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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Monday, January 26, 2009

Walter Wiliams Backs out of Debate

Walter Williams, author of the books, ’The Historical Origin of Christianity’ and ’The Historical Origin of Islam,’ has publically stated in his book and in interviews/lectures that Islam is a European religion manufactured in the 19th-20th century by Jews and Arabs collaborating. He claims that Muhammad never existed and that the Qur’an was written by Jews in the 19th century.

In December I sent brother Walter the following letter:

Wesley Muhammad, Ph.D.

Brother Walter Williams
C/O Maathian Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 377655
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Hotep Bro. Walter. I pray this letter finds you in the best of health and spirit. First, I must thank you for your willingness to put yourself out there, exposing yourself and your loved ones to ridicule and, God forbid, worse, for the sake of educating our grossly mis-educated people. Your effort and sacrifice does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Secondly, I was hoping I could interest you participating in a public discussion with me regarding “The Historical Origin of Islam”, the subject of your recent book and, incidentally, the area of my training. I think our community will benefit from seeing educated Black men able to dialogue together civilly, and benefit as well from the information we both can provide. I obviously take issue with a number of the conclusions you draw in your book, but I believe that the broader subject that you raise is an important one. The public dialogue could be in Chicago; I am willing and able to travel to accommodate you dear brother.

About me:

I am a Muslim in the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. I hold a doctorate in Islamic Studies from the University of Michigan. I am founder of the Truth of God Institute ( and publisher of I currently have two books in circulation: The Truth of God: The Bible, the Qur’an, and the Secret of the Black God; and The Book of God: An Encyclopedia of Proof that the Black Man is God.

Please think it over dear brother and give me a call so we can discuss this further and work out together the details of such an event.

Your Brother

Wesley Muhammad

(678) XXX-XXXX

Earlier this month Brother Walter called me and expressed willingness to discuss the subject with me publically if I secured a venue there in Chicago. I secured a venue, but Bro. Walter has now said he cannot discuss this subject with me at any time, telling me simply, "keep up the good work Bro. Muhammad." . This is unfortunate, but not terribly surprising. This Ghetto scholarship sustains itself by isolating itself from any critical examination. I am sure he wont discontinue teaching his imaginary history as the history of Islam, yet is unprepared to justify this imaginings publically with those trained in the said subjects. Bro. Walter Williams, like Pastor Gino Jennings, seems to have not expected to ’really’ be called on what he teaches.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I God or Islam?" by Understanding Allah


I come in the name of Understanding Allah, adding on in the humble state of righteousness; to strive to provide a clear picture that can be seen with insight 'as well as eyesight.'

Although I-Self as well as several others (much more qualified than I-Self) could write volumes on what you (Dumaka Shabazz) have stated and asked, I will strive to add some clarity through history & examples of something that is really quite fundamental. But (born universal truth), due to personal ideologies, personality worship, false idea of politics (which don’t mix with ISLAM), semantics (word games), emotional tirades (by those playing games), false death threats, lack of study and the improper application of Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets to the 120 Lessons.

The lack of advocating the 5% aspect in basic terms is 'each one teach one', or helping others, which is what made this Nation flourish and spread and so historically great in fulfilling a greater history and destiny in the resurrection of a once sleep now "dead" original man, woman & child.

Also due to a serious lack of knowledge regarding the Universal Flag of Islam and who the men are that are represented in the perspective Black "7", "Solid Yellow" (Waxing) Crescent moon and Black "Five-Pointed Star."

Not to mention an ever-looming internet (sub)culture of hearsay and "escapism" that has been gradually growing and effecting the street and the non-cyber "world" over approximately the last ten years and COLLECTIVE low sense of self-esteem (not really even believing, let alone knowing we are the Ruler’s of the Universe and the importance of our duty), unfortunately now appears to be a serious issue.

Now you ask the question?

DS: "Is that in the Mathematics or are you using another brother’s understanding of culture?"

I-God is a "play on words" per say and quite valid to the term ISLAM.

When we look at the term "I-GOD", we are looking at it from SUPREME MATHEMATICS. 1=9, God (the number/not the word)=7. So now, we have 9 & 7. I=Self and Self is God. (Who the Blackman really is but 85% of the population do not know it yet).

9(1)+ 7(God)=? = 16=>(1)Knowledge (6)Equality in Supreme Mathematics.

In Supreme Alphabets l = A.llah, 6 = F.ather.

Now we have the "Founder" of a Nation within a Nation who is also the "Understanding" in an ongoing process of spreading the truth of the original man throughout.

The 16th Letter in the Supreme Alphabet is "P" P = Power. This coincides with the Supreme Mathematics by using the Lesson WE CALL LIFE/1-40/L&F Muslim Lesson 2.

The 16th Degree asks the question by the teacher ... "Who is the 5% in the poor part of the Earth?" In the answer is the not only the definition of a group of people but also what the duty is that that group of people performs.

So a man who called his ownself ALLAH, which is in accord with taking on the good name of Allah or one of his good names as was taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. A man whom his students affectionately call(ed) "The Father" showed by doing. Allah is God. He proved it by doing the duty of the 5% (giving life to the dead) until the essence of life left his physical frame. That is played out in supreme mathematics. Allah did the duty of the 5%.

So you have 1. Allah (the) 6. Father which is 16, performing the duty of the 16th degree in the Lesson We Call Life (1-40) which borns God (1+6=7). So by doing what Allah did, you do what Allah does. Allah and Father = God.

This coincides with Master Fard Muhammad’s Father (Alfonso) and His own self resulting in the breaking of a 66 trillion year old family secret; by opening the circle back up to the public and ending the mystery of who God really is. Now that the circle is open and the group of people who are descendents of the people in that circle don’t know who we/they are (85%); due to losing the knowledge of our original self through a process; of rebellion, rebuilding into a tough nature and being robbed and all but destroyed by a "foreign" enemy which comes out of the lower (brown germ) that is a part of our ownselves.

A duty falls on all that now know the once secret or truth of who the Blackman really is. I. E. We don’t have the luxury that our God Family forefathers had of just pontificating on things amongst ourselves in a secret circle and being Gods. We have to "multi-task" for lack of better words, by not only "BEING GOD" BUT TEACHING the masses who do not know yet "WHO IS GOD."

So now the 5% Aspect or duty is paramount to being God. Yeah sure, you are god by nature, but what kind? By doing the duty of the 5% and being an original man, one is showing & proving who the all-wise & righteous God-ALLAH truly is. This is shown throughout the lessons.

This sets up an accurate historical account of who we are and what we do. Or else justice befalls us through the guise of a certain population of our own nation who do not yet know that they are part of the same nation. NOTE: See 1-40 degree 1, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20.

So, what does this have to do with the original question?

If I say to you that I myself am a "Lord and Master", I am clearly saying that I am a God, in layman's terms. So ISLAM (I Self Lord And Master) is the same as I-GOD.

And I-God being a culture? Let’s look at it.

If culture implicates to the Gods & Earths as "One’s way of Life." The WAY, which in the "Enlightener" we Say, "The Wisdom Is The Way." We, historically, as Almighty Allah taught his 5%er’s, was by Teaching the truth to those who do not know it. So if I do what Allah say (I know we got no leaders and followers in this nation, but I don’t have the luxury of playing word games with the dogmatic), if I profess to say I deal with what Allah taught then my WAY OF LIFE as ALLAH or MY WAY OF LIFE as Understanding Allah is to teach the truth Of the reality of whom the Blackman is which is the DUTY OF THE 5%. So my way of life or culture (if i am actually living up to what I profess) is by doing the duty of the 5%.

So! Through Supreme Mathematics now WE can show and prove that by being and doing the duty of the 5%; which is the 16th Degree, the (l) Knowledge (6) Equality degree in the 1-40/LFML2, WE can show that if we our indeed doing that (teaching the truth) then this is our culture.

So when I say the "Culture is I-God," I can show & prove that for the cause 1(9) Born add God(7) = 16, which is (16)POWER which is the "who" of the 5% and the duty of the 5% (16) Which is l. Allah 6. Father = 7. God. ISLAM (I Self Lord And Master) although not a numerical parallel to I-God is a literal Parallel in meaning. It is "SYNONYMOUS" which each other.

NOTE: Although the term ISLAM - I. S.elf L.ord A.nd M.aster was made popular by the Gods and Earths it was introduced circa 1942 by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (appx. 18yrs before a brother named Clarence joined Temple 7 in NYC and became registered as Clarence 13X). You can find it in an Introductory Lesson for the "Processing" brothers and sisters titled, "THE AIMS OF ISLAM." In this lesson it stated "...Islam is I Self Lord And Master ... " This lesson is still given to "Processing" brothers or sisters in the mosques of the NOI. However, it has been some time since the term as it was originally introduced has been commonly used in Temples and Mosques, but it is not out of circulation, some Mosques still give that lesson in that form to processing inductees.

Lastly, and I pardon for the length of this build, however, I could go on into book form on this subject (as it applies to the Gods & Earths). I would like to expound on the more recent "absence" and argument over the use of the word ISLAM regarding the 5% Nation/Nation of Gods and Earths.

