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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Saturday, January 28, 2012

NGE member asks: Q. Who or what are the Muslims of the NOI praying to? Answer by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

God-Allah Cipherdeen:

Q. Who or what are the muslims of the NOI praying to?

Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah):

Ans. Peace. To God-Allah Cipherdeen. This question is "interesting."

I used to actually document it. You never ever heard or saw it written prior to @ 1994. It's a unique phenomenon to say the least.

Having come up as a 5%er i still remember the Gods had a prayer. It was published in some of the 5% publications.

When you ask "who does the NOI pray to" it's at that point what? It becomes a tool for applied mathematics. Like algebra.

You could ask that question of a Christian or anyone really.

And people could respond with general, specific, and even answers that would be elusive and misguiding from the point.

People can say whatever they want. Now you can read the material and the material is self-defining to answer your question.

That's how you do it if you don't want to "play the dozens" you know.

That's why like Muhammad Speaks/The Final Call have the Muslim Program on the back of the paper because of the level of questions mostly rhetorical that were used to take up or waste time of people. So THEM just put them point blank on the back to end that conversation so there's no reason to be facetious.

I'm not saying you are. But if i wanted to know why my tooth was hurting between the root and gums I'd either go to the manual or the dentist. IE: The source.

Answers are like variables to solve for the unknown of any given problem.

Some people don't pray, some do, some know who they pray to, some don't some know why, some don't.

I remember when the "anti-muslim" or the kind of "Kalimite" influenced younger gods and passive aggressive gods became like this a friend of mine. Omar was shot and killed. His family was Muslim. And thus he had a Janazzah(Muslim burial rites) in the masjid. Ironically he was buried on a Friday after Jumuah. So the people attending his funeral attended the jumua prayer.

When I went in with other Gods & I had at that time my Universal Flag of Islam pin on, there was a brother to my right leaning up against the wall reading Qur'an. He was there for the prayer. He did not know there was a funeral taking place. He was immediately surprised and uncomfortable to see my face as he was a strong anti-muslim advocate for the burgeoning NGE language styled sub-culture or we could say he looked "shook." Needless to say he was with a 2 other brothers that were muslim. He staunchly advocated "why would God pray" and "God does not pray" and "Who are you praying to." And there he was...

After prayer, and the funeral he spoke and was trying to explain himself. And although I wanted to "bomb" him as he was much of an annoyance at that time to me and others. And he had a much more dominant persona than me. I calmed him. And said "Each man have is own path, what's worse is that you are a lie to yourself." See, he was just looking for a place of peace for him. He hadn't exhausted all the knowledge on his path. So he was still what? Searching.

See man, can be anything to another man. But alone, at home, in a cell, on a train. It's just that mind in that head and whatever it thinks on or contemplates over.

"BELIEF" (in the Islamic sense) is very personal. It's in stages and moments in time and space.

I don't say all that to dance around your question, but my point is the human experience has to be honest with itself no matter how it presents itself to others.

I have many stories like the one above, including some of "Gods of notoriety." People are a process.

Now then we have ISLAM and in Islam there is no intercessor between the adherent and His Lord (Rabb). It's a straight line. Not through the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Muhammad or other…

If a man or woman prays to an image, there is two sides to that. One is historical and ancient and shows that Man when he knew His Lord prayed to Him as his Image. And the other side is people make Gods out of those other than god and find themselves in words/actions worshipping that which they (really) know not what.

Then there is the issue of Obedience vs Worship.

So to your question. It's Master Fard Muhammad that said out his own mouth that He came to make us all Gods. So if prayer were a part it would be to the source of life and the creator of all. And whether one sees themselves as this as well then that act would be a form of what? Gratitude. And the output or manifestation of that would be growth.

So people no matter what can advocate who they pray to as much as who they don't pray to and that doesnt mean what's really going on in the head and the heart of a human.

You already have the answer. The question is to yourself "Why did I ask this question?"

Peace. Understanding GodAllah

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Big Fields Await the Wide Awake Man to Work Out" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Consider this:

-If you went to "sleep" and in the morning and alarm went off and you woke up to it. And now you are awake. WIDE AWAKE

So, say your Mother (or man, woman, friend, etc) calls or yells your name and you respond "Yeah I'm Up!"

Let's say some time pass and "they" call you again. And you reply "yeah yeah i'm up I'm wide awake!"

Let's say after some more time, let's say you have a job and your boss calls you, or you have your own business and your employee calls you, or you have children who need to be escorted or a ride to school. And your reply to all of the above said is…"Yeah i'm up i'm awake Wide awake!"

Then there are more calls from the same people. Some yelling and complaining and some asking if you are alright. And your reply is "I'm up I'm Wide Awake!"

Then the calls become so much that you retort with this as your argument to respond:
"Look! I'm Awake. Can't you see that. LOOK AT ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE OUT HERE SLEEPING, ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE DEAD. Do you see them. I'm not them I'm awake. I'm not asleep!!!!"

-What's the problem here?

-What's the issue here?

-The issue is not you being awake. The issue is not getting up, being in motion, proceeding to the set destination! That's the issue!

-Being Awake is a PART or step in a "PROCESS." A PROCESS that entails knowledge you had before you went to sleep although made very clear once you "WAKE UP."

-No one's doors get open, No one's business gets help, No child(children) get to their destination (if you understand) because you keep saying "I'm awake."

-In fact, after a moment those around you who have far less knowledge will see for themselves that although what you have might be best, what you say might be best. In truth you just not the one. Cause you not doing what the knowledge you have requires.

So at that point the people in need of you will either become bitter and complain about you or move on. Or both. Then they have to move out with 1/2 knowledge because the ONE with the full knowledge is still stuck at "I'm Awake!"

Being conscious isn't enough. Being Aware is not enough!

Acknowledging the car, washing machine, school is broke is not enough. It's already expected of the "conscious" to recognize the problem. The thing is. It's the MUSLIM's JOB to FIX IT!!!!

Islam is a Verb!


Peace, under

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wali Mohammed (R.I.P.)


Our beloved brother Wali Mohammad (fka Walter 6X Youngblood), long time trainer and companion to Muhammad Ali, as well as one of the pioneers of Harlem's Temple #7 and Newark's Temple #25, has returned to Allah. Services were held today at Harlem's Unity Funeral Home. Bro. Wali Mohammed also worked with boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson, also among jazz greats such as Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and many others, as well as helped convert 5% Nation founders Clarence 13X (Allah) and Justice to Islam. He was once married to Gail Fisher, one of the first Black women to appear on the TV screen who starred on the Television Program "Mannixx" as Peggy.

May Allah Be Pleased With HIm, and may He Rest in Power.

