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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I God or Islam?" by Understanding Allah


I come in the name of Understanding Allah, adding on in the humble state of righteousness; to strive to provide a clear picture that can be seen with insight 'as well as eyesight.'

Although I-Self as well as several others (much more qualified than I-Self) could write volumes on what you (Dumaka Shabazz) have stated and asked, I will strive to add some clarity through history & examples of something that is really quite fundamental. But (born universal truth), due to personal ideologies, personality worship, false idea of politics (which don’t mix with ISLAM), semantics (word games), emotional tirades (by those playing games), false death threats, lack of study and the improper application of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets to the 120 Lessons.

The lack of advocating the 5% aspect in basic terms is 'each one teach one', or helping others, which is what made this Nation flourish and spread and so historically great in fulfilling a greater history and destiny in the resurrection of a once sleep now "dead" original man, woman & child.

Also due to a serious lack of knowledge regarding the Universal Flag of Islam and who the men are that are represented in the perspective Black "7", "Solid Yellow" (Waxing) Crescent moon and Black "Five-Pointed Star."

Not to mention an ever-looming internet (sub)culture of hearsay and "escapism" that has been gradually growing and effecting the street and the non-cyber "world" over approximately the last ten years and COLLECTIVE low sense of self-esteem (not really even believing, let alone knowing we are the Ruler’s of the Universe and the importance of our duty), unfortunately now appears to be a serious issue.

Now you ask the question?

DS: "Is that in the Mathematics or are you using another brother’s understanding of culture?"

I-God is a "play on words" per say and quite valid to the term ISLAM.

When we look at the term "I-GOD", we are looking at it from SUPREME MATHEMATICS. 1=9, God (the number/not the word)=7. So now, we have 9 & 7. I=Self and Self is God. (Who the Blackman really is but 85% of the population do not know it yet).

9(1)+ 7(God)=? = 16=>(1)Knowledge (6)Equality in Supreme Mathematics.

In Supreme Alphabets l = A.llah, 6 = F.ather.

Now we have the "Founder" of a Nation within a Nation who is also the "Understanding" in an ongoing process of spreading the truth of the original man throughout.

The 16th Letter in the Supreme Alphabet is "P" P = Power. This coincides with the Supreme Mathematics by using the Lesson WE CALL LIFE/1-40/L&F Muslim Lesson 2.

The 16th Degree asks the question by the teacher ... "Who is the 5% in the poor part of the Earth?" In the answer is the not only the definition of a group of people but also what the duty is that that group of people performs.

So a man who called his ownself ALLAH, which is in accord with taking on the good name of Allah or one of his good names as was taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. A man whom his students affectionately call(ed) "The Father" showed by doing. Allah is God. He proved it by doing the duty of the 5% (giving life to the dead) until the essence of life left his physical frame. That is played out in supreme mathematics. Allah did the duty of the 5%.

So you have 1. Allah (the) 6. Father which is 16, performing the duty of the 16th degree in the Lesson We Call Life (1-40) which borns God (1+6=7). So by doing what Allah did, you do what Allah does. Allah and Father = God.

This coincides with Master Fard Muhammad’s Father (Alfonso) and His own self resulting in the breaking of a 66 trillion year old family secret; by opening the circle back up to the public and ending the mystery of who God really is. Now that the circle is open and the group of people who are descendents of the people in that circle don’t know who we/they are (85%); due to losing the knowledge of our original self through a process; of rebellion, rebuilding into a tough nature and being robbed and all but destroyed by a "foreign" enemy which comes out of the lower (brown germ) that is a part of our ownselves.

A duty falls on all that now know the once secret or truth of who the Blackman really is. I. E. We don’t have the luxury that our God Family forefathers had of just pontificating on things amongst ourselves in a secret circle and being Gods. We have to "multi-task" for lack of better words, by not only "BEING GOD" BUT TEACHING the masses who do not know yet "WHO IS GOD."

So now the 5% Aspect or duty is paramount to being God. Yeah sure, you are god by nature, but what kind? By doing the duty of the 5% and being an original man, one is showing & proving who the all-wise & righteous God-ALLAH truly is. This is shown throughout the lessons.