In brief, the Holy Quran teach clearly that ISLAM is the Nature of Man, in which He/Her is created. ISLAM was here before Muhammad the Prophet (and all the prophets of the last six thousand years). That ISLAM is the very nature of ALLAH Himself, and is the Culture or METHOD that ALLAH makes Self KNOWN. In the ancient language of Arabic, ISLAM is not a religious term at all. In fact, the word for faith in Arabic is "IMAN!" IMAN-means in basic to believe. It is a noun. However, in Arabic, the word ISLAM is a verb. It is an action word. It is something that a "DOER" does. One cannot profess ISLAM, and sit down. One cannot only, fundamentally speaking, profess IMAN (faith) and sit down and pray and do nothing to change a condition(s).

When The NOI began to grow in the USA and when ALLAH came on the scene in 1964 (Harlem NY) not as a preacher or great orator or speaker, or holding meetings in vast venues with high numbers of people; he was in a small place to a small group of people for a small/short amount of time (5yrs), but teaching wherever he went, which shows that HE in himself was a prototype or FATHER of what we are to also be doing.

Like Master Fard Muhammad, this shows that knowledge and understanding is Alike, for the cause of the methods in reproducing people to carry out the missions like the ones who introduced them.

The Bible and Holy Quran both vouch that the righteous walk the earth in humility and the best of us is those of us who teach or help another in need or is blind, deaf, dumb. The act of DOING; that is ISLAM. Putting others ahead of yourself for the cause you see others as yourself. Remembering that they now like you too were once blind and out of that remembering is motivated to help them to help themselves to see! That’s that 5% aspect. Unfortunately, this essential and important aspect keeps getting put in the garbage "nowadays."

Many of us don’t want to be associated with the "OLD WORLD OF ISLAM" that even Prophet Muhammad saw going out, and we see the New Islam rising in the West as "STRANGE." We are that Islam. That was the fundamental teachings with the Gods and Earths in the street. In the ghettos of North America along the eastern seaboard you still see it. Even school children associate ISLAM with black people, not Arab culture. We are showing the world the way to the true root of what is in those books and history that they have been studying for the past 1400 + years. And the make up and design of the True Ruler, that the world is going to have to accept and digest whether they like it or not for the cause that’s how it is, cause WE are IT and WE and IT is the Truth.

I don’t have time to be trying to have a reverse productive dialog explaining all the things that I and/or WE "ARE NOT." That’s anti-Allah. Allah is the only reality, Allah is what IS. If I am ALLAH, that puts me above all other titles, so the world don’t know what to call it when the 85% see God. Even the dead in their own spirituality see it in man, but don’t know what to call it. That’s where humility comes in.

In teaching people, I don’t have the luxury to say I am Allah with a Brew in my hand (I ain’t advertising for no one) and then be less than Allah cause you find me in a mosque. Cause after having Knowledge of Self for 1/2 of my physical life I spend/spent much more time in Churches and Mosques as I ever did as a childhood Latin Catholic; Attending Funerals & Janazaa’s of my brothers and sisters pulled off the pages of the greatest horror story of any book read from violence in these streets; and an unnecessary senseless violence at the hands of one another.

So as Allah I have to be man enough to handle the title and humble enough to accept the role. Cause just cause someone don’t see me as Allah don’t make it any less true, and that go for all of us. But it take a level of humility that really comes from teaching, cause helping people in all types of conditions will keep one real humble and also will let one know that knowledge of self can really save someone’s life. And I am a grateful living proof of that. As Gods and Earths we got to wear all the hats. Warriors, Scholars, Teachers, Scientists ....

So my own experience at a younger age with many of the internet arguments that rage back and forth were never of great consequence. If someone asked me if I was a Muslim, I first had to see where or what angle the individual was coming from, or in what-context. Is it a brother from around my way? An Arab immigrant, a Christian African immigrant, a black Christian from America?...this list goes on.

So to make my point and not confuse someone I would, or might say, "something like that!" Now if they wanted me to expound then I can teach on the root meaning of ISLAM. If asked if I am a Christian, I’d say "Something like that!" If asked to expound I’d build on the cross, and how I’m at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal line of the Cross, striving to overcome the horizontal nature and rise into my nature which is the vertical. You know how we do! But Allah ain’t religious. The mission got to mean more than one’s own pride. And that’s something we just got to work on.

That’s what make us so unique, cause as a culture we go to the root of everything we see, hear and talk about. A retired school teacher from the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn NY, by the name of Dr. Lady Lyndeweh Yaqshaan, said that during her tenure as a NY public school teacher from 1969 to 1991, that regardless of behavior or marks, that the 5%ers were the most intelligent children in all of her classrooms. She said we just got to work this "weekend killing thing out." That’s a powerful statement. Cause that’s what we still are doing mentally and physically to each other. It’s imperative to look at self in saying that We are Allah, and Allah is righteous and Allah make Time. That the time we make is in the spreading of truth which proves us to be righteous, and outweighs all negativity. The time is what? Now! 14. Now or End. Knowledge the Culture to bring for the Power of the Percent that you Represent!

It’s imperative we deal with the fundamentals of what Allah gave us--not semantics. It takes a lot confidence to stand on the square and teach the truth. Don’t get distracted. Get self right and put the mission before yourself, cause that’s the one way to knock out a whole lot of the problems we suffer in our own lives; whether they be self inflicted or from others.

Damn! A man taught where he was. He didnt have to do that. He tried his peers. They dissed. So He went after the children. Where did that heart or desire or Idea that what he had with those lessons was so important that He had to continue teaching it? Where did that love come from? More on that later.

Thank you for your time.

Leaving as I came in the humble state of righteousness.

Understanding Allah

God Allah Why??? by Self Justice Allah


It is most unfortunate, that in this day and age being "god allah why" seems to be the "in" thing. The God Lord Jamar and I was just talking about how weak Gods are these days and that he and I wish we were back in days when cats was wearing "damaged" and "used" gear and he was just popping off with Brand Nubians...this fag talk would get your teeth knock the "F" out. Now it’s ok?

I’m from the ill time when we flipped Ansaar tables over in Now Why cause they printed a book called the "Book of the 5%ters." We beat the hell out of many people just for claiming the lessons even had misspellings let alone being wrong. How many cats got twisted out in front of the school for screw balling the Gods?

Whats up with cats being soft and portraying Gods as being homos? How easy it to change the voice on a video? But to put a gay grafted voice on it??? WOW. What’s up with these homo tendencies and reactions? I could hack everyone’s account on that group in less then 5 minutes and access every personal bank account and personal emails within 30 minutes but what would the point be? I wouldn’t waste my time doing that even though I could make money, so I damn sure wouldn’t be making a fag video of someone even if I thought they were one.

Whatever happened to the Gods and the Earths? Cats are consumed by the weakest things...Issues with the Allah Team? Man F the Allah Team, why aren’t Gods bugging the hell out when Gods is smacking Earths up? Why aren’t Gods bugging when Gods leave Earths with a crib full of seeds? Why aren’t Gods bugging when we see these damn devils exploiting our women and babies daily? Why isn’t your energy on some devils blogs blasting them? What’s up with the New York post printing every 5%ters name in it whenever a so-called God rapes or kills someone, where is the uproar???

You put all this energy in a few Gods doing their own thing....Man up and Build. Cats treat the word "Muslim" as the worst word in the English or Arabic language when the worst word in the English language should be "SLAVE" we see the impact of that word daily. It seems that if you use the terms 5%, each one teach one or save the babies its an evil thing, a foreign thing but if you use every cuss word in the book its peace??? Look how dudes jump with applause because someone called some Gods cock suckers? That’s what we big up these days?

Look, bottom line, step in my cipher trying to add on with a fag name even in jest you won’t walk out with that fag attribute WORD IS BOND. I don’t know how you build but that playing gay mess is straight trash...I don’t know why Earths didn’t jump on that mess fast. They probably out working or in school while weak gods typing fag post and making homo videos. But then again they seem to be playing the role of Gods these days anyway because the Gods...well look at them.

I’m sure most you dudes will react just like some uncivilized wisdoms but that’s to be expected and my response to that is shut up and build, not just on here go save some damn babies.

Self Justice Allah!

Peace to the Gods and the Earths

"Word Is Bond" by Self Justice Allah

Word Is Bond

by Self Justice Allah

Have you not learned that your word shall be Bond regardless of whom or what?

ANS. – Yes. My word is Bond and Bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail.

This Question as well as Answer is very important. It puts us in the position that what we say or do is a direct reflection of the Oath we took within ourselves to dedicate our Lives to teaching the Truth of Allah to the Lost People here in the Wilderness of North America. Now when we hear the term "Word is Bond" we think of it as just a saying.

Reason being that it has been and has continued to be used in a slang manner. When the Righteous study this Degree carefully we see that it does not say " Have you not learned when you SAY {word is bond} your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what" therefore there is not a need to SAY it, but there is a need to LIVE it. So when we act unlike ourselves we are breaking our Word, when we turn a Truth Seeker away we are breaking our Word. Our Bond is who we are. The Messenger of Allah elaborates:

"Be Yourself." What is our ownself? He answers that "Your ownself is a righteous Muslim, born of the Tribe of Shabazz".