Salaam Alaikum.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Black Woman is Goddess" by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

The Black Woman is Goddess

"The woman is made after the womb out of which God created Himself, and in the woman is the Secret of God. The reason you are far away from God is because of your attitude towards women. You will never find God and you will never grow to honor God, as long as you are a mistreater and disrespecter of women. The woman is the Secret and she contains the Secret....The riddle has been with God, but the secret of the riddle is in woman, and unless and until we become better acquainted with who she is, you may never see who you are." The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, “WHO IS GOD?” February 24, 1991

The Black Woman herself is Goddess, the Co-Creator with God, the Black Man. I take the Ma'atic - or should I say, Ma'atic Islam - approach. As Carolyn Graves-Brown, Curator of the Egypt Center at Swansea University, points out in her book, Dancing For Hathor: Women in Ancient Egypt (London and New York: Continuum, 2010) 2,101, 102.

"in ancient Egypt, it was men who were considered the creators…The woman was important in creation, the arouser of the male and a vessel for his child. The idea of the male creator extended to the world of the gods. There was no concept of mother earth, but rather the earth was personified as the male god, Geb...

“For the Egyptians, both the earth and the annual inundation that fertilized the land were male. The word for ‘to conceive of child’ in ancient Egyptian was the same as the word ‘to receive’ or ‘to take’, showing the role of the woman as simply the vessel for the already created child…all scarab beetles, for example, were believed to be male. It is only in the Graeco-Roman Period that a female is given credit for the forming of a child. While…the male god Khnum, the potter, is credited with creation and birth of children through spinning the wheel, by the Graeco-Roman Period, Hathor is sometimes credited with spinning the wheel."

The same observation is made by Prof Ann Macy Roth, Egyptologist from New York University, in her article “Gender Roles in Ancient Egypt” (in Daniel C. Snell [ed.] A Companion to the Ancient Near East (Blackwell Publishing, 2005) 213.

"The male role in sexual reproduction was seen as the actual creation of new life, which was then implanted in the female. Fundamentally, children were viewed as the extensions of their father’s life force; the mother’s role in determining their nature was decidedly secondary. Instead, women seem to have had a dual role: they aroused the man and stimulated his creative act with their beauty and sexual attractiveness, and then they nourished the life that his creative power produced."

This idea that the man/god is the actual, ultimate source of life, while the woman/goddess is the matrix in which the divine child is created and and nourished, is clearly expressed in the mythic and cosmogonic inscriptions of Kemet. It is captured by the divine and royal title, kᴣ mwt. f (Kamutef), “Bull of his Mother,” which articulates the continual self-generation of the male god through the agency of the female, the mother goddess.

The Creator of the Cosmos and all in it is the ithyphallic Black God.

The Secret of Black God's Self-Creation is recapitulated in the womb of the Black Woman during every pregnancy. By studying that process, we learn the Secret of how God self-evolved.

"The Nephew and the Message" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

If a man showed up to your door one day to announce that your "father" who had raised you and taught you that had kidnapped your (biological) family, was a rapist, murderer, abuser, business man etc… HAD "EXPIRED!" (died).

And that man at your door say, said even though you didn't know him that He was in fact your real father's, brother's son. IE NEPHEW.

And he understood that in telling you that your "Father" (that raised you) had passed would leave a void of who you really were and what you should really do and out of His generosity left his "Aide" to teach you now what to do since your "ADOPTIVE FATHER" had EXPIRED it would be math…

Some would be so elated that they would jump and leave and not realize that they didn't know anything else but what their "Father" taught them, thus succumbing to "his" world and "his" "relatives" wisdom which had "died" with the father in "his world."

Some would get it. They'd listen to the nephews "Aide" and say "what?" he dead? His time is up? Say no more… and take the advice and instruction and begin to build…

Then there would be a remnant like the 1st group that would hold on to the same logic they had when their "father" was with them. That they can't do anything because of their (adoptive) "father." Thus using the same excuse the whole family had before they got the "good news." These people may repeat what the "Aide" told them and said, but they never internalized it.

They actually are keeping their (adoptive) "father" alive thus hindering their own relatives who moved out to build a world of their own. Even though they are family and have the same teacher.

So when one looks at the subtleties of the "AIDE" he said things like "mind your own business." This is not just some phrase meaning "stay outta mines." It also means do what fits you (best).

And other subtleties that HE taught knowing the reality of the stigma like: Get a group of "LIKE-MINDED" people together and "POOL YOUR RESOURCES."

Things like this would keep the factions from arguing and fighting over things because all parties really want the same thing.

That's why the "Nephew" left the "Aide."

So the people that only accept the "Aide" as a "Messenger" and refuse to accept and internalize the "Message" and "teaching" that HE set up, will fall into a strange place because it's like a car on ether or fumes.

It can only go so far because the "Gas" had "EXPIRED."

The problem 80 years ago is the same problem today

LACK OF: Identity & Culture. And Self-Imposed ILLITERACY (comprehension)

The ILLITERATE is always WAY TOO SOCIAL. If the ILLITERATE HAS CULTURE then the socializing is used to help gain employment or corner a trade associated with that "group." Like an ethnicity commonly known to be nurses or construction workers etc… The culture will allow them to have "ways" to survive based on diet, and family structure and such.

The ILLITERATE WITH IDENTITY typically will act out aggressively and react violently out of bitterness and anger.

So the AIDE bringing Culture and Identity made sure to teach the history of the adoptive "Father" figure so the relatives would recognize the behaviours not to argue but to avoid and turn away from, so they would not be distracted in building their own "new" world. Made out of their idea of who they are as a people.

He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.

This is the mindstate of the person who refuses to believe that the "DEVIL" has "expired."

So he/her is self-imprisoned by following the "ETHER" or "FUMES" of something already burnt out thus falling with the very thing they are following.

So for 80 years all the people in that line from that "NEPHEW" no matter what method they use or curriculum they set in front of the family it's all about getting "THE FAMILY" to recognize and internalize that the (adoptive) "Father" is "EXPIRED."

Thus the Nephew tells the Aide.


What's the Purpose of Education? by Maulud Sadiq Allah

What's the purpose of education?

Not the textbook answer that you could feed to the average adult who, like yourself, has been told the same lie for years. No. What's the answer you give your disinterested child that looks at you and your life and rather trade up for an entertainer that claims to be "Rich Forever." Or an entertainer who, while quickly going broke, still can be found on TV and in magazines.

Surely you don't feed them the college/good job mumbo jumbo.

Do you attempt to walk through the Study Guide about education with them? Are they extremely disinterested? Do you ask yourself why?

Perhaps the biggest problem with the "education" argument is the intended goal; to secure some degree of finance to be better able to buy things.

