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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Quran (History) of the 5% Nation (The Harlem Six) by Wakeel Allah


I think it’s most important to mention the Harlem 6 whenever mentioning the beginning of the Five Percent Nation.

In the beginning of my research, I was perplexed about not knowing how the Harlem 6 fit into the picture. That used to be a mystery to me. Because history tells us that the Harlem 6 preceeded the First 9 Born, yet the First 9 Born get the credit as being the first and I sort of understand why today. There didn’t appear to be that much history you could find on the Harlem 6. I first heard about them from Old Man Niheem from Medina who came to rest with us in Allah’s Garden many years back. Yet, it was the Harlem 6 that appeared to be the missing pieces of the puzzle so to speak (as far as the known comprehensive history of Allah’s 5% known to the public). I tried to do it justice in "In the Name of Allah." But you could really write on those brothers all day.

In researching it, one could see how the Harlem 6 prepared the way for the rest of the youth in Harlem to accept Islam. They are really unsung heroes as it stands. I still don’t believe that they get their just due. Those were some bad brothers!

The Harlem Six
1.Robert Rice (Robert X, Malik) 17
2.Wallace Baker (Wallace X, Walik) 19
3.William Craig (Amin, Eye God) 17
4.Daniel Hamm (Latif) 18
5.Walter Thomas (Jahad) 18
6.Ronald Felder (Rahim) 18

It was revealed to me that the Harlem Six main influences were Min. Malcolm X, Bro. Yami, Bro. Oscar X, Bro. Armando X and Bro. Sonny X. These men were doing the most teaching in the community amongst the youth at the time. Malcolm wasn’t teaching them hand-to-hand so to speak but he was their major influence.

129th Street in Mecca was the "strong hole" where many of the children went to get "the knowledge" from the Brothers from the Harlem 6. Our firstborn Earth Omala was one of the main sisters who supported the cause of the Harlem 6 and she attended many of the court hearings. Firstborn Earth Queen Omala is the truth! I call her "Firstborn" but some refer to her as "Secondborn" because she was the 2nd Earth in the Nation. Firstborn Prince was her God. But Firstborn Prince was the 3rd God that Allah taught, yet we call him "Firstborn" not "Thirdborn" so that’s why I call Queen Omala "Firstborn Earth" because there were a few other Firstborn Earths in the same manner there were other "Firstborn" Gods. So that’s my reasoning..but anyway getting back to the story.

At this time the youth in Mecca were starting to embrace Islam. Everybody was attempting to get "knowledge of self" but very few had the keys to the knowledge. The Harlem 6 shared what they got from the brothers who were teaching them. The Brothers were giving them some good information but the focus was on the militant part of the NOI teachings. A special emphasis was being placed on the martial arts and guerilla warfare. In fact, some of the baddest brothers you don’t even hear their names mentioned in the history today. Some of their names are "best kept secrets" because of everything that went down back in the day. But needless to say they were very fierce teachers and very fierce students and they didn’t take any sh*t from the white man.

The Harlem 6 had many proteges. One of their closest proteges was a young brother named "Butchie" (who we know as the 1st Born Prince today). Then you had "June Bug" (that’s First Born Niheem or Bishme Allah), and you had "Black Mack" (That’s first born Black Messiah).

And what happened was eventually the Harlem 6 all took "righteous names". They all got their names from the Holy Quran which was the thing to do at that time. Some of the first first borns eventually did the same. Some actually had their muslim names before they met the Father.

However, at the time, Bro. Oscar X was part of another crew that wasn’t teaching the Harlem 6. That was Allah the Father who was out the mosque but he was still going by the name of "Bro. Clarence 13X" and/or "Puddin." It was also "Bro. John 37X", "4 Cipher Akbar", "Bro. Robert" (that’s Rasul or Hebekah) and many many others...way too many to name here.

Anyhow, to make a long story short the Harlem 6 all got "busted." They went to jail. While they were in jail, lo and behold, the Firstborns would meet "Bro. Clarence" in the "Hole". "Karriem" heard Bro. Clarence say he was "Allah." Of course Karriem was already familiar with the term Allah because he already thought he was a "muslim." So he challenged the Father (so to speak). And Allah pulled out a degree from Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 2...and then he broke down the science behind his "favorite wine." This convinced Karriem because he had no idea what Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2 was and "Bro. Clarence" could run those lessons and make your head spin. So Messiah didn’t need to use his "meat cleaver" after all. (Like I said, they were very serious about their Islam in those days). Oh, there was another brother there named "Joey" (we know him as 1st Born Salaam).

Okay, now, Karriem and Salaam, "took it back to the lab." By this time the Father went and got his young protege "Bro. Robert" and sometimes they called him "Bro. Eugene" (same person as Hebekah). He said, "I got some other young brothers I think you ought to meet." So there they were... "Bro. Clarence", Bro. Eugene, Mack, Junebug, Joey and Butchie. Thus the Father started teaching his "Firstborns". Now the Firstborns had a little crew of trainers. The Father brought a couple along with him...One was Bro. Willie 16X who "had big eyes and smiled all the time but was as lethal as the deadliest rattlesnake." He also had Bro. Abdellah and Bro. Ahmad, both martial art experts. And you better believe that the Father was nice with his martial arts. And I can’t forget Abu Shahid. So the Father and crew started training the Firstborns. (I think it was only around 6 firstborns at the time, and another crew of other brothers, some made the list, some didn’t.)

But check this out...some of the firstborns went to jail...and who did they see? Some of their big brothers from the Harlem 6! They said, "We got the lessons!" We got them remember Bro. Clarence? You know "Puddin"? Well, he’s Allah." He gave it to us. They then started teaching the brothers who taught them. And that is how the Harlem 6 came into the fold under "Allah’s 5%." When Allah was arrested in May of 1965, he taught some of the Harlem 6 in the "Bullpen."

All praises are due to ALLAH.

Sorry about the long build, but I always think context is a good thing. It gives us better insight into how things unfolded.

Any mistakes that appear in any of the history above, charge it to the mind and not to the heart. I’m typing from my memory as revealed to me by the brothers who were there.

Thank you to all the Great Gods and "Moons", who sacrificed much in order that we can stand on their shoulders today. Thanks to all the righteous people who made it possible.

Be righteous!

I’m sure more will be revealed.

Love, Peace and Happiness,
Wakeel *7)


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  2. This amazing I just read an interview given to eye God Allah no more than a few hours ago needless to say anything out of that brothers mouth is a dgrees or better yet a plus degree I intend to make all efforts to meet the God to learn more about our beloved nation, and the Harlem 6 peace,....Daniel (Divine.Universal.Builder) Sanders