Now the actions of the Righteous is something that is done consciously or non-consciously, meaning If the things you do in public whether someone is looking or not is that of Righteousness, your Word is being manifested. We are in a society strengthened by the ignorance of the so-called Negro in America, the desire to live right is so distant from the mind of the masses, that the thoughts of doing a good deed these days brings about mental pain to some. We have been trained for years to Seek and Destroy ourselves to the point that no matter what we say or do we appear to be Weak to our Women and our Children. We attempt to lie to ourselves and our Families saying "This is it, there is nothing out there for us" oh but there is dear family. We were blessed with the Power of Allah to Walk, Talk and Live MATHEMATICS. When we do, we start seeing how Mathematics is applied by measuring or weighing the situations that we come across, then produce an answer that allows you to be successful. Man must realize that his Word is a direct reflection of Him being God. Every single thing we do and say (wisdom) is our Lives on the line. The fact that we know that God is man forces us to use our Brain to teach and train the private soldier (body) is our Bond. The Messenger of Allah shows this in Message To The Black Man:

"God is a man and we just cannot make Him other than man, lest we make him an inferior one; for man's intelligence has no equal in other than man. His wisdom is infinite; capable of accomplishing anything that his brain can conceive."

We have made an Oath to ourselves to help save the Babies in this Lost Wilderness, I ask you, is it saving Babies when we stick that needle in our own children’s brain by living completely opposite of God? Why must we lie to our children about the things they need to know? Why must we harm ourselves by infesting Our minds with mental Pork (lies, trick- knowledge) and repeatedly poison our bodies with the Hog and other things that Allah said would wither our bodies into non- existence? I will tell you why, Our brains have been sleep for so long that when we hear the truth our minds fool us into believing that the Truth is to far fetched to be true. In some cases those of us who accept the teachings of Allah fall victim to the very thing or things that we teach to stay away from.

Brothers and Sisters our Word is based upon our Duties and Actions, which allows us to interact with one another, our Word is the Breath of Life (truth) that Allah blew in us.

When we receive the Proper Education and spread it to the Needy our Word becomes Bond within us; the collective forces of the total population of the Original People keeps that Bond that our Word manifested.


Self Justice Allah

Allah Team

New Jerusalem

"Master Fard Muhammad: Prophet or God?" by Dr. True Islam

Master Fard Muhammad: Prophet or God?

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about Master Fard Muhammad, whether he was God or simply a prophet. As is known, in the Nation of Islam it is taught that he is God, the Supreme Being of the Universe. Others, such as certain members of the Nation of Gods and Earths (though certainly not all), teach that he is not God: he is a ‘prophet’ who simply brought the knowledge of God to the wilderness of North America. This latter claim is based largely on the fact that in some early literature, such as Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 1 (1-40), Master Fard Muhammad is referred to as ‘Prophet, W.D. Fard.’ The argument is that he originally identified himself as Prophet, but the Hon. Elijah Muhammad later (mis)understood him to be God. The claim is that Master Fard Muhammad never called himself God. If he did call himself God, of course, then those who deny that he is God yet hold on to the material that he brought (i.e. the Lessons) are in a bind. They must count Master Fard Muhammad a liar or ignorant of his own self. Either way, one could surely not maintain any allegiance to the Lessons which, after all, are the record of exchanges between him and his student the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, both of whom would have taught that Fard is God. So the question is, Did Master Fard Muhammad himself claim to be God? Why is he called a ‘prophet’ in the Lessons? This excerpt from my upcoming book, The Book of God (Revised Edition) answers these questions. I offer it simply as a contribution to the discussion.

(Excerpt From True Islam’s forthcoming The Book of God [Revised Edition]: An Encyclopedia of Proof the Black Man is God)

14.6. Prophet or God?

The Apostle Paul makes an important claim about the Son of Man (Christ Jesus) in Phil. 2:6-8:

Who, being in the Form of God,
Did not regard equality with God as something to be exploited
He emptied himself (or: He made himself nothing)
Taking on the form of a servant
Becoming as (ordinary) human beings are;
And being in every way like a human being,
He was humbler yet,
Even to accepting death, death on a cross.

In this passage we learn of the coming Son of Man’s kenosis (self-humbling). The verb kenoo means metaphorically to “deprive” or “make of no effect.” Christ being in the “form of God,” morphe theos means both that he was born with a glorious divine body and that he was born with the very nature of God himself (1). Yet, he deprived himself of these, or, better, he “made them of no effect.” That is to say he did not exploit this divine form and nature. He instead assumed the appearance and condition of a normal human being, allowing himself to serve and suffer. Habakkuk 3:4 therefore prophesizes that God, when he comes from Arabia at his advent, will “veil” or “conceal” his power. He will appear to all as a simple human; a lowly human because he will serve and he will suffer, though having the very nature of God he did not have to do either.

It is in this context that we must understand Master Fard Muhammad’s statement, recalled by one who heard his very first addresses in Detroit: “My name is W.D. Fard and I came from the Holy City of Mecca. More about myself I will not tell you yet, for the time has not yet come. I am your brother. You have not yet seen me in my royal robes.”(2) The “royal robes” are clearly metaphor for his glorious divine form and status.

Thus in the Lessons as well as in the editions of the Allah Temple of Islam’s early newspaper, The Final Call to Islam, Fard is referred to by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad as a Prophet, not God. He came among the Black community in Detroit humbly, not as God; as a servant (silk-peddler). Some have understood these early descriptions of Fard as ‘Prophet’ to indicate that he was not therefore God. The claim is that he never called himself God. He called himself prophet, but Elijah unilaterally exalted him to “God-status” after Fard left. This is incorrect.

Firstly, Master Fard Muhammad never called himself “prophet”; he called Himself God. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad told Hatim Sahib in 1951:

"He did not teach us that he (Master Fard Muhammad) was a prophet. We used to call him a prophet. I made the followers call him prophet because I (did) not know exactly what name to give him. No one called him prophet before me. First, I thought we should call him Master; later I thought we should call him prophet, and later I told them that he (is) neither of either one; I said that we should call him the ‘Almighty God”…He (Fard) came to Chicago and delivered a speech in which he said, “I am God himself,” and I looked at him and he looked at me when he said so…He did not say that “I am a prophet,” but he said that “‘I am the one who comes in the last day.”(3)

It is thus inappropriate to seize these early characterizations of Fard as ‘prophet’ as the final word. The author of this characterization, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, admits to only ‘trying it out’ as he was searching for the right terminology. When Master Fard Muhammad and his secretary Ugan Ali first visited Elijah at his home in the fall of 1931, according to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, “(Fard) said that he was Mahadiah and that he was Allah who everyone expected to come two thousand years after Christ who was crucified at Jerusalem.”(4) It is thus Master Fard Muhammad himself who is the source of his characterization as “God.”

Fard’s divinity as a Black man was apparently part of the teaching at that first Temple on Hastings Street. Robert Harris, after sacrificing his roommate Josef Smith on a make-shift altar in his home on November 21, 1932, claimed that he was ordered to do so by the “Gods of Islam,” by which he is believed to have meant Master Fard Muhammad (who wrote about “sacrificing four devils” in his book, Secret Rituals of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam) and Ugan Ali. Thus, when the detectives (Oscar) Berry and (Charles) Snyder entered the Temple on November 22, 1932 to arrest the two of them, Ali, Fard’s right-hand man at the time, was at the podium proclaiming himself “God of the Asiatics.”(5)

It was not just to ‘gullible Negroes’ that Master Fard Muhammad revealed his divine identity to. At the First Precinct police station Fard told detectives Berry and Snyder that ‘he was the supreme being on Earth.”(6) He told Dr. David Clark, psychiatrist at the Detroit Receiving Hospital who observed and diagnosed him for five days, that he was the Supreme Being on Earth. (7) Fard’s claim to divinity was published in not only in the Detroit papers, but in the Chicago papers as well. (8) These reports are likely the basis of the claim made by Brother Yussuf Muhammad, one of the early followers of Fard, that

"When the police asked him who he was, he said: ‘I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.’ He told those police more about himself than he would ever tell us."(9)

It was thus Master Fard Muhammad who was the source of the claim that he is God, and Elijah Muhammad who first claimed he was prophet, not the other way around. But the Hon. Elijah Muhammad clearly did not mean to deny Fard’s divinity by calling him by names such as ‘prophet’ or ‘master.’ These were the terms of honor that the would-be preacher was most familiar with. He tried them out in his presentation of Master Fard Muhammad to the people, then abandoned the first, knowing all along it did not adequately define Who He Was. We know for a fact that calling Fard ‘prophet’ did not mean for Elijah that Fard was not God. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad tells us that during that time “I used to go to my clothscloset (sic) and pray to Fard who brought us the truth that I was longing to hear.”(10) The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is here admitting to praying to Master Fard Muhammad as God, even while calling him ‘prophet.’

Not only did the Hon. Elijah Muhammad originate the early practice of calling the God a ‘prophet,’ it was he, not the Hon. Louis Farrakhan, who first thanked Allah for sending Master Fard Muhammad to us. He said to Hatim Sahib in 1951:

"Mr. W.D. Fard taught us what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. That was a great lesson to us. We all today pray and are thankful to Allah for sending him."(11)

He thanked Allah for sending Mr. W.D. Fard even though Mr. W.D. Farad was, according to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, “Allah himself incarnated.”(12) These are no contradictions. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was displaying profound theological insight. In the Hebrew Torah, God Himself appears at time icognito. Instead of coming in his glorious, divine body he comes in a normal human form called mal’ak Yahweh, often translated “the Angel of the Lord.” But we now know that this mal’ak Yahweh is no ‘angel’ but is God himself in an unrecognized human form. The term mal’ak means literally ‘ambassador’ or ‘sent one/messenger.’ Thus in these biblical narratives (e.g. Gen. 16; Judges 6) God himself appears to people as a “sent one” looking like a normal human.(13) Who “sends” God in these biblical contexts? The Council of the Gods (Elohim). Who do we thank for sending Master Fard Muhammad? Allah, i.e. the Council of the Gods. This biblical tradition of the God coming among humans as an unrecognized, ordinary human described as a ‘sent one’ sent by the Divine Council exactly parallels Master Fard Muhammad’s (God’s) coming among us as an unrecognized ordinary human being and referred to as a ‘sent one’ or prophet sent by the Divine Council.