I know. We're beyond that. We're the Nation of Islam.

But it's quite evident how we view education as well.

If one were to take this board (or their local mosque or study group) and compiled the topics (on this board) or professions (of the mosque or study group), not only would you find a limited variety (of either topic or profession), you would find practically the exact same topics or professions from here (NYC) to there (LA)...and everywhere in between.

How is that proof that education as more than a means of employment hasn't took hold among us? Limited reality or limited interest are a result of limited education.

And it's not due to our Source Material.

If we didn't have Supreme Wisdom and were just to look at the realities brought forth by the Holy Qur-an; advancements in art architecture, astrology, botany, irrigation, medicine, the list is endless - one would have to ask what happened? (no one expected the Spanish Inquisition).

And we have Supreme Wisdom.

While outsiders tend to limit the info therein to merely theology, a Believer knows that issues of health, astronomy, complex math (many of the Problem Books solutions require at the least Calculus for their solution), history, physics, again, the list is endless.

So why is it that on a site dedicated to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the level of discourse seldom rises beyond mere emotionalism and sensationalism?

I'd argue it's all in how we view education.

In a world that's full of wonder and surprises that can be found in something as small and "insignicant" as a threading needle (where does that come from? who realized thar using that would be a good way to bind fabric?) to as large as a 747 (I mean, come on...), we continue to focus on the surface of all things...

It's all in how we view education and it's purpose. As long as we have a limited view of the purpose of it, we continue to live limited lives; subject to those people who dare to imagine and think we taught them to - yes, we'll continue to be subjects to white folks...but that's not the conversation we're having, we'd rather call his language, in his clothes, using his technology to express our anger at him. As long as we continue this behaviour, we show daily who our God is...and it ain't Master Fard Muhammad (He makes all things New)...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Islam is Practical" by Wakeel Allah

As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

Allah teaches in the Quran that "mere belief accounts for nothing unless carried into practice." We often discuss beliefs in our circles, oftimes foregoing our practical beliefs in favor of trivial beliefs. It is much better for us to focus on the practical beliefs (fundamental teachings of Islam), and that way we can and are carrying them into practice and making it PRACTICAL (useful to self and kind, to do for self and kind).

Practical: adj.
1. Of, relating to, governed by, or acquired through practice or action, rather than theory, speculation, or ideals: 'gained practical experience of carpentry as a carpenter.'
2. Manifested in or involving practice: 'practical applications of calculus.'
3. Actually engaged in a specified occupation or a certain kind of work; practicing.
4. Capable of or suitable to being used or put into effect; useful: 'practical knowledge of engineering'.
5. Concerned with the production or operation of something useful: 'Construction is a practical art.'
6. Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative.
7. Being actually so in almost every respect; virtual: 'a practical masterpiece.'

Purpose of this build: to help continue to raise the level of questions and content in our circles as a people in Islam, and to emphasize the practical application of Islam so that we may become more productive as individuals and collectively as a people.

As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace be unto you)
Your brother in Islam,
Wakeel Allah

Monday, January 16, 2012

"On Teaching" by Maulud Sadiq Allah

Learning how to teach is not an endeavor for the weak @ heart. I certainly am no authority nor do I believe I can provide anything outside of my own testimony. My schooling was in Radio/television/and Film and my natural temperament is jokingly sarcastic. Yet, when I first read the Autobiography of Malcolm X, my life was transformed and I wanted to find a way to have the same affect on others.

As stated before, upon first getting knowledge, many of us are angry - defensive, chomping at the bit and ready to attack anyone that challenges our views. I recall only having Supreme Math, Supreme Alphabets, The 12 Jewels, and Student Enrollment - backed by the Bible and Qur'an and feeling like I was armed with a semi-automatic weapon.

And I was quick to fire. One day, while me and a few other Brothers were leaving the mall, a Fellow Student approached me and asked, "Why you call yourself Allah - ain't that God?" You would've thought he said something about my mama the way I tore into him. And none of the Brothers that were with me stopped me or interrupted me. Knowing that what I was saying was right, I felt confident that their silence was approval.

Boy was I wrong.

As soon as I was done belittling the curious Student, one of the Brothers that acted as my Enlightetener said, "You don't know how to talk to people." It wasn't a question. I felt two feet tall.

The next day he gave me a few sheets of paper that I studied heavily called How To Properly Handle People (or something to that affect). And, while I'm still subject to being emotional at times because of my love of Islam, that was one of The Most Important Lessons in my life.

In the end, it's not about whether what you say is right or not - most of us know the truth, in the end it's knowing How to Convey the Message The Right way to Audience to which you are speaking. And, if it's your Brother or Sister, doing so with love (love doesn't have to be "soft," surely we've all heard of tough love) - because if the person that you're aiming to teach is being handled properly, the words that you're saying are true, and with love - if and when they object, it will because they are rejecting the truth - not you. In which case, the Qur'an provides clear guidance for those walking blindly in their inordinacy

"Learning Your History" by Maulud Sadiq Allah

"How, in common sense, dare anyone say that we can know absolutely nothing positive about these past transactions, even if we cannot know all, even if we can know but little? And why should we be content merely to tint our picture with the colors that suit the changing taste of our own time?" C.H. Mcllwain 1936

Oft times what is said when one seeks to recover history of Master Fard Muhammad is one of a few things: that he popped up from no where and disappeared to no where, that he was a member of this organization or that organization, that he was this man or that man. Many explanations are speculation. Most often conclude that there's no way possible to know anything about Him other than what was taught to us by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

The reality is, we don't have to concoct some story based on our inferences, nor do we have to settle on myth. Sprinkled throughout different publications and newspaper articles there's clues to get to some point or conclusion: He was arrested, they confiscated papers, He stayed in a Hotel, Believers who knew Him were interviewed, and perhaps the greatest evidence - The Honorable Elijah Muhammad raised a Nation from the Wisdom that He received from this "mysterious" Man in a very short time period.

Let us focus on what all can agree about Master Fard Muhammad - Here is a man that went door to door, raised enough who wanted to hear His word, a building was secured, structure was given, and this has been the way of the Gods since. Learn your History - from where you are - and I guarantee you that The Founders of your Mosques' reality will mirror that of the Saviour's. And that's what we should all be striving for - to reproduce Self to Serve Him and all of Us who are Allah. Peace.

Disintegration to Rebuild by Maulud Sadiq Allah

The chairs are gone. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's books are no longer allowed in the Mosque. Imam Warith Deen Muhammad has rolled out his books and Instruction Manuals to His Ministers. Muhammad Speaks is no more. Businesses sold. This is the Back drop.

