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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Allah Why??? by Self Justice Allah


It is most unfortunate, that in this day and age being "god allah why" seems to be the "in" thing. The God Lord Jamar and I was just talking about how weak Gods are these days and that he and I wish we were back in days when cats was wearing "damaged" and "used" gear and he was just popping off with Brand Nubians...this fag talk would get your teeth knock the "F" out. Now it’s ok?

I’m from the ill time when we flipped Ansaar tables over in Now Why cause they printed a book called the "Book of the 5%ters." We beat the hell out of many people just for claiming the lessons even had misspellings let alone being wrong. How many cats got twisted out in front of the school for screw balling the Gods?

Whats up with cats being soft and portraying Gods as being homos? How easy it to change the voice on a video? But to put a gay grafted voice on it??? WOW. What’s up with these homo tendencies and reactions? I could hack everyone’s account on that group in less then 5 minutes and access every personal bank account and personal emails within 30 minutes but what would the point be? I wouldn’t waste my time doing that even though I could make money, so I damn sure wouldn’t be making a fag video of someone even if I thought they were one.

Whatever happened to the Gods and the Earths? Cats are consumed by the weakest things...Issues with the Allah Team? Man F the Allah Team, why aren’t Gods bugging the hell out when Gods is smacking Earths up? Why aren’t Gods bugging when Gods leave Earths with a crib full of seeds? Why aren’t Gods bugging when we see these damn devils exploiting our women and babies daily? Why isn’t your energy on some devils blogs blasting them? What’s up with the New York post printing every 5%ters name in it whenever a so-called God rapes or kills someone, where is the uproar???

You put all this energy in a few Gods doing their own thing....Man up and Build. Cats treat the word "Muslim" as the worst word in the English or Arabic language when the worst word in the English language should be "SLAVE" we see the impact of that word daily. It seems that if you use the terms 5%, each one teach one or save the babies its an evil thing, a foreign thing but if you use every cuss word in the book its peace??? Look how dudes jump with applause because someone called some Gods cock suckers? That’s what we big up these days?

Look, bottom line, step in my cipher trying to add on with a fag name even in jest you won’t walk out with that fag attribute WORD IS BOND. I don’t know how you build but that playing gay mess is straight trash...I don’t know why Earths didn’t jump on that mess fast. They probably out working or in school while weak gods typing fag post and making homo videos. But then again they seem to be playing the role of Gods these days anyway because the Gods...well look at them.

I’m sure most you dudes will react just like some uncivilized wisdoms but that’s to be expected and my response to that is shut up and build, not just on here go save some damn babies.

Self Justice Allah!

Peace to the Gods and the Earths

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