Michigan (the second of 162 ranked public universities) the Great Books of Islam Award because of my scholarly work. I received that twice. I chaired the theology panel at the First World Congress of Middle East Studies in Mainz Germany in 2002. Over 2000 scholars from all over the world were there. A 'psuedoscientist' you say? Im recognized by the scholarly community, and by the Black community (are you too unfamiliar with my works other than 'Is Allah a Righteous Muslim?'). Who recognizes your scholarship or scientific expertise? What do you offer, Supreme Scientist, as evidence that you are a 'real scientist' ? Your work, "Out of Doors"? Are you serious? Make no mistake about it, I am very fond of that work. I am honored to have inspired so much effort. And I honestly feel that it is the greatest, most sophisticated piece of G.O.D. rhetorical persuasion I have read. Great rhetoric yes, but scholarship/science? What definition of science are you working with god? This is your evidence? Lets keep this shit real.It has been brought to my attention that you put the word out, Supreme Scientist, that if ever we, the Allah Team, were in Milwaukee you were going to step to us and question us 'face to face'. Well, let us do you one better. Since you, Precise, DRE and others have publicly stated how 'ridiculous' it is for me to advocate belief in the Mother Ship, and since I still have fond memories Supreme Scientist of our brief dance over this issue years ago, we (the Allah Team) are prepared to travel to Milwaukee to discuss this issue publicly. You, I and the Mother ship (or not). Is it ridiculous to believe when that belief is supported by overwhelming empirical evidence? OR is it ridiculous to disbelieve in the face of this overwhelming empirical evidence? Lets debate the subject. No internet debate. The internet is like the curtain behind which the Wizard of OZ sat. Take away the curtain so we can see whose argument is really made of what. You can contact us through or me directly at to discuss details.In spite of what my tone here may suggest, I and the Allah Team sincerely seek unity with gods regardless of their self-style wisdom (oh, have we forgotten about that?). We would prefer unity with the NGE and its 'leaders'. Surely we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. DRE, will you delete this post? Will you bar me from posting over here and cleaning up the mess you have made in our name? OR will you stand on your square and build and/or destroy? We shall see.Your Brother regardless
True Islam

Response Number Two, March 29 2007:

Peace to the Gods and Earths. I whole-heartedly support those calls for a cessation of (apparent) hostilities. Neither myself, Wakeel nor anyone else in our circle have personal beefs with anyone we have entered a discussion with here. For 10 years now we have, collectively and individually, been attacked on various discussion boards. We refrained from responding in kind. We were not proud of the fact that standing on our own square has caused division and so much ill-will. We know that only the devil can benefit from our division. So we held our tongue. Remember, we aggressed no one; all we did was teach, and then defend, our understanding, for which we were anathematized. However we would not, and will not, compromise our principles. We do, though, prefer an agreement to disagree without being so damn disagreeable. Every time we have encountered those who declared themselves our enemies, DRE and others, we have shown love. Not out of fear; out of a genuine belief that as Black people we are all family regardless of differing understandings.

I don't offer this follow-up to prolong the 'argument' or escalate hostilities. I offer it because, well, we all Gods in here (and Earths), emotional claims to the contrary notwithstanding. The only way peace has a chance of prevailing is by clearing up the confusion as it relates to us. There are therefore a few statements made that I must address before I exit this discussion.

The god Precise said: "I personally have no issue with positive people in said nations other than The Nation of Gods and Earths. My issue is with folks who don't know what they want be a part of or represent."

We have never equivocated: We are the Five Percent Nation of Islam. We never represented ourselves as the NGE. Check all of our literature. We understand the evolution of that name and what accompanied the name change. Wakeel's book lays out and documents the history. You say our teachings are inconsistent with yours? Well, yes they absolutely are on some fundamental points. No, Supreme Scientists we don't "want us to think that we are all the same." We are not the same. Thus we have never represented ourselves as spokespersons for the NGE. We are the Five Percent. Who is the Five Percent in this poor part of the planet earth? My degrees say:

"They are the poor, righteous Teachers, who do not believe in the teachings of the 10%, and are all-wise; and know who the Living God is; and Teach that the Living God is the Son of man, the supreme being, the (black man) of Asia; and Teach Freedom, Justice and Equality to all the human family of the planet Earth.
Otherwise known as Civilized People. Also is Muslim and Muslim Sons."