The Nation of Islam, as it was known, is no more.

Where were all the followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? Where were the Mosques...Study Groups, where were the Believers those two years? Yes, there was Silas Muhammad's group. There were pockets of Believers across the US (Emmanuel Muhammad's, the Muhammad Speaks contingent in Culver City, California, the one in Dothan, Alabama - to name a few), but no movement - no group magnitized the people to unite into a BODY until 1977.

Many people stayed with Imam WD Muhammad. They felt it was the right thing to do. And Imam WD entered in the position with strength and a determined idea. He had an objective and he moved on it. First, he gave directives to all the Ministers on what to lecture about and what not to lecture about (His Minister's guides were books unto themselves). He also spoke heavily against his Father's teachings. This ran a large group away. But enough stayed. They stayed through the removal of the chairs, the elimination of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad's books, the introduction of the Imam's books, Arabic classes, shifting of Ministers, embracing of all people - even the US government - they stayed.

But a whole lot fell out. Some fell out and back into the life that they lived before they found Islam. Others, having a staunch belief that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would never die, found their way into the Insane Asylum. Yes, there were even some others who felt it was there responsibility to Rebuild the Nation - coming upon that decision either through the study of scripture or just pure necessity. None of them really garnered a large following though so by the time 1977 rolled around, there was no longer any remnants of the once mighty Nation of Islam.

(There was an even smaller group who NEVER Believed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad dead - a small number, indeed.)

September 1977, all that would change. Having been on a tour of the world and seeing that the evils of white supremacy still dominated the globe, Minister Farrakhan was at a crossroads - enter into a life of entertainment or take up the work of Rebuilding His Father's Work. Enter in Brother Jabril Muhammad with two books (one of which we read, the other we have not) in California with the specific purpose of delivering said writings - a few days later, Minister Farrakhan had decided which road He would take - and two months later, November, He made the Announcement of what He would do.

The reality of the time was this - opposition to the Imam could get you a death threat. Rebuilding the Nation of Islam wasn't a mere talking and studying type movement - it was life or death. Minister Farrakhan travelled the Nation, city to city, with no security - there was no FOI, and those who believed in the Truth of what He said, stood in defense of Him. He had no money. He left His family at home in a city where the Imam's stronghold was. His Faith was in Allah.

From Nov 1977 until Feb 1981, Minister Farrakhan criss-crossed the Nation - speaking w/Believers who had left the teachings, were in asylums, were former Laborers, etc. He went to churches, formed alliances with Black organizations from coast to coast - giving lectures -building study groups - the structure of the Mosque was one of the last things set up.

It would be YEARS before there was any form of Nation of Islam as we know it. And while some people took some convincing, a large group of those who had left the Imam joined on to Aid in the Rebuild. It was an electrifying time.

to be cont'd

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Islam: The Nature of God" by Boris Muhammad

ISLAM: The Nature of God


MESSENGER: Islam is not a religion, as many people call it a religion. But, it is not a religion. The purpose of calling Islam a religion is only to get the attention of a world full of religious sects and groups of people, who call their faiths and beliefs religions. There is no such thing as the Righteous calling their righteousness and their duty of Self, God and Man, a religion.

The Holy Quran (5:3) reads as follows, “This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favour to you and chosen for you Islam as a religion.” It is not that Islam is a religion; but in taking us out of the religious beliefs, God allows Himself and you to call Islam a religion. But, it is not a religion; according to the words in the Holy Quran (30:30), where it says that Islam is the Nature of us. And, if Islam is the very nature in which we were created, then it cannot be referred to as a religion, because religion is not created by nature.


MESSENGER: We make religion by agreeing on various beliefs and ways of worship. But, Islam did not come to us in the way of a belief. Islam came to us in the way of the very nature in which we were created. And, since it is the nature in which God created us, then God Himself is referred to as being the Author of Islam; and Islam is the Nature of God.

So, I want you to understand that there has never been a concept of belief between the Creator and the creation. It is the very Law of Nature that takes over; since we are from God, and by nature we were created by God, and by nature we are of God, we can see that what we worship is of the Law of Nature; in which we were created; in that we are Muslims or we are Islamic People, because we were born to submit to God, Who is the Author and Creator of us. Then, we have no alternative but to submit to our Maker. So, Islam cannot be referred to as a religion. A religion is made by groups of people and its decisions are of people.


MESSENGER: The Holy Quran (30:30) condemns us in calling it a religion. Islam is our very nature, if someone says to you, “I am not giving to you a coat, but I am giving to you this blanket as a coat, you do not have a coat, but you have a blanket; something to keep you warm until you get a coat that will fit the form of the body in which the form of the body was made to be fitted; but, not a loose blanket thrown over the body.

So, when a man says I do not have a certain thing to give to you, but I give to you “this” in the place of that certain thing, it is the same as what the Holy Quran (5:3) means that I give to you “this” in place of that which you have been using, but this is not like that which you have been using; because “this” is the very nature of you, because religion is something which is organized and carried out by a person or groups of people, and various sects of people.

So, Islam does not mean it is a religion as it is preached, but it means that Islam is being given to a people as a religion; a people who call their beliefs a religion. So, here we have to make it clear that this is a people (The Black Man of America), who has been brought up under teachings of various religions. Therefore, to get him to understand, God says to us, “I perfected for you your religion and completed My favour to you and chosen for you Islam as a religion”; not that Islam IS a religion, but Islam AS a religion to take away that which you believe and call religions.

Islam is given to replace that which the people believe and worship as a service to the Divine Supreme Being. The Divine Supreme Being knows that they are wrong to choose such a way to approach Him in worship. Now, he replaces that by saying He will give Islam as a religion, instead of that which you call a religion. Islam is the nature in which you were born. It is natural for you to do righteousness, because you are one of the Righteous. This is Islam.


MESSENGER: If Islam is the Nature of us, then it cannot be a religion. Islam is referred to in the Holy Quran as Allah (God) being its Author. Then, if Allah is the Author of Islam, we cannot call it a religion; because it is the Nature of Allah (God), and it is Himself and Will of Himself for His Creatures and Creation.

The Holy Quran (16:49) teaches us that everything in the Heavens and in the Earth obeys the Law of Allah (God). This means that they do not disobey that Law in which they were created, because it is the very nature of them. The Heavens revolving on its axis is the nature in which they were created; to revolve on their axis. Allah again says in His Holy Quran there is no altering to His Creation. He set the Law, which is a Will over His Creation and everything bows to it. Allah (God) says to the Heavens according to the teachings of the Holy Quran to come willingly or unwillingly. The Heavens say in answer, according to their obedience: We come willingly. God says He gave the trust to the Heavens and all of His Creation and none disobeys, but the man devil (who was made to disobey). Therefore, it is impossible to make that which is made out of the Natural Law of Nature obey the Will of the Creator since it is not part of His Creation of Righteousness and Justice.

