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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Monday, March 16, 2009

Book review of "In the Name of Allah Volume 2" by Lord King Saviour Allah

Peace Family,

Here is a book review of In the Name of Allah Volume 2

In the name of Allah the History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters Vol. 2 is the follow up of the much anticipated In the Name of Allah the History of Clarence 13X and the Five Percenters Vol. 1. Volume 2 takes you into the life of Father Allah (Clarence 13X) through the eyes of his family, friends, peers, and those that walked and mentored under the man known as Allah in the streets of Harlem, NY. Many of Wakeel Allah’s critics have asked “What could be so different in this book from Volume 1?” I asked the same question to myself being that Volume 1 was a well-put together history of the Five Percent Nation. Surprisingly and highly impressed, Wakeel Allah answered with the details of all that the Father went through as well as the how his life connected to Malcolm X, Yusef Shah, and Minister Louis Farrakhan in the dark time of the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, as well as Malcolm X.

Wakeel has put together numerous interviews with Mother Dora, Sis. Wileen, A Allah, Imam Rasul (Hebeka), Abu Shahid, Allah B, and others to take the reader on a journey with Father Allah during an unstable Black America in the City that never sleeps. Where Volume 1 was more of an Anthology of the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, Volume 2 is more of an Autobiography of the Father. This book was a non-stop read for me, and it kept my interest throughout the entire book.

Father Allah was a very interesting and misunderstood man. His methods were very uneasy to some, yet very wise. Many may not agree with Father Allah’s methods, but what we do know is that he attracted a mis-guided and fatherless youth and gave them direction and a purpose. So much so that it caught the attention of the five boroughs that make up the Island that we know as New York City.

Volume 2 also details the influence that the Five Percent Nation had not only on the City of New York, but also how the Gods started Hip Hop and their introduction into the world of R&B and Funk of the 70s. No doubt about it, you can tell the man by his works. Reading this book shows the level of love that Father Allah had not only for the youth, but black people in general.

In reading this book I can see not only the love Father Allah had for his Five Percenters, but also the love Wakeel Allah has for the Father.

I highly recommend Volume 2. If you haven’t read Volume 1 then you would be doing your self a disservice because they go hand and hand. Much respect to Wakeel Allah and the work that he produced in such a beautiful book that made me very grateful of the man we know as Father Allah.

Lord King Saviour Allah