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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Hate" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Isma'il Latif Umayya

Hate. Whatever it is that one claims they hate, say the hate, "hate." That only goes so far. Nothing can be made from it, although one might get tired and worn out because of it. Hate can be like jumping through a 0. You come out on the other side with nothing. Like a Jumprope or hope being controlled by your wrists and arched over your head to your feet where you jump to skip the rope around and around. It raises your heartrate and gets you exercise but it makes it very hard to move and if one does move one uses much more energy to travel like this. It is Impractical. Hate is real but it can't supercede Love.

Hate ultimately ends up dissing the hater cause hate proves that the hater of a thing is actually scared. Scared to confront or find what they Love. Love is the force or mother of emotion to produce movement and creation that is beneficial and usable by all.

Oft times people, many of us claim so hard how much we Love Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Farrakhan & others, yet only manifest what we don't like, or what we say we hate.

That's proof of a lack of love. The hate of white people did not produce an independent organization that was trading goods with Portugal and then ultimately with Chile under a Communist government when it was illegal for the US to do trade with them and not get into any trouble. It was Love for the people and love and obedience for Allah that built and produced that material wealth. Everything that was based on hate fell on it's face. Because it showed that it's focus was displaced.

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan like any artist could never play the violin the way he does. He is very good at that craft. He could if he chose compete and play among the larger world stage of classical violinists. Yet he's not an entertainer. And isn't it funny. It's his love of knowledge and music coupled with his ability that make him play so beautifully and it's his love for his self and people and nation that keep him from being a road show violinist.

All Love.

To be blunt. It's some played out Black denial crap we do with all the hate rhetoric. That's Nationalism going/gone overboard. It sounds like church, it's all charged and hyped but it's like fireworks. A few moments later no sound, no smoke, no smell, no remnant it ever blasted.

Screaming i ain't afraid of this or that doesnt prove that one is not afraid. And if so then ok. At least then it can be evaluated and mastered. At least that's honest.

In closing.

I'm no personality, and that's cool, but in a few "days" that will be played out too. In fact it's already played out. But sufficed to say… Hate is not going to get you through. It's not going to help you create. It's an acknowledgement of that which you know is no good for you or your people or a thing. That's fine. But it cannot super cede LOVE.

It's Love that created an organization that so many claim to love. That give so many a home, a voice even a "style" sometimes.

White people are still here doing them cause there's no "math" no substance to yet uproot them. That's because the people with knowledge will not activate in motion. He's tired himself but there is no apparent replacement.

A Muslim would be quick to say that if a brother is killing his people selling drugs and because of that has a knowledge of leadership and business that he needs something to equally replace his abilities or for him to provide for himself. In fact alot of people would use that analogy to not condemn somebody. Well apply it to the world around us. He ain't given nothing up that looks like he'll no longer be able to "survive."

Study and concentrate on what we Love. And really if we Love. It's foolish for us to go from unapologetically advocating other planets, life on other planets, interplanetary travel that breaks recorded speeds, high technology a diet of one meal a day or one every other, a life free of vices such as alcohol and drugs, a lifestyle that implores learning, mastering and teaching, a lifestyle rooted in civilized behaviour, education at the forefront, marriage and family as a science for reproducing productive scientific creative people, and so on only to read a paper a magazine, study that shows that these things are true and say "see" even the white man believes it. that's what the 85% is supposed to do.

We not in a race with that. This is ours to live and be an example and through the life and example create curiosity and inquiring minds in others to raise up civilization.

Don't let HATE make your Islam into what Hip Hop made the hip hopper. Don't let it and don't devalue it from being a "participatory" culture to a "spectator sport." It's Ours.

Love is the Message.

Peace, under

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