Islam is the nature of the Black Man, not of the white race, but the Black Man, the original man of the earth. Islam is his nature in which he is created. Therefore, it is his natural self. What has happened to the original man’s natural Self for the past six thousand (6,000) years? He has been found to try to live other than himself – this made self of the white race. They are made out of the nature of the Black Man. This is why these two cannot live in peace together unless one tried to imitate the other. This yet will not get a sure and true peace between the two because one is forced to do that which by nature he is not. There are many white people on our planet who are trying to live under Islam, which they are not by nature the people of Islam.


MESSENGER: There are hundreds of millions of blacks trying to live under Christianity, the religion made by the white race. The Black Man is not a so-called Christian. So-called because the people who represents themselves to be Christians are not Christians from the meanings of the word Christian; It means to be Christianized or Christ-like. Therefore, this is other than the truth by the people who represent themselves to be Christians because they are not Christ-like.

To be Christ-like means to take on the nature of Christ and to be like him. And, the Christian is referred to as the “Mahdi”; coming in the last day to crush the wicked world. So again, this Christian means one coming in the last day to crush the wicked. The very name means that of a crusher. The Christian says he is the anointed one – I agree. He is the one prepared to crush the wicked. Islam refers to that person as the “Mahdi” or the “Mahdiah”.

"The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Day" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Ques. Did you know that the city of Chicago honored "The Messenger" with Elijah Muhammad Day? How did He go from being Public Enemy #1 to having the city honor Him?

ans. Yes (1974).

1st from where i stand (on the square of truth), i disagree with your last question.

I don't "think" THEM ever went from PE#1 and then that subsided at all. He (or whoever was gonna be the Black Messiah) remained PE#1.

I believe there are multiple factors to this and two or so i will expound on.

1. Sociological

THEM being honored by Mayor Daly in Chicago is more of a sociological feat if you will that surrounds many of the cultural more's of Chicago. What do i mean?

In Chicago there's a long (more than 100 year) history of something that for lack of a better term i would call "Irish Justice." Some (that are educated) would know it to just be "American Justice." What that is… It's using the same tactics that people use to commit unjust acts on you to bring about justice. It's literally the political Culture of Chicago. The famed Attorney Clarence Darrow (of Chicago) and many others have written on this.

So in a sociological sense the Irish & Polish communities have a great RESPECT (not "like") for people who do not complain, cry or beg and fix their own problems. And TMHEM had earned that respect by that establishment.

You have to understand The Immigrant Mind too. The Irish and Polish immigrant mind was still fresh in the City. The immigrant mentality always recognizes itself in others. By 1974 that's what the "Black Muslims" could best be defined as and definitely appeared as; "Immigrants." The Muslims (and others in the Black Community) had reached a point/place where they/we had nothing so therefore had nothing to lose and were using what they/we had to make something for itself. That's the classic immigrant mind. And many authors wrote into this regarding THEM.

If i was not a Muslim i would have to say that's one of the most profound feats that THEM did with our people is take a people that were placed in the "red"/ in a hole. And brought us up to zero/ put us in the "black." And if you are a Muslim you know that's Islam. The removal of guilt and debt. And that is what the immigrant mind comes to America with. The remaking of his/herself with no apologies and no guilt.

And although the small number of people who post on this "group" would tend to jump up and down and bash Imam WD Momhammed if you put him in context to time and place this is something he never strayed from although he articulated it differently. And that is that WE (Black People in America) are a "new" people, kind of a "tafsir" based on English Lesson C01. We have parts and pieces of things but after that "60 years" that is in that lesson we find that the 60 years from the date being referred to in that lesson is when THEM said that we are no longer those same people that were placed on those ships and brought over here. And he proved we are so much more…


At that time there were many conflicts regarding "security" and economy. You'd be surprised how having a controlled, clean, quiet people benefit aspects of policing and the economy. Now this would not "fly" today for the cause it's moved to a Jail Economy. But at that time THEM was increasing the betterment of the City which makes the City look better because He did not rub their noses in it. And the Muslims helped Blacks become more self-policing.

Politically it also was sending a message to the establishment to wake up and pay attention to the intelligence and articulation of a population that they already feared of rising.

I could go on here but i will digress that point for now.

2. The other aspect is Polarization. The idea(s) of that era were to appease Blacks with jobs or programs to keep Blacks from gaining the respect and admiration and moreso the ability or desire to want to create for self or duplicate successful models from other Blacks. This would be a public show of a Black intelligence base that would even impress the common (non jewish) white man.

A modern view is like say, the Hip Hop MC COMMON. Right the more revolutionary, deep and introspective he became the more he was moving toward leadership (like Wyclef in Haiti) so it was appeased not with punishment or debasement but with promotion. This is WISE and tactical. So your popularity may rise but your power decreases. So we also see an attempt at this. And no doubt History proved that. In the end THEM was made to look like another leader that when he rose his people rose and when he "fell" the people would fall around his personality. And so it did. Allah is the Best Knower.

So we see in the arena of Politics & Security a rivalry to a degree or a Local view vs a National agenda (by security) and they clearly had opposed one another on a certain degree.

Lastly i would like to emphasize the Respect Issue. Whenever a person completely relies on what they believe they will no doubt be successful and gain even the respect of their enemies. Bilal's (radi Allahu anum) own slave master 1400 years ago as history reads was more enamored at his unwillingness to cowtow over choosing to submit to the master's orders.

Respect is a very powerful thing. Also is… We have the lessons. To Allah the "white man" is no threat. So to his Messenger it would be the same. THEM was not competing with the white people for racial equality. He was holding white people to their own words meanwhile building something in the society and in the people that was not competing with white people but building for the favor of Allah. And many internalized that and carry that and act on that today. Some are in organizations, some created organizations. Some are overt leaders some more intertwined in appearance to the "system."

But in the end it was Respect on a personal level that Mayor Daly had for THEM. Segregation was in their best interest then.

Today Chicago is changing. Chicago's then Jewish population didn't use media the way New York's did. Nowadays that's the same all over. The systematic criminalization of the image of the Black Male. That's just standard modus operandi. To kill the image of respect. Not to necessarily kill the image itself or even the polarization, just make the people not have respect for the individual. Better to follow the people like "repeaters" than respect them and internalize their words and make something or duplicate something good with it that would gain the respect of the community and abroad. So it did not attack THEM in that way. Also is… those politicians was "gangster." And this man THEM didn't even move for the President of the US. That garners respect right there.