This sets up an accurate historical account of who we are and what we do. Or else justice befalls us through the guise of a certain population of our own nation who do not yet know that they are part of the same nation. NOTE: See 1-40 degree 1, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20.

So, what does this have to do with the original question?

If I say to you that I myself am a "Lord and Master", I am clearly saying that I am a God, in layman's terms. So ISLAM (I Self Lord And Master) is the same as I-GOD.

And I-God being a culture? Let’s look at it.

If culture implicates to the Gods & Earths as "One’s way of Life." The WAY, which in the "Enlightener" we Say, "The Wisdom Is The Way." We, historically, as Almighty Allah taught his 5%er’s, was by Teaching the truth to those who do not know it. So if I do what Allah say (I know we got no leaders and followers in this nation, but I don’t have the luxury of playing word games with the dogmatic), if I profess to say I deal with what Allah taught then my WAY OF LIFE as ALLAH or MY WAY OF LIFE as Understanding Allah is to teach the truth Of the reality of whom the Blackman is which is the DUTY OF THE 5%. So my way of life or culture (if i am actually living up to what I profess) is by doing the duty of the 5%.

So! Through Supreme Mathematics now WE can show and prove that by being and doing the duty of the 5%; which is the 16th Degree, the (l) Knowledge (6) Equality degree in the 1-40/LFML2, WE can show that if we our indeed doing that (teaching the truth) then this is our culture.

So when I say the "Culture is I-God," I can show & prove that for the cause 1(9) Born add God(7) = 16, which is (16)POWER which is the "who" of the 5% and the duty of the 5% (16) Which is l. Allah 6. Father = 7. God. ISLAM (I Self Lord And Master) although not a numerical parallel to I-God is a literal Parallel in meaning. It is "SYNONYMOUS" which each other.

NOTE: Although the term ISLAM - I. S.elf L.ord A.nd M.aster was made popular by the Gods and Earths it was introduced circa 1942 by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (appx. 18yrs before a brother named Clarence joined Temple 7 in NYC and became registered as Clarence 13X). You can find it in an Introductory Lesson for the "Processing" brothers and sisters titled, "THE AIMS OF ISLAM." In this lesson it stated "...Islam is I Self Lord And Master ... " This lesson is still given to "Processing" brothers or sisters in the mosques of the NOI. However, it has been some time since the term as it was originally introduced has been commonly used in Temples and Mosques, but it is not out of circulation, some Mosques still give that lesson in that form to processing inductees.

Lastly, and I pardon for the length of this build, however, I could go on into book form on this subject (as it applies to the Gods & Earths). I would like to expound on the more recent "absence" and argument over the use of the word ISLAM regarding the 5% Nation/Nation of Gods and Earths.

In brief, the Holy Quran teach clearly that ISLAM is the Nature of Man, in which He/Her is created. ISLAM was here before Muhammad the Prophet (and all the prophets of the last six thousand years). That ISLAM is the very nature of ALLAH Himself, and is the Culture or METHOD that ALLAH makes Self KNOWN. In the ancient language of Arabic, ISLAM is not a religious term at all. In fact, the word for faith in Arabic is "IMAN!" IMAN-means in basic to believe. It is a noun. However, in Arabic, the word ISLAM is a verb. It is an action word. It is something that a "DOER" does. One cannot profess ISLAM, and sit down. One cannot only, fundamentally speaking, profess IMAN (faith) and sit down and pray and do nothing to change a condition(s).

When The NOI began to grow in the USA and when ALLAH came on the scene in 1964 (Harlem NY) not as a preacher or great orator or speaker, or holding meetings in vast venues with high numbers of people; he was in a small place to a small group of people for a small/short amount of time (5yrs), but teaching wherever he went, which shows that HE in himself was a prototype or FATHER of what we are to also be doing.

Like Master Fard Muhammad, this shows that knowledge and understanding is Alike, for the cause of the methods in reproducing people to carry out the missions like the ones who introduced them.

The Bible and Holy Quran both vouch that the righteous walk the earth in humility and the best of us is those of us who teach or help another in need or is blind, deaf, dumb. The act of DOING; that is ISLAM. Putting others ahead of yourself for the cause you see others as yourself. Remembering that they now like you too were once blind and out of that remembering is motivated to help them to help themselves to see! That’s that 5% aspect. Unfortunately, this essential and important aspect keeps getting put in the garbage "nowadays."