The God Ezact Mind, in my opinion, raised the only really relevant questions: "If Allah team are muslim, do they teach that the black man is God? do the advocate any devilishment? are they poison animal eaters?? or are they mentioned in the knowledge-equality degree in the 1-40?"
Who would deny that we teach that the Black Man is God? Who can charge us of advocating devilishment? Our teachings are public:;; Yet why all the hate? For what good or bad work are we stoned? Because we teach that Allah is a Muslim, which is a righteous person? Because we teach that as a wise and just king Allah makes laws and himself willing obeys those laws? We never attributed this teaching to the current Nation of God's and Earth's. I signed the 'Is Allah a Righteous Muslim?" build with "True Islam" not "NGE." In spite of the fact we are taking this truth of the Black Man being God to a whole new level we are hated because we say God is not just a man, but a righteous man? Well, keep hating. We will never stand down from that.

DRE said: "And the person that gave Allah's Garden it's name is Divine Nalej Allah, not y'all." That is an emphatic now cipher! I don't know who told you that. Divine Nalej was initially my student. He heard it from us. The name originated in a conversation Wakeel and I had in 1991. Wakeel was the first to suggest that Atlanta be called Allah's Garden. Now this isn't about "I did this first," but since we all claim being 'right and exact' as a principle we must indeed be right and exact.

Supreme Scientist said:

"You're (i.e. me) asking me to demonstrate on-line that I am a "real scientist?" What kind of sense does that make? You should really consider what you're asking me here. A"real" scientist uses the scientific method with consistency. The only so-called "evidence" you are going to get from me on-line are the conclusions I have drawn from using the scientific method. I really don't see why you have issue with me offering the A-Team are pseudo-scientists, because you know very well that manyof y'all fundamental teachings are RELIGIOUS in nature are not subject to theexamination of the tools and methods of science, and even contradict the consesusof most scientists. You even bringing up those THEOLOGICAL appendages reallysuggests that you don't even know what 'science' is. Scholarship is NOT science."

1.] One's employment of the scientific method is demonstrated in the literature they produce, which can indeed by posted on-line (duuhh). However, I am absolutely not suggesting that you demonstrate it on-line; I suggested a live debate where we can both have the opportunity to establish whether or not we are consistently employing the scientific method. More on this below.

2.] "You even bringing up those THEOLOGICAL appendages really suggests that you don't even know what 'science' is. Scholarship is NOT science." Are you serious?! You say scholarship is not science and then question whether I know what science is? Yet you are 'Supreme Scientist.' This is why names must be earned, not assumed. As Bro. Sincere pointed out, science comes from the Latin scio which means 'to know.' How does one acquire knowledge? By investigating phenomena, gathering observable, empirical, measurable evidence, subject to specific principles of reasoning, i.e. the scientific method. The method is not just employed in a physics laboratory. The method is employed when the phenomenon observed is history, literature, and even ideas. You say scholarship is not science? Well, speak for your self. I'm a trained historian of religion. I try always to employ the scientific method. But of course, I offered an opportunity for us to test each others claims.

But make no mistake about it: for me this is not about you Supreme Scientist, or DRE, or anyone else. It is about the 120+. IT is about the teachings of the Honorable Muhammad, my love for which has consumed the last 17 years of my life during which I have been on a mission to academically vindicate them. You say:

"You're a funny dude though. You want to come all the way to Milwaukee to debate me on whether the mothership exists?????? Don't you have better things to do with your time? I know I do. Why don't we publicly "debate" the veracity of the Loch Ness Monster sightings, the Illuminati, and supernatural weeping Virgin Mary Statues, too?? We can call the gang, rev up the Mystery Machine, and really make a day of it!! Get outta here.."
I am a single father of a seven year old girl and four year old boy; I am a month away from having to defending a multi-disciplinary, 400-page dissertation; no, I have nothing better to do than defend the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad bruh. That's what I do. That's why I live. Why don't we debate the Loch Ness Monster sightings, the Illuminati, and supernatural weeping Virgin Mary Statues? Because I have no interests in those; they are not a part of my teaching. But if you look hard enough I'm sure you will find some takers if it means that much to you.