I have to close with this. Our people collectively just had more familial wisdom then. And THEM's Wisdom well, i can't speak for how far that goes but greater than the rest. So in that day the people could see that putting someone on a pedestal didn't always mean honor it was often used as patronization. Today that's why it's so easy to control our people. We think/believe that television appearances represent power, so the producer's use this in a skillful way. With the NOI common press historically backfired but not as much today. People believe what ever you show them. Especially if they've been kind of beaten over the head with certain info or are from particular sects or generations.

But that "clanish" mind respected other "Clans." And the NOI appeared to be the Family of THEM.

Respect Garners Much. "Like" not so much. "Like" is based on emotion and the less culture one has the easier it is to use "Like" to gain their attention and move them in any direction.

Today many of the heroes and enemies you see through media are made by the same people. Let Wisdom tell it.

I'll leave the "how did we go from…" for another writing.

These questions are worthy of at least one chapter of a book to deal with it properly and show the workings of the answers to them.

Peace, under

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Is Our House on Fire?" by Maulud Sadiq Allah

If your house was on fire, what would you grab?

It's a practical question - a question asked in almost every self-help seminar to express that we focus on many things that, if our life was threatened, we'd drop and turn to the things that are important.

Here's a newsflash: Our house is on fire.

I know you've read the statistics. I know you've seen the results of years and years of a slow-cooking plan to break-down the Black man and woman from their original state. Slavery couldn't and didn't do it. Jim Crow couldn't and didn't do it. So what did do it? Exactly what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad thought would do it - so-called integration. But that's not the purpose of this post.

The purpose of this post is to point out that we are a petty, distracted, and very damaged people - and the stench of the skunk that sprayed us carries over into everything we do or join. This Board is such a place.

Our house is on fire.

And, despite all of the statistics, we spend all of our time like those people on episodes of Hoarders (which, incidentally, isn't a a fictional work - it's real-life, not just entertainment) - we spend our time picking through the little things - why did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad use a semi-colon here and not a comma - do you think the Apostles represent Mosques - who is Enoch in real life and did he really exists - all the while MURDERS are increasing, Black businesses - the one's that aren't closing, are selling themselves away at an increasing rate - the Minister is calling out for us to do for ourselves - and we bob our heads like bobble head dolls.

Earlier, I posted two posts in the form of satire to show how trivial we've become - and, while extreme - the point was made.

Yes, I know, at any given time, you'll see a voice on here scream out to the 1,767 people on this board and say we need to do something - but it fades away like a person's voice screaming on a raft to a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. The Cruise Ship, of course, is LIFE, and the raft is what we have - a show of mercy given to us by the coming of Master Fard Muhammad. The ocean...c'mon - you get it.

What I'd be interested in seeing is a map - and on that map- a pullback with a red dot for every Believer on this page and their location. How many people do you think would be in a five mile radius someone on this board - that they've never seen in real life (for whatever reason) - but type to, respond to, daily? How many people (of those living in a five mile radius) do you think share a desire and passion for change? Why do you think those people never actually get together and work a real plan?

The reasons are endless (as this post could be) but the fact remains: Our house is on fire - and as long as we focus on the small, petty things, we're going to die in the flames just like everybody else in the house. Peace.

Friday, January 6, 2012

"Am I Problem Oriented or Solution Oriented?" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Isma'il Latif Umayya

‎-Am I Problem Oriented or Solution Oriented?-

-Am I Solution Oriented with Problems or Do I make (unnecessary) Problems that I wallow in or am forced to solve (thus taking up valued time)?

-If so, "Why do i do this?"

-Do i have goals? Do I have goals within the collective mission of saving my people and being a civilized person?

-if not "why?"

-if so

-Do I pursue my goals?

-What are my distractions?

-Why do i stay in the distraction?

-is it attention

-What would be worse to fail trying to attain my goals & aims or continue to dream about them?

-Do i see other individuals or people or rotate around those doing things that i could do and don't even think or apply it to myself that i could do these same things?

-Do I put a self imposed "Jedi Mind Trick" on myself that i'm "helping" and that's why i can't afford to invest in my goals?

-How is not investing in my goals/development helping or Hindering that which i profess to be a helper of?

-How much time do i devote to gaining knowledge of the things that make up my goals and how to attain them?

-Will living through other people fulfill me?

-if so why?

Life isn't always a (public) conversation. Get to living to Get to dying (regretting).

In ISLAM "Life" is a thing that has Aim & Purpose. Each individual as his/her own mark to make.

When we see the accomplishments of each other (especially people without any culture) we tend to believe that we too can do those things, even if the motivation is out of jealousy.

Anyway. Just a reminder. Don't forget to Live (especially if you don't believe in a mystery god or you think there is nothing for you beyond the grave) cause this looks like it might be your chance.

Jumuah Mubarak.


your brother in Islam. Understanding GodAllah

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"The Twenty Four Scientists" by True Islam

"The Twenty Four Scientists" by True Islam

To properly understand Master Fard Muhammad, one must understand the reality of the Twenty Four Scientists. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Allah was a Man. He presided over a Divine Council which consisted of twenty-three other Black Men who are gods like Him but of a lesser degree. The twenty-four of them make up a Secret Order, the most secret of all Secret Orders. They are variously referred to as the Twenty Four Scientists, the Twenty Four Elders or the Council of The Gods. Muhammad teaches that these twenty-four men govern the universe and the Black Nation. Of the twenty-four, there are Twelve Major Scientists and Twelve Minor Scientists. They constitute the best minds of the Original Nation. Of the Twelve Major Scientists, One of them sits as Judge above all the others because He is the Best Knower. This One is called Allah.

These twenty-four men, who are gods, are the wisest Black Men anywhere on earth. They represent every tribe and color of the Nation of Islam. The inner circle of Twelve is the real power behind the universe. They hold within their circle all knowledge and they pass their wisdom down from Father to Son. The language of these men is Arabic and their way of life is Islam. Collectively, they are called Allah as the One Judge among them is called Allah.

These Twenty Four Scientists have nine main duties. Their first duty is to write history. But writing history for these Gods does not mean recording events after they happen. These Gods write the history of the world BEFORE it transpires. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that at the beginning of every 25,000 Year Cycle, twenty three Scientists would go out from the root of civilization to all four corners of the Earth; to every nation, among every kindred and tongue, and live among the people for a period of time studying the culture of that people. They would "tune in" to the thinking of the people. By tuning in on the thinking of the people, they could look down the line of time, and according to the dissatisfaction in the minds of the people, could predict exactly what the people would do and the time in which it would happen, for the next 25,000 years.