As the apostle Paul in the Philippians passage noted with regard to the coming Son of Man or Christ Jesus: he will humble himself and suffer, not because he has to, but because he doesn’t have to. That he would suffer on our behalf when he did not have to demonstrates his Godhood. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad noted as well:

"Mr. Fard Muhammad (God in Person) chose to suffer three and one-half years to show his love for his people who have suffered over three hundred years at the hands of a people who by nature are evil, wicked, and have no good in them.
He was persecuted, sent to jail in 1932…He submitted himself with all humbleness to his persecutors. Each time he was arrested, he sent for me that I may see and learn the price of Truth for us (the so-called Negroes)."(14)


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20. What are the prescribed laws of Islam to the said person of that ability?


Master Fard Muhammad asked the question and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad answered it. Allah had revealed it to his 5%.

20. What are the prescribed laws of Islam to the said person of that ability?
Ans. That the civilized is held responsible for the uncivilized and must be punished by the NATION OF ISLAM.

Prescribed means:
1. To set down as a rule or guide; enjoin.
2. To order the use of (a medicine or other treatment).
3. To establish rules, laws, or directions.
4. To order a medicine or other treatment.
5. Law

Law means:
1. A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.
2. The body of rules and principles governing the affairs of a community and enforced by an authority
3. The condition of social order and justice created by adherence to such a system

Islam means:
1. Peace
2. Mathematics
3. Righteousness
4. The Culture of I-God
5. Love, Peace & Happiness

The prescribed laws of Islam was given to the Lost Found Nation in the Wilderness of North America with the coming of Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. He came from the 24 scientists in Mecca over to North America by himself to return the Black Man "back to civilization." He accomplished this by teaching his Uncle the knowledge of himself and his true culture Islam. He taught that Islam was the highest system of Mathematics. Allah (Clarence 13X) would give it to his Five Percenters and call it "Supreme Mathematics."

When Fard asked the question "What is the meaning of Civilization?", his prize student Elijah Muhammad answered and said the 1st five principles of civilization was (1) Knowledge (2) Wisdom (3) Understanding (4) Culture and (5) Refinement. In order for one to be amongst the NATION OF ISLAM they must have these 5 principles to be considered civilized. After one has mastered that lesson he is now amongst the civilized and is accepted into the NATION OF ISLAM.

The NATION OF ISLAM is a culture (way of life). It is based upon a system of supreme mathematics that hold every person accountable for their duty. That duty is to share what you know with those who do not know. Or in other words, the 5% (Civilized) must teach the 85% (Uncivilized savages). If a person does not perform his duty then he will be punished by the NATION OF ISLAM. It is the NATION OF ISLAM (this includes Allah & his 5%) that are the gatekeepers to civilization. For we are the only ones who are truly civilized. It also means that every said person of that ability with the knowledge must impose this law at all times.

Allah gave his 5% the first five degrees of civilization in the Supreme Mathematics to put us on the road to civilization. Although he did this outside the confines of the Temple, he did his job no less. When confronted by FOI at a Universal Parliament as to what he was doing, it has been reported that Allah said with confidence, "I'm civilizing savages!" He then pointed to a juvenile who was released from jail for an alleged homicide, he pointed to another kid that had a drug problem and to another that was a juvenile delinquent. The FOI had no choice but to acknowledge that Allah was living out the duty of a civilized man.

Allah stayed with his 5% to be a guide to bring us into civilization. He had an awesome task of trying to keep the young brothers and sisters on the path of civilization. As the Nation grew, Allah had created a post of Supreme Investigator. This is a post that Master Fard Muhammad had created for each group of Muslims (that included 40 or more). Allah made an Elder by the name of Rajab the Investigator to help his 5% stay on the right path.

Wakeel Allah



In my book "In the Name of Allah" I included actual FBI file excerpts from their Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) against Allah and the Five Percenters. I did this purposely.

In 1965, the FEDS started to monitor Allah and his Five Percenters very closely. The majority of their efforts toward the "nuetralizing" of Allah and the Five Percenters are not available to the public.

Needless to say, I’m no grand advocater of conspiracies, but beyond a shadow of doubt, COINTELPRO still exist today.


Not only is the Five Percenters on their as a movement, but certain people with potential or influence inside the movement are likely targets.

There is no doubt about this.

For those that know me or who were there, know I was arrested because I was a target of theirs. I was detained and interviewed by the Joint Terrorist Task Force, the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a local Police force and a Gang Unit all in a 24 hour span.

A lot more could be said that I won’t go into here.

But I’m saying that to say, I know how real it is firsthand. I know what they are capable of doing and what they told me they could do and would do.

Now why am I revealing this? Because we are all targets, that includes the Allah School, the Sun of Man paper, the Five Percenter paper, the Allah Team, the Universal Truth, Original Thought, and key brothers on the net (especially if you have websites) and I must add all 5% authors. Also if you are very active with the regions and organizing the NGE...chances are you are on that list too. Some may be more targeted then others..but nevertheless.

Now there might be more on this list, or I could have it wrong..I’m just thinking how they would think. I’m not saying any one on this list is an "agent", But I’m saying we are all targets of the agents.

Now, everything is real, the enemy can try to "flip" you. And you better believe some in all Black organizations are PAID agents that exist amongst us. Now, having the knowledge of the Devils (10%) efforts against us...You have to avoid the "traps" that they set for you to fall in.

Brothers and Sisters, understand that we are being watched. Beware of rumors and propaganda. Be on the lookout for those who promote disunity, distrust and murder. Be on the lookout for all "aggressors." Study Yakub’s history until you have it down to a science on how the enemy operates.

The Devil is extremely wise. Understand what part you play in his overall plan when you are slandering, backbiting, causing suspicion, or trying to incite the righteous to fight and kill one another.

I am secure and know that Allah is the God and nothing happens except by his permission or what he allows to happen. Allah plans and the devil plans and Allah is the best of all planners.

Try to encourage unity between all of your brothers (regardless of their philosophy or religious differences). Judge them on whether or not they are being righteous.

Study Parts 1 & 2 of the COINTELPRO program and realize it is still in effect. Don’t contribute towards it.

You say you are God..then learn to love your Brothers.

More is to be revealed on this subject...but be always on the alert. Let’s be intelligent in all of our dealings.

Your Brother in Islam,
Wakeel Allah

"Self-Styled Wisdom" by Wakeel Allah

Peace Gods and Earths,

I want to broach the subject of what we in the 5% Nation call "Self-Styled Wisdom."

Many brothers and sisters who are new to the cipher now-a-days might have never heard this term as it appears to be minimalized with the recent efforts to streamline or make the 5% into an Organization.

And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but when you advocate a collective organization you do to some extent sacrifice individuality (especially in the case of the 5% who prided themselves as being individuals and not part of a monolithic society).

"Self-Styled Wisdom" can be loosely defined as the guaranteed right of "Freedom of Expression" as it exists within the CULTURE of the Five Percenters. In other words the person has a right to share his or her understanding as they see fit from their own unique perspective and it would be respected as such.

The basic criterion for "Self-Styled Wisdom" as it related to the 5% was your ability to stay consistent within the realm of Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets and 120 Lessons.

Or the other less traveled alternative was to be able to justify your wisdom (ways and actions) through different "sciences" of life that were apparently outside of "120". (Needless to say the majority of the time it caused an unusual level of waywardness). Other times, some good might have come out of it (but it was rare).

Self-Styled Wisdom means that an individual has the right to wisdom in accordance to their understanding of the knowledge. So you can manifest yourself differently from other individuals is the point and even more important your brother and sister would have a high level of respect for your build because it was recognized by the Gods and Earths that everyone had a right to their "understanding." And in fact, it was openly promoted and taught that an individual’s understanding is the "best part."

I said all the above to say...I noticed that the principle of "Self-Styled Wisdom" appears to be on its deathbed. This beautiful principle that Allah set forth is under threat and very unpopular in today’s cipher.

Dogma has threatened to take the place of "Self-Styled Wisdom" and the God given right (pun intended) an individual has to express themselves in the cipher is unpopular unless they are parroting the "status quo" (even if the status quo is based upon myth, hearsay, false knowledge, etc.).

Picture Galileo in front of the Catholic church pitching his hypothesis that the Earth rotates around the sun as well as his other scientific discoveries. Then picture unlearned ones and the unlearned wanting to crucify him because he dare challenges the status quo. Then picture the learned ones who knew better but remained silent, or even yet attempted to persuade the unlearned ones that Galileo was the "enemy" of the church or better yet "God". This the learned (10%) would do because Galileo threatened their rule over the status quo because they sat as the gatekeepers of the lie and had the most to benefit from it.

There used to be a saying in the 5% Nation "We are all intelligent people." In other words, we have the greatest thing one can have and that is a "mind." And you can gain to learn Knowledge from all individuals...even the babies.

