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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's the Purpose of Education? by Maulud Sadiq Allah

What's the purpose of education?

Not the textbook answer that you could feed to the average adult who, like yourself, has been told the same lie for years. No. What's the answer you give your disinterested child that looks at you and your life and rather trade up for an entertainer that claims to be "Rich Forever." Or an entertainer who, while quickly going broke, still can be found on TV and in magazines.

Surely you don't feed them the college/good job mumbo jumbo.

Do you attempt to walk through the Study Guide about education with them? Are they extremely disinterested? Do you ask yourself why?

Perhaps the biggest problem with the "education" argument is the intended goal; to secure some degree of finance to be better able to buy things.

I know. We're beyond that. We're the Nation of Islam.

But it's quite evident how we view education as well.

If one were to take this board (or their local mosque or study group) and compiled the topics (on this board) or professions (of the mosque or study group), not only would you find a limited variety (of either topic or profession), you would find practically the exact same topics or professions from here (NYC) to there (LA)...and everywhere in between.

How is that proof that education as more than a means of employment hasn't took hold among us? Limited reality or limited interest are a result of limited education.

And it's not due to our Source Material.

If we didn't have Supreme Wisdom and were just to look at the realities brought forth by the Holy Qur-an; advancements in art architecture, astrology, botany, irrigation, medicine, the list is endless - one would have to ask what happened? (no one expected the Spanish Inquisition).

And we have Supreme Wisdom.

While outsiders tend to limit the info therein to merely theology, a Believer knows that issues of health, astronomy, complex math (many of the Problem Books solutions require at the least Calculus for their solution), history, physics, again, the list is endless.

So why is it that on a site dedicated to the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the level of discourse seldom rises beyond mere emotionalism and sensationalism?

I'd argue it's all in how we view education.

In a world that's full of wonder and surprises that can be found in something as small and "insignicant" as a threading needle (where does that come from? who realized thar using that would be a good way to bind fabric?) to as large as a 747 (I mean, come on...), we continue to focus on the surface of all things...

It's all in how we view education and it's purpose. As long as we have a limited view of the purpose of it, we continue to live limited lives; subject to those people who dare to imagine and think we taught them to - yes, we'll continue to be subjects to white folks...but that's not the conversation we're having, we'd rather call his language, in his clothes, using his technology to express our anger at him. As long as we continue this behaviour, we show daily who our God is...and it ain't Master Fard Muhammad (He makes all things New)...

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