These Gods could look down the line of time to the fruition or fulfillment of yearning of this seed of dissatisfaction, and write the history: what will be, when it shall be, how it shall be, why it shall be. After they had tuned in on the earth, the Gods would reassemble back at the Root of Civilization. After sitting down and predicting what shall be allowed to transpire, the Twenty Fourth Scientist, the Judge and sole authority, would decided on what would be and what would not be. He, Allah, has the final decision and will ultimately give the command of 'Kun'-Be! He has the power to stop any of the predicted developments and cause it to develop a different way. But when He feels it is necessary for the history to be written as the Gods presented, it is guaranteed to transpire on the earth, for He has said 'Kun.'

This 25,000 Years of Prophetic History is put in a book that is kept by the Gods. They then make sure that history is fulfilled. They exacerbate the conditions on the earth to make sure it develops just as it was prophesied. When ever a segment of the History is about to be fulfilled, one of the Twelve Major Scientists raises up a man from the midst of a particular people and informs that man of the coming events. That man is made a "Prophet" and he then begins to prophesy. His prophecies are written down and are called "scriptures." Scriptures are writings that are portions of a greater writing. The scriptures of the world, the Bible, the Qur'an, the Zend-Avesta, and others, are portions of the Greater Writing, also called Holy Qur'an or Umm al-Kitab, the Mother Book. As we will show later, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all of the prophets were approached by one of these Gods from the Circle of Twelve (Majors).

The number of Gods on this Divine Council being twenty-four is not arbitrary. Muhammad teaches,

"There is a significance to the number 24 Scientists and the 25,000 years. The number 24 Scientists used is in accordance with the hours in our day and the measurement of the circumference of our planet...Our planet is not exactly 25,000 miles in circumference, it is 24, 896 and we, according to astronomy, don't have a full 24-hour day but near that-23 hours, 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The change made in our planets rotation at the Poles is about one minute a year and takes 25,000 years to bring about a complete change in the region of the poles. The actual poles are inclined 23 1/2 degrees to the plane of its orbit. The original nation uses 23 Scientists to write the future of that nation for the next 25,000 years, and the 24th is the Judge or the One God, Allah."

These Scientists write the Prophetic History to equal our home (Earth) circumference of approximately 25,000 square miles; thus, a year for every mile.

The Scientists' duty is to guide the History of the Black Man in accord with the 25,000 Year Prophetic History and to fulfill the scriptures. The Bible is a book of prophecy which describes events that take us all the way into the Apocalypse.* As the History is written, the Twenty Four Scientists make sure it happens just as it is written. They are also responsible for imparting Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding to Allah's prophets and ministers.

These Scientists from the Black Nation guide the planets. The Caucasian creates satellites and sends then up in space to spin on their axis, but they often find themselves having to repair one. Allah likewise makes sure that His satellites (planets) are functioning properly.

They are also responsible for governing the Mother Ship and piloting it. More on that later. They destroy evil on the earth through the science of nature, by controlling the weather, rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. The Son of Man does all of this.

The Scientists are responsible for collecting and preserving the wisdom of the universe. When the Caucasian was released from the caves, he went all over the earth destroying the Black civilizations that he found. One of the things he did in the process was burn down the libraries that we stored divine knowledge in. This was repeated when whites invade Egypt, Chaldea, India and elsewhere. Today, writers mourn the loss of such works as the Egyptian Book of Thoth or Histories written by Manetho, or the Chaldean Histories written by Berosus. Scholars assume they were destroyed during the invasions. But in fact, it is the duty of the Gods to secure such wisdom and make sure it is not destroyed.

The Scientists serve as the "Heads" of the Black Nation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that there were originally five billion members of the Black Nation on the earth that were divided into 12 Nations. The Head of each of these 12 Nations was one of the Twelve Major Scientists. They were each represented by one of the twelve constellations.

In the Muslim World, this Council of the Gods is referred to as the Exalted Assembly. Manley P. Hall, in his Mystics in Islam, observes

"According to certain mystical calculations, the true saints of the Moslem world are...the 'unseen men' who journey to all parts of the world according to the Will of God and are given authority over the affairs of mankind, both Moslem and non-Moslem. Sometimes these saints are collectively referred to as The Owners, or Masters of Destiny. The chief among them is known as the Center, and each morning the saints assemble at Mecca, presumably by some mystical projection of their higher natures, and report all they have done to the Center"

The Center here is the Judge, Allah. Hall further says of the Center,

"At the head of the hierarchy composing the inner or mystical Dervish Order is a most august sole, who is called the 'Axis' or 'Pole' of the universe… (H)e often wanders the earth in the garb of a novice. He is a Master of the power of magic, can make himself invisible at will, and traverse vast distances with the speed of thought...This great body of spiritual mystics, collectively the 'Lords of Souls' and 'Directors,' is an invisible government controlling all the temporal institutions of Islam, and far surpassing in power all earthly monarchs...With …AN INNER BODY COMPOSED OF GOD-MEN so highly advanced and so superior to ordinary humanity that they seem more mystical than real, it is evident that the Dervishes form a very powerful Order in the Islamic world."

This 'Axis of the Universe' is Allah Himself, the World King or Judge. It is interesting that He often walk's the earth as a novice (which is just a student instead of Master). Master Fard Muhammad, the Axis which we will deal with later, first appeared as a "prophet" instead of the God that He really was.

As stated in the beginning, this is a Secret Order. These Twenty Four constitute a fraternity of wise men, a grand order of adepts. Whites are aware of this Secret Order of God and have patterned their own secret orders after it. Giuseppe Mazzini, lord of the Alta Vandita which was the highest lodge of the blackest Freemasonry in France, Germany, and England, said in 1871 in a letter to his comrade Dr. Breidenstine a few years before his death:

"We form an association of brothers in all points of the globe. We wish to break every yoke. Yet, there is one unseen that can be hardly felt, yet it weighs on us. Whence comes it? Where is it? No one knows...or at least no one tells. This association is secret even to us the veterans of secret societies."