Self-Styled Wisdom. I once read in "Message to the Black Man" that Allah is "the wisdom of all civilizations." We all have something to contribute to the cipher and everyone ought to respect that.

Another thing that cause me to write this build is because I don’t think it’s right that people can’t communicate what they think or believe out of fear of being "persecuted." So they have to keep their true thoughts "private" because it won’t be accepted by the 85% or the 10% although what they are advocating is consistent with the God Given truth in Allah’s vast Universe.

You shouldn’t have to confess to righteous things in private and not be able to share these righteous things publicly. But many feel we have created this kind of environment and I actually agree and really I sympathize with many of these individuals who live in a cage and can’t freely express themselves. Because all of them are very good people.

It’s going to take everybody to break these shackles. Start showing your brothers and sisters respect for what they have to say. Don’t go around saying "You can’t teach that." Listen to what the person has to say and show respect for their understanding. You might learn from it.

Everybody has to do their part in the process. We can get there and we can do it.

Does anyone see the need to have or keep the concept of "Self-Styled Wisdom?"

There might be some who say "Wait a minute Wakeel, that’s not true, we all have the right to freely express ourselves and no one wont be persecuted!" If you feel this way...chances might be the status quo.

Me, True Islam and another God were just building and True mentioned "the silent majority." What is the silent majority? We didn’t actually build on the definition but I draw it up as the majority of brothers and sisters who remain silent in the midst of a vocal minority they disagree with. Usually they are silent from fear of consequences. I have ran across many brothers and sisters who are like this.

"Self-Styled Wisdom."

All praises are due to the Father Allah for bringing this concept to the cipher.

Gods/Earths should feel free to manifest themselves in their own way.
Not that it won’t be contested, but you should have the freedom to present it. And the Free and Dumb should analyze it and process it accordingly to Allah’s mathematics or the Supreme Islam.

Or here is another saying we have "You can accept it, or reject it, but don’t disrespect it."


Tell us.... by Lord King Saviour Allah

37. Tell us what the devil teaches the eighty five percent? That the God is a RIGHTEOUS and UNSEEN Being-exists everywhere?

Ans.-Allah is the God in the Earth and in the heavens above, and is Just and True, and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM. But is not UNSEEN. IS SEEN and is Heard everywhere, for He is the ALL-EYE-SEEING.


Allah is SEEN as an ALL RIGHTEOUS BEING. Can one see Allah smoking, drinking, steeling, cheating, deceiving, dirty, lying, womanizing, being more in tuned with his X chromosome, i.e. homosexuality? Emphatically Now Cipher. The devil teaches the 85% that God can do all of these things because He created the world. That God did create a world that was world by an unrighteous standard. Making the Righteous God go into hiding for that 6000 year time period. After that time that God, Yakub, would no longer be able to rule the world. The Righteous God would then come out of hiding and destroy Yakub’s world.

When a so-called god smokes, drinks, deals with porn, etc, he makes himself a mystery because there is not a rational or logical person that could put that type of image as righteous and call that God. That person would be called a mystery God. You would be a mystery to yourself and the people and would be invisible. No one would pay any attention to you that would want some good or positivity in your life. As a matter of fact you would be calling negativity into your realm. That is what negative eating, drinking, thinking, and action would bring into existence.

Its when you neglect that type of behavior that you become SEEN AND HEARD everywhere and there is NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in YOU. You are JUST and TRUE because you are opposite of this world and are a part of a world that was a mystery for 6000 years. Understand God to give Justice.


Lord King Saviour Allah

"Then why did God make Devil?" by Lord King Saviour Allah


38. Then why did God make devil?

Ans.- To show forth His Power, that He is ALL WISE AND RIGHTEOUS. That He could make a devil, which is weak and wicked, and give the devil power to rule the Earth for six thousand years and, then, destroy the devil in one day without falling a victim to the devil’s civilization. Otherwise to show and prove that Allah is the God. Always has been and always will be.

Once the devil is destroyed within one’s self, which means one is internally clean. Once you are internally clean then you would only be externally clean. You eat right, think right, act right, and can only be right. This can only be done by not falling victim to the devil’s civilization. We know and understand the meaning of civilization is one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement, and is not savage, in the pursuit of happiness.

What is the devil’s civilization? Weak knowledge, weak wisdom, weak understanding. A grafted culture, refined by unruliness or without order, who is savage, in the pursuit of drug and alcohol infested, homosexuality, lack of responsibility, excuse making, unable to produce anything that would be solution based, continuing the problem in order to profit off a people and extend His (the devil) time in this world.

You have to first get rid of this type of thinking and life style and destroy that which is the weaker side of self and ultimately, consistently, and constantly think positive and on a higher level. The devil would no longer exist. You will be found always being responsible, a problem solver, high moral character, i.e. being God. When one is doing that then you are showing forth your power that you have created something ill in yourself and that you can destroy that in one day without falling victim to that which is in error. So that you are able to do that in others. Creating and establishing a RIGHTEOUS kingdom for all of society to look up to and live in.

"Attributes" by Wakeel Allah


An attribute is a righteous name one chooses for their self or is given by another righteous person. Some Gods and Earths are religious about not using the term "attribute" because they associate it with "Muslims." Some might just call it your "righteous name." Either way it’s the same thing.

When I came up in the 5% Nation of Islam, we really didn’t choose our own names. This was reserved to be done by the brothers who were already in the God Cipher. In my day, your name was "given" to you and it came complete with a hand written manifestation. After you memorized the manifestation you were able to "add on" to the manifestation after you became confident in your lessons. Ironically, I didn’t receive my name this way. I got my name in the middle of a beef the Gods had with some cats while we was "out of town." I was never given a manifestation to my name. I actually wore this name for a hot second without even knowing the "breakdown" to it. I quickly researched it and lucky for me it was one of the 99 attributes of Allah and it already had it’s own "breakdown" in the "book of names." It was a real simple definition, nothing like the "breakdowns" that was handwritten by the Gods. I received it later.

In any case, as far as I’m concerned, I feel when you are seeking an attribute to find you an "Original" name in the original language. I personally don’t advocate to choose an "English name". Or at a minimum, I think you should have at least an original name in addition to the "English name." And by "English" I mean any name found in the English language (that includes the Supreme Alphabets) such as "Master" "Power" "Righteous" etc.

So I say either have a full original name or do "half and half" (and Allah on the end of your name doesn’t count in that "half and half" equation.

But again, this is just my recommendation. Because God one day won’t be using the English language. You will be given back your own language spoken by the original people.

Wakeel Allah

"Enlightener" by Wakeel Allah


Here is a small FAQ in regards to young brothers/sisters who are searching for Enlighteners to get down with Allah's Five Percent.

One, you should make sure you have read some articles or books written on the subject of the Five Percenters.

If not, I strongly suggest for starters you read:

Message to the Black Man by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad
How to Eat to Live by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad
In the Name of Allah by Wakeel Allah

Also be extremely careful and wise when choosing an "enlightener". If you are young (or even older for that matter), selecting the wrong enlightener could ruin your life. Selecting the right one could improve your life.

You have the power in selecting an "Enlightener." Just don’t select any person. Be extremely wise in your selection and in this day and time, it’s not a bad thing to be your own enlightener until you are comfortable in finding one who suits the example of a 5% you would like to be. If you follow the course of this teaching as outlined to the 5% by eating the right foods (books, materials, information) then you really can’t go wrong.

The first thing you should focus on is staying true to your moral stance. Focus on the morals first...then everything else will fall in place from there.

But make sure you "vet" (interview) your Enlightener.

Let me give you an example.

When I was at Morehouse College, we had a lot of college students out getting knowledge of self. Mostly they were getting knowledge of self from other college students that were qualified to be their Enlighteners.

But then we had some college students who started selecting Enlighteners who weren’t in school, weren’t progressive, on drugs, and even drug dealing in some instances.

So my question to them would be "Why in the hell would you select somebody like that to be your enlightener when obviously you are on two different paths?" So my response would be to someone like that "Well, you are in school and your major is such and such, so why don’t you build with this positive God over here that’s in the same school with you and has the same major and is qualified to be an Enlightener?"

So what do you think happened to some of the college students that preferred to be taught by brothers on a different path than them? We don’t even need to ask because we already know what happened...their lives went in the wrong direction.

You have to be extra careful of the company that you keep.

Now the above is also the same in vice versa.


A-Team Table Talks: Queen Mother Dora Speaks! (The Father's Wife) by Wakeel Allah


Below is a tiny excerpt from the Allah Team Table Talks Series Books and DVDs.
This is from a book tentatively titled:

"Queen Mother Dora 3X Smith: A History of a Black Community Matriarch and Wife of the Late Hon. Clarence 13X Smith (Allah), The Founding Father of the Five Percenters."

This small passage is from a somewhat informal DVD interview conducted in Allah’s family home. This particular passage features Queen Mother Dora (Father’s wife), Shamel Allah (Father’s Grandson) and Wakeel Allah.

Listen as Queen Mother Dora sets the record straight about her husband (Allah) being allegedly kicked out of the mosque due to domestic violence.


Wakeel Allah: And I think another thing I think we need to clear up is that one of the rumors was—is that He got expelled because of domestic fights between you two. So can you comment or clear that up?

Queen Mother Dora: [laughs] No! Now you know!