Many of us don’t want to be associated with the "OLD WORLD OF ISLAM" that even Prophet Muhammad saw going out, and we see the New Islam rising in the West as "STRANGE." We are that Islam. That was the fundamental teachings with the Gods and Earths in the street. In the ghettos of North America along the eastern seaboard you still see it. Even school children associate ISLAM with black people, not Arab culture. We are showing the world the way to the true root of what is in those books and history that they have been studying for the past 1400 + years. And the make up and design of the True Ruler, that the world is going to have to accept and digest whether they like it or not for the cause that’s how it is, cause WE are IT and WE and IT is the Truth.

I don’t have time to be trying to have a reverse productive dialog explaining all the things that I and/or WE "ARE NOT." That’s anti-Allah. Allah is the only reality, Allah is what IS. If I am ALLAH, that puts me above all other titles, so the world don’t know what to call it when the 85% see God. Even the dead in their own spirituality see it in man, but don’t know what to call it. That’s where humility comes in.

In teaching people, I don’t have the luxury to say I am Allah with a Brew in my hand (I ain’t advertising for no one) and then be less than Allah cause you find me in a mosque. Cause after having Knowledge of Self for 1/2 of my physical life I spend/spent much more time in Churches and Mosques as I ever did as a childhood Latin Catholic; Attending Funerals & Janazaa’s of my brothers and sisters pulled off the pages of the greatest horror story of any book read from violence in these streets; and an unnecessary senseless violence at the hands of one another.

So as Allah I have to be man enough to handle the title and humble enough to accept the role. Cause just cause someone don’t see me as Allah don’t make it any less true, and that go for all of us. But it take a level of humility that really comes from teaching, cause helping people in all types of conditions will keep one real humble and also will let one know that knowledge of self can really save someone’s life. And I am a grateful living proof of that. As Gods and Earths we got to wear all the hats. Warriors, Scholars, Teachers, Scientists ....

So my own experience at a younger age with many of the internet arguments that rage back and forth were never of great consequence. If someone asked me if I was a Muslim, I first had to see where or what angle the individual was coming from, or in what-context. Is it a brother from around my way? An Arab immigrant, a Christian African immigrant, a black Christian from America?...this list goes on.

So to make my point and not confuse someone I would, or might say, "something like that!" Now if they wanted me to expound then I can teach on the root meaning of ISLAM. If asked if I am a Christian, I’d say "Something like that!" If asked to expound I’d build on the cross, and how I’m at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal line of the Cross, striving to overcome the horizontal nature and rise into my nature which is the vertical. You know how we do! But Allah ain’t religious. The mission got to mean more than one’s own pride. And that’s something we just got to work on.

That’s what make us so unique, cause as a culture we go to the root of everything we see, hear and talk about. A retired school teacher from the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn NY, by the name of Dr. Lady Lyndeweh Yaqshaan, said that during her tenure as a NY public school teacher from 1969 to 1991, that regardless of behavior or marks, that the 5%ers were the most intelligent children in all of her classrooms. She said we just got to work this "weekend killing thing out." That’s a powerful statement. Cause that’s what we still are doing mentally and physically to each other. It’s imperative to look at self in saying that We are Allah, and Allah is righteous and Allah make Time. That the time we make is in the spreading of truth which proves us to be righteous, and outweighs all negativity. The time is what? Now! 14. Now or End. Knowledge the Culture to bring for the Power of the Percent that you Represent!

It’s imperative we deal with the fundamentals of what Allah gave us--not semantics. It takes a lot confidence to stand on the square and teach the truth. Don’t get distracted. Get self right and put the mission before yourself, cause that’s the one way to knock out a whole lot of the problems we suffer in our own lives; whether they be self inflicted or from others.

Damn! A man taught where he was. He didnt have to do that. He tried his peers. They dissed. So He went after the children. Where did that heart or desire or Idea that what he had with those lessons was so important that He had to continue teaching it? Where did that love come from? More on that later.

Thank you for your time.

Leaving as I came in the humble state of righteousness.

Understanding Allah

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