This "secret association" that weighs on them is the Secret Association of the Gods: The Twenty Four Scientists. It has come to be known in secular circles as "The Hierarchy," "The Great Brotherhood," or "The Hidden Directorate." It is said rule all of the secret societies and Mysteries through it's adepts. According to The Trail of the Serpent,

"…the higher grades of all hermetic societies 'require that the adept be enslaved by some astute mind or group of minds which, it would seem, seek to rule the nations through hypnotically controlled adepts…for one and all of these modern Mysteries are ruled by some unknown hierarchy…"

One of the secret societies that is reported to have received guidance from the Gods is the Golden Dawn Society of Germany. Samuel Liddell Mathers, reformer of the Golden Dawn in 1892, claimed that he received the Order's four ascending Adeptus Grades degrees from the Gods whom he called "The Secret Chiefs." In a meeting with his fellow initiates, he described his encounters with the Gods:

"As to the Secret Chiefs of the Order...from whom I have received my wisdom of the Second Order...I can tell you NOTHING (emphasis original). I know not even their earthly names, and I have rarely seen them in their physical bodies...My encounters with them have shown me how difficult it is for a mortal, however advanced, to support their presence...the sensation was that of being in contact with so terrible a force that I can only compare it to the continued effect which is usually experienced by any person to whom the flash of lightning passes during a violent storm; coupled with a DIFFICULTY OF RESPIRATION SIMILAR TO THE HALF STRANGLING EFFECT PRODUCED BY THE ETHER. As tested as I have been in occult work, I cannot conceive a much less advanced Initiate being able to support such a strain, even for five minutes without death ensuing...the nervous prostration after each meeting being terrible and accompanied by cold sweats and bleeding from the nose, mouth, and ears."

This Divine Council of Twelve has for trillions of years been the Supreme Government of the Black Nation with God (the Judge) as it's King. Until 66 trillion years ago, the King and His Host ruled the Nation openly and publicly. God was then known among the people. 66 trillion years ago, however, God went into hiding. After a Great God tried to destroy the planet with high explosives, God, along with His Council, "went underground." No more were they to rule the Nation openly. Instead, they became a secret order and governed the Nation clandestinely.

This withdrawing of God is a pivotal aspect of many aboriginal traditions which teaches that at one time God was on earth but has since "gone away." E.O. James, in his History of Religion, notes:

"In all these widely separated groups (aboriginal tribes)…the Supreme Being…is thought to have existed before death came into the world, and having made Himself, He lived on the earth, could 'go anywhere and do anything.' After a time, for one reason or another, He retired to the seclusion of the sky where He has lived ever since as the Great Chief."

God and His Entourage were to stay in hiding for a pre-determined number of years and then reveal their identity to the masses once again. In ancient Egypt, as we have shown, the Creator was a Black Man named Atum which means "the Self-Created." He was said to have been assisted by a "paut" or Council of Gods called the Ali. After time, Atum and his Ali hid themselves from the people. Atum's name was changed to Amen which means "the Hidden." Dr. Albert Churchward, in Origin and Evolution of Religion, says:

"The word Amen…means 'what is hidden,' 'what is not seen,' 'what cannot be seen.' The hymns to Amen often state that he is 'HIDDEN TO HIS CHILDREN,' 'HIDDEN TO GODS AND MEN.'…In the Hymns to Amen-Ra he is adored as one and the same as Atum, which shows that Amen is a later name for Atum: AND HE IS REPRESENTED AS 'THE HIDDEN GOD' OF AMENTA, OR 'THE SECRET EARTH.'"

God and His Divine Council were said to have hidden themselves in a secret subterranean kingdom called variously Amenta, Shamballah, Shangri-La, and Agarthi. From this hidden kingdom, God and His Host directs the affairs and the future of nations and individuals.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Hate" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Isma'il Latif Umayya

Hate. Whatever it is that one claims they hate, say the hate, "hate." That only goes so far. Nothing can be made from it, although one might get tired and worn out because of it. Hate can be like jumping through a 0. You come out on the other side with nothing. Like a Jumprope or hope being controlled by your wrists and arched over your head to your feet where you jump to skip the rope around and around. It raises your heartrate and gets you exercise but it makes it very hard to move and if one does move one uses much more energy to travel like this. It is Impractical. Hate is real but it can't supercede Love.

Hate ultimately ends up dissing the hater cause hate proves that the hater of a thing is actually scared. Scared to confront or find what they Love. Love is the force or mother of emotion to produce movement and creation that is beneficial and usable by all.

Oft times people, many of us claim so hard how much we Love Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Farrakhan & others, yet only manifest what we don't like, or what we say we hate.

That's proof of a lack of love. The hate of white people did not produce an independent organization that was trading goods with Portugal and then ultimately with Chile under a Communist government when it was illegal for the US to do trade with them and not get into any trouble. It was Love for the people and love and obedience for Allah that built and produced that material wealth. Everything that was based on hate fell on it's face. Because it showed that it's focus was displaced.

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan like any artist could never play the violin the way he does. He is very good at that craft. He could if he chose compete and play among the larger world stage of classical violinists. Yet he's not an entertainer. And isn't it funny. It's his love of knowledge and music coupled with his ability that make him play so beautifully and it's his love for his self and people and nation that keep him from being a road show violinist.

All Love.

To be blunt. It's some played out Black denial crap we do with all the hate rhetoric. That's Nationalism going/gone overboard. It sounds like church, it's all charged and hyped but it's like fireworks. A few moments later no sound, no smoke, no smell, no remnant it ever blasted.

Screaming i ain't afraid of this or that doesnt prove that one is not afraid. And if so then ok. At least then it can be evaluated and mastered. At least that's honest.

In closing.

I'm no personality, and that's cool, but in a few "days" that will be played out too. In fact it's already played out. But sufficed to say… Hate is not going to get you through. It's not going to help you create. It's an acknowledgement of that which you know is no good for you or your people or a thing. That's fine. But it cannot super cede LOVE.

It's Love that created an organization that so many claim to love. That give so many a home, a voice even a "style" sometimes.

White people are still here doing them cause there's no "math" no substance to yet uproot them. That's because the people with knowledge will not activate in motion. He's tired himself but there is no apparent replacement.

A Muslim would be quick to say that if a brother is killing his people selling drugs and because of that has a knowledge of leadership and business that he needs something to equally replace his abilities or for him to provide for himself. In fact alot of people would use that analogy to not condemn somebody. Well apply it to the world around us. He ain't given nothing up that looks like he'll no longer be able to "survive."

Study and concentrate on what we Love. And really if we Love. It's foolish for us to go from unapologetically advocating other planets, life on other planets, interplanetary travel that breaks recorded speeds, high technology a diet of one meal a day or one every other, a life free of vices such as alcohol and drugs, a lifestyle that implores learning, mastering and teaching, a lifestyle rooted in civilized behaviour, education at the forefront, marriage and family as a science for reproducing productive scientific creative people, and so on only to read a paper a magazine, study that shows that these things are true and say "see" even the white man believes it. that's what the 85% is supposed to do.

We not in a race with that. This is ours to live and be an example and through the life and example create curiosity and inquiring minds in others to raise up civilization.

Don't let HATE make your Islam into what Hip Hop made the hip hopper. Don't let it and don't devalue it from being a "participatory" culture to a "spectator sport." It's Ours.

Love is the Message.

Peace, under