Wakeel Allah: I think it was important that we clear that one up. [laughs]

Shamel Allah: It makes me laugh. That was a good one! That sounds like a Hot 97 one right there!

Queen Mother Dora: I tell you. He was something else. He didn’t believe in fighting with women. My husband? No. He’d say, “That ain’t what you do. You don’t be fighting with no women.” You know, like the men used to be beat up the women then...

Shamel Allah: Granddaddy would beat they ass outside when he’d see them.

Queen Mother Dora: He’d catch them if he could and whoop they butt.

Wakeel Allah: Is that right?

Queen Mother Dora: Yeah!

(end of excerpt)

Stay tuned...more will be revealed.

New DVD and Book coming soon....


The Quran (History) of the 5% Nation (The Harlem Six) by Wakeel Allah


I think it’s most important to mention the Harlem 6 whenever mentioning the beginning of the Five Percent Nation.

In the beginning of my research, I was perplexed about not knowing how the Harlem 6 fit into the picture. That used to be a mystery to me. Because history tells us that the Harlem 6 preceeded the First 9 Born, yet the First 9 Born get the credit as being the first and I sort of understand why today. There didn’t appear to be that much history you could find on the Harlem 6. I first heard about them from Old Man Niheem from Medina who came to rest with us in Allah’s Garden many years back. Yet, it was the Harlem 6 that appeared to be the missing pieces of the puzzle so to speak (as far as the known comprehensive history of Allah’s 5% known to the public). I tried to do it justice in "In the Name of Allah." But you could really write on those brothers all day.

In researching it, one could see how the Harlem 6 prepared the way for the rest of the youth in Harlem to accept Islam. They are really unsung heroes as it stands. I still don’t believe that they get their just due. Those were some bad brothers!

The Harlem Six
1.Robert Rice (Robert X, Malik) 17
2.Wallace Baker (Wallace X, Walik) 19
3.William Craig (Amin, Eye God) 17
4.Daniel Hamm (Latif) 18
5.Walter Thomas (Jahad) 18
6.Ronald Felder (Rahim) 18

It was revealed to me that the Harlem Six main influences were Min. Malcolm X, Bro. Yami, Bro. Oscar X, Bro. Armando X and Bro. Sonny X. These men were doing the most teaching in the community amongst the youth at the time. Malcolm wasn’t teaching them hand-to-hand so to speak but he was their major influence.

129th Street in Mecca was the "strong hole" where many of the children went to get "the knowledge" from the Brothers from the Harlem 6. Our firstborn Earth Omala was one of the main sisters who supported the cause of the Harlem 6 and she attended many of the court hearings. Firstborn Earth Queen Omala is the truth! I call her "Firstborn" but some refer to her as "Secondborn" because she was the 2nd Earth in the Nation. Firstborn Prince was her God. But Firstborn Prince was the 3rd God that Allah taught, yet we call him "Firstborn" not "Thirdborn" so that’s why I call Queen Omala "Firstborn Earth" because there were a few other Firstborn Earths in the same manner there were other "Firstborn" Gods. So that’s my reasoning..but anyway getting back to the story.

At this time the youth in Mecca were starting to embrace Islam. Everybody was attempting to get "knowledge of self" but very few had the keys to the knowledge. The Harlem 6 shared what they got from the brothers who were teaching them. The Brothers were giving them some good information but the focus was on the militant part of the NOI teachings. A special emphasis was being placed on the martial arts and guerilla warfare. In fact, some of the baddest brothers you don’t even hear their names mentioned in the history today. Some of their names are "best kept secrets" because of everything that went down back in the day. But needless to say they were very fierce teachers and very fierce students and they didn’t take any sh*t from the white man.

The Harlem 6 had many proteges. One of their closest proteges was a young brother named "Butchie" (who we know as the 1st Born Prince today). Then you had "June Bug" (that’s First Born Niheem or Bishme Allah), and you had "Black Mack" (That’s first born Black Messiah).

And what happened was eventually the Harlem 6 all took "righteous names". They all got their names from the Holy Quran which was the thing to do at that time. Some of the first first borns eventually did the same. Some actually had their muslim names before they met the Father.

However, at the time, Bro. Oscar X was part of another crew that wasn’t teaching the Harlem 6. That was Allah the Father who was out the mosque but he was still going by the name of "Bro. Clarence 13X" and/or "Puddin." It was also "Bro. John 37X", "4 Cipher Akbar", "Bro. Robert" (that’s Rasul or Hebekah) and many many others...way too many to name here.

Anyhow, to make a long story short the Harlem 6 all got "busted." They went to jail. While they were in jail, lo and behold, the Firstborns would meet "Bro. Clarence" in the "Hole". "Karriem" heard Bro. Clarence say he was "Allah." Of course Karriem was already familiar with the term Allah because he already thought he was a "muslim." So he challenged the Father (so to speak). And Allah pulled out a degree from Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 2...and then he broke down the science behind his "favorite wine." This convinced Karriem because he had no idea what Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2 was and "Bro. Clarence" could run those lessons and make your head spin. So Messiah didn’t need to use his "meat cleaver" after all. (Like I said, they were very serious about their Islam in those days). Oh, there was another brother there named "Joey" (we know him as 1st Born Salaam).

Okay, now, Karriem and Salaam, "took it back to the lab." By this time the Father went and got his young protege "Bro. Robert" and sometimes they called him "Bro. Eugene" (same person as Hebekah). He said, "I got some other young brothers I think you ought to meet." So there they were... "Bro. Clarence", Bro. Eugene, Mack, Junebug, Joey and Butchie. Thus the Father started teaching his "Firstborns". Now the Firstborns had a little crew of trainers. The Father brought a couple along with him...One was Bro. Willie 16X who "had big eyes and smiled all the time but was as lethal as the deadliest rattlesnake." He also had Bro. Abdellah and Bro. Ahmad, both martial art experts. And you better believe that the Father was nice with his martial arts. And I can’t forget Abu Shahid. So the Father and crew started training the Firstborns. (I think it was only around 6 firstborns at the time, and another crew of other brothers, some made the list, some didn’t.)

But check this out...some of the firstborns went to jail...and who did they see? Some of their big brothers from the Harlem 6! They said, "We got the lessons!" We got them remember Bro. Clarence? You know "Puddin"? Well, he’s Allah." He gave it to us. They then started teaching the brothers who taught them. And that is how the Harlem 6 came into the fold under "Allah’s 5%." When Allah was arrested in May of 1965, he taught some of the Harlem 6 in the "Bullpen."

All praises are due to ALLAH.

Sorry about the long build, but I always think context is a good thing. It gives us better insight into how things unfolded.

Any mistakes that appear in any of the history above, charge it to the mind and not to the heart. I’m typing from my memory as revealed to me by the brothers who were there.

Thank you to all the Great Gods and "Moons", who sacrificed much in order that we can stand on their shoulders today. Thanks to all the righteous people who made it possible.

Be righteous!

I’m sure more will be revealed.

Love, Peace and Happiness,
Wakeel *7)

"Soldiers to Statesmen? Another Look at Israel's Assault on Gaza" by Ashahed M. Muhammad

Soldiers to Statesmen? Another Look at Israel’s Assault on Gaza
By Ashahed M. Muhammad

Gaza is under attack from the land and sea while Israeli troops and tanks prepare for what appears to be a ground incursion. At the time of this writing, the fourth day of Israeli assault codenamed “Operation Cast Lead” has begun. Worldwide in places like Iran, Australia, Lebanon thousands are protesting and in London thousands marched on the Israeli embassy there.

Much has happened very quickly and for some, a little background may be needed.

In Gaza, there was already a shortage of medical supplies due to 18-month old Israeli and U.S. backed embargo (sanctions) which immediately followed the Democratic elections on January 25, 2006, in which the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas won 76 seats of the 132-seat Palestinian Legislative Council. Israel and the Bush Administration did not like the results of the election—which by all accounts was considered by international observers to be free and fair—and therefore, decided to initiate a blockade in hopes of weakening the resolve of the Palestinian people, and punishing those who voted for Hamas. Hamas was not even given the chance to establish rule in the territory that they were elected to govern. From day one, they were challenged internally and externally.

Even though there was a lack of food, medicine, electricity, clean water and other basic elements of daily living, the Palestinian people continued to resist, thwarting efforts to destabilize the elected Hamas-led government and failing to cause its overthrow. Keep in mind, there were already severe restrictions on travel for the Palestinians. Many Palestinian women lose their babies or die themselves waiting to cross into areas where they can obtain medical treatment.

The Annapolis conference in November of 2007 consisting of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, GWB (Guns, War and Bloodshed a.k.a George W. Bush) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was largely seen as a failure, and as stated earlier, the travel restrictions and sanctions failed to achieve the desired effect. It appears as if the green light has been given to use lethal force in an all out tactical assault aimed at completely eliminating the Palestinian people. At the time of this writing, 350 Palestinians have been killed and 1,500 have been wounded. Now, with hundreds already killed, thousands injured, days filled with F-16 air strikes and nights with machine gunfire from Apache military helicopters, the world blames the victims of violence for the violence.

There are many differing viewpoints and a volatile mixture of ideas and attitudes in this region characterized by unpredictability and conflict since Israel’s creation in 1948.