"And to the Brother named True can u ask the God Supreme Scientist what kind of science is he dealing with when the root of the word Science Comes from the latin Word To KNOW (I think I have answered this question-TI) How can u advocate Mother ships and such and even speak on Science? True Scientist don't advcate Beliefs only FACTS and from my understanding u Advocate a lot of BELIEFS."
What knowledge of my work undergirds your understanding of what I advocate.
Bro. Sincere? This is why I suggested the debate, to see whose belief or disbelief is actually buttressed by empirical data and justified by scientific methods. See the bottom line is this: you confess disbelief in something, we confess belief. Let us see whose belief/disbelief is justified by scientific methods. You are, after all, 'Supreme Scientist,' no?
The god C.B.S. said:

"The whole mothership thing. When it was shown by Divine Ruler and Supreme Understanding that physics doesn't support the mothership they cry 'your depending on the whiteman's science' comes out. Yet when they are asked to prove they are using the 'white man's documents.' Stop it. Science isn't white or black anyway. Science is science."

I don't know who the 'they' is you are talking about god. Neither DRE nor Supreme Understanding demonstrated anything to me, physically or otherwise. (DRE, what are you talking about in DC? I never in my life ran from a debate on this teaching!). Maybe I misplaced the offer. Should we hold the debate in North Carolina instead of Milwaukee? See, the point is, I am willing, anxious actually, to put up or shut up. For the love of this teaching I will give you the opportunity to publicly show me as a ridiculous, credulous religious idot, with the understanding that you must deal with however you end up looking when the dust settles and the smoke clears. I promise you C.B.S. you will never hear me 'cry' "your depending on the whiteman's science." I respect the white man's science. We will deal with the white man's science. I am saying, bring all your science and lets debate, in a civilized manner, the veracity of this claim by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad. I feel you C.B.S. when you say "Overall I don't 'waste time' though nowadays with debates that have already been played out." But this is a debate that has not yet occurred. All that has occurred is people talking about people. Lets have the debate and then move on. If not, then lets just respect each others right to see as we see.

About the History:

I respect your build C.B.S., born universal truth I must correct you when you say: "circa the mid 90's a lot of us had a huge intellectual 'debate' with the Allah Team online." The Allah Team website went up in 1998, not the mid-nineties. However, we put in work for the Five Percent Nation since the late 80's. Wakeel Allah was at Morehouse College then teaching that the Black Man is God. I joined him in 1990 and by 1991 Allah's Garden was on the map. We weren't studying the internet. Our work was in the streets, the parks, the college halls and dorms. Between 1990 and 1994 was when our work on behalf of the Five Percent was most intense. Our website was a late afterthought; a way to build in another arena using the devils tools. In other words, before the internet was, we were building.

A Muslim Agenda?

The god C.B.S. asked an important, if rhetorical question: "For the record, as a rhetorical question, how many people have you taught 120 degrees? Is anyone teaching anyone at the present moment. THAT is the way to deal with things that you see has wrong ideas in the atmosphere. Teach more babies."

Who still teaches 120 as the foundation? We do. We have never abandoned the degrees. It is good to hear the god advocating a return to the 120. However, must we be reminded whose words we are returning to? Master Fard Muhammad's and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's! Do we have a Muslim agenda? Every time anyone quotes the 120 you are advancing the Muslim agenda as laid down by the 'original' Muslims, Master Fard Muhammad and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

Ideally, we could all just get along. In my email reply to you DRE I told you that, even though you may see me as your philosophical enemy, I see you only as my brother. I meant that then; I mean it now. I don't know personally any of the gods, besides DRE, whom I have responded to. I have responded to your words, not to you. I don't know you. We have beef with no one here. If because our wisdom and understanding is different from yours we are to remain pariahs, that's unfortunate, but so be it.

Still your brother

True Islam

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