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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Nephew and the Message" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

If a man showed up to your door one day to announce that your "father" who had raised you and taught you that had kidnapped your (biological) family, was a rapist, murderer, abuser, business man etc… HAD "EXPIRED!" (died).

And that man at your door say, said even though you didn't know him that He was in fact your real father's, brother's son. IE NEPHEW.

And he understood that in telling you that your "Father" (that raised you) had passed would leave a void of who you really were and what you should really do and out of His generosity left his "Aide" to teach you now what to do since your "ADOPTIVE FATHER" had EXPIRED it would be math…

Some would be so elated that they would jump and leave and not realize that they didn't know anything else but what their "Father" taught them, thus succumbing to "his" world and "his" "relatives" wisdom which had "died" with the father in "his world."

Some would get it. They'd listen to the nephews "Aide" and say "what?" he dead? His time is up? Say no more… and take the advice and instruction and begin to build…

Then there would be a remnant like the 1st group that would hold on to the same logic they had when their "father" was with them. That they can't do anything because of their (adoptive) "father." Thus using the same excuse the whole family had before they got the "good news." These people may repeat what the "Aide" told them and said, but they never internalized it.

They actually are keeping their (adoptive) "father" alive thus hindering their own relatives who moved out to build a world of their own. Even though they are family and have the same teacher.

So when one looks at the subtleties of the "AIDE" he said things like "mind your own business." This is not just some phrase meaning "stay outta mines." It also means do what fits you (best).

And other subtleties that HE taught knowing the reality of the stigma like: Get a group of "LIKE-MINDED" people together and "POOL YOUR RESOURCES."

Things like this would keep the factions from arguing and fighting over things because all parties really want the same thing.

That's why the "Nephew" left the "Aide."

So the people that only accept the "Aide" as a "Messenger" and refuse to accept and internalize the "Message" and "teaching" that HE set up, will fall into a strange place because it's like a car on ether or fumes.

It can only go so far because the "Gas" had "EXPIRED."

The problem 80 years ago is the same problem today

LACK OF: Identity & Culture. And Self-Imposed ILLITERACY (comprehension)

The ILLITERATE is always WAY TOO SOCIAL. If the ILLITERATE HAS CULTURE then the socializing is used to help gain employment or corner a trade associated with that "group." Like an ethnicity commonly known to be nurses or construction workers etc… The culture will allow them to have "ways" to survive based on diet, and family structure and such.

The ILLITERATE WITH IDENTITY typically will act out aggressively and react violently out of bitterness and anger.

So the AIDE bringing Culture and Identity made sure to teach the history of the adoptive "Father" figure so the relatives would recognize the behaviours not to argue but to avoid and turn away from, so they would not be distracted in building their own "new" world. Made out of their idea of who they are as a people.

He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing.

This is the mindstate of the person who refuses to believe that the "DEVIL" has "expired."

So he/her is self-imprisoned by following the "ETHER" or "FUMES" of something already burnt out thus falling with the very thing they are following.

So for 80 years all the people in that line from that "NEPHEW" no matter what method they use or curriculum they set in front of the family it's all about getting "THE FAMILY" to recognize and internalize that the (adoptive) "Father" is "EXPIRED."

Thus the Nephew tells the Aide.


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