There is a very small parcel of land with 1.5 million people living on top of each other in small homes. It is nearly impossible to avoid civilian deaths if firing missiles from the air. While former Mossad agent, current Israeli Foreign Minister, and prospective Israeli Prime Minister Tzipi Livni insists that only “military” locations are being targeted as she makes the media rounds as leader of Israel’s public relations offensive, the death toll continues to rise.

According to eyewitness Sharon Lock of the International Solidarity Movement, children were on the way home from school when bombing began and they were terrified. Many children watched their friends being wounded by the “targeted strikes” of the Israeli Defense Force. Ms. Lock said even the “best equipped” hospitals in Gaza were already suffering as a result of the Israeli blockade and therefore, unable to even take care of the day to day sick. Now, as hundreds are being killed and injured, an already terrible humanitarian crisis has instantly become worse, while the world watches.

But do they really know what they are watching? Do you? If you are relying on the corporate controlled media machine to deliver the truth then it is safe to say that you are still searching for it.

There are several free options if you would like to get more balanced coverage in your elusive search for the truth. One option is to go to and download the application. After downloading, you will be able to watch English language Al-Jazeera, or listen to BBC and other stations to get a more balanced view of the realties in Gaza and the Israeli massacre. Additionally, you can check PressTV, which is based in Tehran at and watch it live. You also can go to which provides feeds from many news channels across the Middle East. The left-leaning DemocracyNow! is always a good option at Remarkably, even Israeli based news found at the Jerusalem Post or Ha’aretz Daily websites are unable to bury the truth of the devastation and chaos caused by the air strikes.

While listening to Al-Jazeera, I heard Franklin Lamb of the group Americans for a Just Peace in the Middle East and he said that Israeli Defense Forces vs. whatever resistance that could be mounted by the Palestinians were like a “pea-shooter versus a howitzer” in this “conflict.” He and others have accused Israel of being in violation of International Law, and until they are brought to the bar of justice, they say, no peace can be expected. Collective punishment of any nation can be considered a War Crime. Failing to provide healthcare, food and water, not just during wartime, but in general can be considered a War Crime.

A very important historical reference for readers who are interested is the The Sharpeville Massacre in March of 1960. When we look back on this Israeli aggression, you will see that many of the elements are the same, it remains to be seen if the resulting action will be the same.

In my forthcoming book “The Black Principle: Prepare to Rule” I have written a chapter titled “From Soldiers to Statesmen.” I mention this for the following reason. Over the next few days, you will hear an oft-repeated mantra that the members of Hamas are “thugs”, “killers” and “terrorists.” I don’t personally know any members of Hamas, but here are some important facts to consider: the African National Congress (ANC) was once considered a terrorist group. It’s most famous and recognized leader, Nelson Mandela is considered a humanitarian and one of the most admired and revered men on the planet. He was jailed for 28 years by the wicked Apartheid government in South Africa as a result of his leadership in what they considered a “terrorist” organization.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization was considered a terrorist organization, then one day in September of 1993, we witnessed the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat standing on the front lawn of the White House shaking hands with then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin under the watchful eye of then U.S. President Bill Clinton. Shortly thereafter, in 1994, Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize along with Rabin and Shimon Peres who was at that time Israel’s Foreign Minister. On Nov. 4 1995, Mr. Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, a right-wing Jewish settler. Mr. Peres is currently Israel’s President.

In fact, many of Israel’s key figures such as Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak all killed many in service to their nation.

Ironically, Haganah, a Jewish paramilitary organization operating in what was at the time, the British Mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948, became the core of the Israel Defense Forces. It is considered by many to be a terrorist group. Lehi, also known as the Stern Gang, was an armed underground Zionist group with the goal of forcibly evicting the British authorities from Palestine with the future goal of allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state. This group carried out many assassinations and covert operations. David Ben-Gurion, the architect of the Jewish State of Israel was called "The Armed Prophet."

Many key government officials—statesmen if you will—started out as solders and were designated by those who wanted to remain in power as “terrorists.”

In your leisure, look into the various aspects of the history of The Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein.
In this situation, is a “soldiers to statesmen” transformation possible?

As I bring this particular writing to a close, and as the almost inevitable Israeli ground campaign begins, ask yourself the following questions: Was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas aware of these plans, or just powerless to stop Israel from using their weapons of war to kill Palestinian people? Does the aggression have anything to do with the political aspirations of Tzipi Livni?

Remember, in the cause is the solution, and when analyzing the reasons why decisions are made, who stands to benefit the most by the outcome?

(Ashahed M. Muhammad is the Executive Director of the Truth Establishment Institute and the Assistant Editor of The Final Call Newspaper. He maintains a blog at

"Who's Going to Take the Weight?" by Understanding Allah


The following was a 6 page follow up article with greater detail into the life of the sister and the case itself that printed a month after the incident. First I would like to add on a little something... I kept/keep that article in my book of life cover that has other fallen G’s n E’s that I have known and some I have not. It is a reminder and a motivation to our duty.

Also is... I would like to add, when i first got life and for some years, i would often here the words brotherhood and family. I still hear them, but i’m speaking on a common basis.

There is a serious need for those that have maintained or witnessed, or fought for strong family life within the 5% cipher to advocate strong family life. No organization in the black community is really making any head way to day due to our moral view and our lack of family life. The repetative display or portrayal in video and print and audio of our broken relationships produces a negative tatoo if you will, on the mind. Because this shows no solution, so the mind continues to acknowledge problems and identifies with problems and becomes or continues to be problem "orientated." We sell this off to each other as "reporting" or "just reporting." BUT if there is no clean glass well then how would anyone even have a goal to strive for. This of course is a predominant Black issue. We cannot/do not help one another, so white men is scoopin’ our queens, or they seek comfort in one another, the colored man/woman is adopting our babies and we watch the parade go by with tears in our eyes.

A 5% Community is what many of us came up in to a degree. Many today view this teaching soley as an individualized/istic lifestyle of "do whatever." Older (sometimes brothers the same physical degree but perhaps a degree highter of wisdom) Gods used to say heads fall off when we stop coming around one another.

The civilized is held responsible. I’ll stop there. One must define "civilized" and "responsible" that is an acknowledgement of who the powerful people are. Those that are responsible are those that "can" do. Those of said ability. We that know better cannot continuously allow the caricature of a nostalgic, decadent, rebellious idea as to who we are continue to be the rule rather than the exception. Good must rise like cream and those that know should add on to good. God does not expose the vice. He did not care about the poor part. Now that is referring to that which God makes. We must take responsibility as MAKERS and OWNERS of our situations, realities and destinies. Many times and much of the preservation of the poor part comes from not having "made" anything. The non making creating produces frustration in the mind and we lash out in a negative fashion. Thus the birth of the "hater." The maker is never the hater. Cause he/her too busy adding on to and protecting that which he/her OWN.

We expose the virtue and through that it covers the vice until we over come that. We must contuously advocate that God is a righteous being that is seen and heard everywhere. This is shown through our love and that love is seen by our works. Helping people is helping self. And that is the true mantra of the 5% as the Father brought it to the youth.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught Malcolm X and others in a specific manner on teaching ISLAM in such a densely populated urban area as New York. He taught Malcolm to find out what the needs of the people are and then go out and meet those needs for the people. Malcolm taught that hardcore during his life, and Allah the Father’s testament in just coming out of the Temple and his willingness to go among his own peers and the youth in an attempt to find out their needs and strive to meet them and to teach them how to do the same and meet their own needs and the needs of others is a statement of work of Quranic proportions from a Social Work standpoint.

The 5%ers in definition of the 16th degree in the 1-40 is true social workers. For the 5% know the true identity and not this displayed caricature of the community in which they serve. Now the key word there is "serve." Allah provided a service all 5% provide a service to those in need to those who lack. This is shown some clarity in the 1-36 and the 1-40 because you have this population of Black People (5%) who is Allah yet they "serve" a population (85%) that is Allah too yet know it not yet. That shows a beautiful humanitarian connection to life. And it makes me think of The Holy Qu’ran which states to Worship/Serve Allah as if you see Him and as if He Sees you. This is how The Gods and Earths show and prove the Oneness of Allah as being Indivisible in the Holy Quran to the entire world.

To the 5%. Keep on the job and do not discourage and continue to find the best manner to use the best of knowledge and the best of wisdom for the best of solutions. To those that didn’t know there is a duty attached. Study the heart and see if this is what the heart is built for. Think, reflect and then do.

If We Are Weak
Get Strong
Get Right
Not Wrong

Leaving as I came with the science of civilization.

Understanding Allah, In The Name of Allah (article below)

FallingWhen Naomi Gaines threw her babies into the river, we were shocked. The truth is, her impulse isn’t all that rare.
Beth Hawkins
Published on August 27, 2003

"Unity" by Wakeel Allah

Peace and Love to the Universal Family,

I was just reading through one of the threads and I saw several comments which alluded to mutual respect between individuals who historically have different perspectives as it relates to SOME (definitely not the majority) of the 5% teachings. And the truth is the different perspectives (and we all have them) are small compared to the perspectives and interests we all have in common.

The greatest interest the majority have in common is "The Black Man is God."

Now, you often see the commonalities shared by these most INTELLIGENT MINDS when the "Builders Build." It is the distracting personal attacks that always prevent the Builders from Building with one another. Some is done through SPORT and PLAY. I dare say this too, it is often due to RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL divisiveness.

B.U.T., there is a way to overcome this kind of divisiveness of the NEGATIVE COMMITTEE.

