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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Unity" by Wakeel Allah

Peace and Love to the Universal Family,

I was just reading through one of the threads and I saw several comments which alluded to mutual respect between individuals who historically have different perspectives as it relates to SOME (definitely not the majority) of the 5% teachings. And the truth is the different perspectives (and we all have them) are small compared to the perspectives and interests we all have in common.

The greatest interest the majority have in common is "The Black Man is God."

Now, you often see the commonalities shared by these most INTELLIGENT MINDS when the "Builders Build." It is the distracting personal attacks that always prevent the Builders from Building with one another. Some is done through SPORT and PLAY. I dare say this too, it is often due to RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL divisiveness.

B.U.T., there is a way to overcome this kind of divisiveness of the NEGATIVE COMMITTEE.

First things first, you have to create an atmosphere which is conducive to positivity.

And there is an effective way to do that. The Father spelled it out perfectly when he gave us the 8th universal principle in mathematics which is to BUILD or DESTROY.

The commandment of BUILD OR DESTROY is rather simple:

BUILD is to ADD ON to POSITIVITY, DESTROY is to take away or SUBTRACT ALL negativity within the cipher.

The science of Build or Destroy is required of all Civilized people. If you review the 17th through the 20th degree you will see the individual and group dynamic of the Build or Destroy concept.

Allah (the Father) had done something that was GENIUS in theory, yet difficult to apply in reality. He attempted to deemphasize RELIGION (ie. dogmatism, prejudice, narrow mindedness, polytheism, ritual worship, symbol over substance, zero tolerance, etc) and emphasized CIVILIZATION (morality, ethics, non-biased, fairness, freedom, justice, equality, virtues, principles and RESPECT).

Quick sidetrack but still on topic: When I first got my Supreme Alphabets and read the 18th degree and it stated "a rule is a guide which the Black Man uses to keep everything right and exact." That always stuck out in my head and I knew it was truth.

"Civil" denotes "Law"....."Civilized" denotes "Law Abiding"... Mathematics is A if not THE Universal Law...

But the difference here is that one can use Mathematics for Good, or one can use Mathematics for Evil.

So we say "the prescribed laws of ISLAM"...because ISLAM (as we understand it) is the highest manifestation of Mathematics and is MATHEMATICS used for GOOD.

Now, it would almost be impossible to find an intelligent, righteous, civilized person among our people who would not DESIRE unity of the BLACK MAN. That is if they are serious and sincere.

You have many who come amongst us for SPORT and PLAY and they take this culture lightly and they disrespect it from a moral perspective and they demonstrate their disrespect through extreme immoral behavior (wisdom, or should we say lack thereof).

But the beautiful thing about CIVILIZATION VS RELIGION is that civilization is very mathematical and it could care less about your religious claim, it’s interest is to give you time to "see what you are going to do".

So in civilization you are judged on your "ways, speech and actions."

And then your ways are measured by ALLAH according to the "prescribed laws of Islam to the said person of that ability."

And if it doesn’t measure up...there is severe punishment to be meted out by the NATION OF ISLAM.(as in the righteous Black Nation, including Gods and Earths).

And if your way is the way of ALLAH then there should be a reward (peace and happiness).

But herein lies the problem.....


And that’s why Allah (as in the Father) used to always promote one of his most favorite degrees to all he came in contact with and that degree was "Have you heard that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what?" And the answer is a very serious one, so serious that the individual in his response has to put his life on the line through an oath and covenant with Allah. And I’ll let the scientist figure out who Allah is in that degree. clue: it has multiple meanings and levels.

But I’m long winded so let me get back to the premise....

And that is we should have a unity between the brothers and sisters regardless of different perspectives.

If we are to be at odds with each other, let it be over an ethical or moral issue as outlined by Civilized people....not any religious bickering.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t "debate" or what have you...There is a saying in Islam that we are to "argue in the best of manners."

The best way would be to implement Supreme Mathematics (meaning the inherent righteous principles in it such as respect, etc.)

So I commend the brothers/sisters who can hold righteous and respectable discussions with their brothers/sisters who may have different perspectives.

So I applaud all who will do the right thing regardless to whom or what.


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