First things first, you have to create an atmosphere which is conducive to positivity.

And there is an effective way to do that. The Father spelled it out perfectly when he gave us the 8th universal principle in mathematics which is to BUILD or DESTROY.

The commandment of BUILD OR DESTROY is rather simple:

BUILD is to ADD ON to POSITIVITY, DESTROY is to take away or SUBTRACT ALL negativity within the cipher.

The science of Build or Destroy is required of all Civilized people. If you review the 17th through the 20th degree you will see the individual and group dynamic of the Build or Destroy concept.

Allah (the Father) had done something that was GENIUS in theory, yet difficult to apply in reality. He attempted to deemphasize RELIGION (ie. dogmatism, prejudice, narrow mindedness, polytheism, ritual worship, symbol over substance, zero tolerance, etc) and emphasized CIVILIZATION (morality, ethics, non-biased, fairness, freedom, justice, equality, virtues, principles and RESPECT).

Quick sidetrack but still on topic: When I first got my Supreme Alphabets and read the 18th degree and it stated "a rule is a guide which the Black Man uses to keep everything right and exact." That always stuck out in my head and I knew it was truth.

"Civil" denotes "Law"....."Civilized" denotes "Law Abiding"... Mathematics is A if not THE Universal Law...

But the difference here is that one can use Mathematics for Good, or one can use Mathematics for Evil.

So we say "the prescribed laws of ISLAM"...because ISLAM (as we understand it) is the highest manifestation of Mathematics and is MATHEMATICS used for GOOD.

Now, it would almost be impossible to find an intelligent, righteous, civilized person among our people who would not DESIRE unity of the BLACK MAN. That is if they are serious and sincere.

You have many who come amongst us for SPORT and PLAY and they take this culture lightly and they disrespect it from a moral perspective and they demonstrate their disrespect through extreme immoral behavior (wisdom, or should we say lack thereof).

But the beautiful thing about CIVILIZATION VS RELIGION is that civilization is very mathematical and it could care less about your religious claim, it’s interest is to give you time to "see what you are going to do".

So in civilization you are judged on your "ways, speech and actions."

And then your ways are measured by ALLAH according to the "prescribed laws of Islam to the said person of that ability."

And if it doesn’t measure up...there is severe punishment to be meted out by the NATION OF ISLAM.(as in the righteous Black Nation, including Gods and Earths).

And if your way is the way of ALLAH then there should be a reward (peace and happiness).

But herein lies the problem.....


And that’s why Allah (as in the Father) used to always promote one of his most favorite degrees to all he came in contact with and that degree was "Have you heard that your word shall be bond regardless to whom or what?" And the answer is a very serious one, so serious that the individual in his response has to put his life on the line through an oath and covenant with Allah. And I’ll let the scientist figure out who Allah is in that degree. clue: it has multiple meanings and levels.

But I’m long winded so let me get back to the premise....

And that is we should have a unity between the brothers and sisters regardless of different perspectives.

If we are to be at odds with each other, let it be over an ethical or moral issue as outlined by Civilized people....not any religious bickering.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t "debate" or what have you...There is a saying in Islam that we are to "argue in the best of manners."

The best way would be to implement Supreme Mathematics (meaning the inherent righteous principles in it such as respect, etc.)

So I commend the brothers/sisters who can hold righteous and respectable discussions with their brothers/sisters who may have different perspectives.

So I applaud all who will do the right thing regardless to whom or what.


Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series (Coming Soon) by Dr. True Islam

Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series (Coming Soon)

Truth of God Institute Presents

Master Fard Muhammad and the Truth of God

Unit I of

The Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series

The Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series is a series of intensive two-day seminars held in various cities across the US and Canada designed to (1) make available to participants the empirical evidence supporting the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and (2) provide substantive knowledge and critical resources enabling participants to intelligently discuss and empirically defend the covered aspects of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series is dedicated to empowering through education Muslim followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, regardless of affiliation. Through a combination of Powerpoint presentations, directed discussion, and study tools, the Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series seeks to strengthen confidence in the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and help participants develop a language whereby this confidence may be conveyed in an informed manner. The first unit of this series, Master Fard Muhammad and the Truth of God, will treat the following subjects:

1.] The Bible and Point #12 (Is God a man or a spirit?)
2.] The Qur’an, the Sunna, and Point #12 (Did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teach true Islam?)
3.] Master Fard Muhammad: White Convict? Indian Buddhist?
4.] God Eternal? The Self-Created Black God
5.] God, One or Many? Understanding the Twenty Four Scientists

The Supreme Wisdom Seminar Series is for serious seekers of knowledge only. This is an intensive seminar that requires commitment to study on the part of the participant if the participant will gain maximum possible benefit from the seminar. Successful completion of the seminar should enable participants to:

1.] Discuss the Truth of God from the perspective of the Bible in its original Hebrew and Greek context and show its congruence with the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
2.] Discuss with imams, shaykhs and lay Muslims the Truth of God from the perspective of the Qur’an, the Sunna, and the Classical Arabic Islamic intellectual tradition and demonstrate that Point #12 is not ‘un-Islamic’.
3.] Intelligently, non-dogmatically discuss the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teaching on the Self-Created Black God and demonstrate its congruence with ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Islamic tradition.
4.] Intelligently, non-dogmatically discuss the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s teaching on the Twenty-Four Scientists and demonstrate its congruence with the monotheism of the Biblical/Islamic traditions.
5.] Demonstrate that the popular claim that Master Fard Muhammad is a white, drug-convicted felon (Wallace Dodd Ford) or the new claim that he was an Indian Buddhist is totally unfounded and wrong.

Fees include:

1.) A pre-seminar Self-Study packet which includes scholarly articles (to be read prior to attending the seminar), study guides to assist in the reading of the scholarly articles, and a glossary of technical terms which will both facilitate an easier read of the articles and will help develop the lingua franca necessary to discuss the Truth of God clearly and effectively during the seminar.
2.) The shipping and handling cost to ship the Self-Study packet to the participants at least a month prior to the seminar begins.
3.) A detailed, user-friendly study guide synthesizing the material presented at the seminar (given out during the seminar), putting this material at the ready finger tips of the participants.
4.) Two (2) days of Power-Point lectures and directed discussion.

Fees do not include food or lodging.



8-9 AM: Registration
9-9:30 AM: Welcome
9:30-10:45 AM: The Bible and Point #12
10:45-11 AM: Break
11-1 PM: The Qur’an, the Sunnah and Point #12
1-1:45 PM: Break for Lunch
1:45-3:15 PM: Master Fard Muhammad
3:15-3:30 PM: Break
3:30-4:45 PM: Discussion
4:45 PM: Close


2-4:30 PM: The Self-Created Black God
4:30-4:45 PM: Break
4:45-6:00 PM: Understanding The Twenty-Four Scientists
6-7:30 PM: Discussion

Why register for this seminar? Dr. Wesley Muhammad, founder, director, and chief scholar of TGI has recently explained,

“For the last 18 years of my life I have intensely studied this teaching (of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad) academically. All of the degrees that I have acquired from academic institutions (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) I did so only in the course of this study. By Allah's Grace the time, commitment and sacrifice has paid off: we can now absolutely vindicate the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. My training in Biblical Hebrew and Classical Arabic has enabled me to demonstrate convincingly that the God of the Bible, Quran and Sunna is indeed a man. We have demonstrated that Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's description of the self-creation of the Black God from an atom hidden in darkness agrees with the Truth of God as found in the Indic Rg Veda and other Sanskrit texts, the Pyramid and other Kemitc texts, as well the ancient Cuneiform tablets of Sumer/Akkad.

In April, 2007 I spoke at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. The subject of my presentation was: “The Black Man is God: Truth or Lie?” As I pulled up to the lecture hall I noticed one of the organizers of the event outside 'fishing,' inviting passers-bye to the presentation. One such 'fishing' encounter caught my attention so I held back and watched it from a short distance. It was a sister whom I will later learn was a Spelman student and she was not at all impressed and even less interested in attending the presentation. But the brother insisted, and she continually resisted. This sister was simply not interested in hearing some 'True Islam' speak about the Black Man being God, and she made this clear. But for some reason the brother was relentless. After several minutes of this tug-of-war the sister finally conceded and entered the auditorium, no doubt to get the brother off of her back and with the intension of staying for ten minutes and then leaving. I ended up speaking about two and half hours with another 30 minutes Q&A. The sister stayed the entire time. In fact, she was one of the first to raise her hand once I opened it up for Q&A. This sister prefaced her first question with these words: "Peace brother. I believe everything that you have said is the truth. Can you tell me…" I said to myself after she stated this: "Word? Everything?" I just spent two hours presenting a Powerpoint slide-show on God the Creator being a Black man who died and whose birth, death, and resurrection is allegorized in the New Testament story of Jesus the Christ. It was amazing to me that this sister who was so turned off by the flyer and insistent on not hearing the presentation at all, would openly confess the Truth of the Black God! Anyone who has had the AUC (Atlanta University Center) experience knows that Spelman sisters in general are the most unlikely converts to the Truth of the Black God!

Why do I share this story? For some time after that Atlanta presentation that sister and her words resonated with me until it dawned on me: we are living in a day wherein we not only have the Truth of God – we've had that for over seventy years now – but we have also the PROOF of the Truth of God such that even the most skeptical and resistant can be made to see. Not that this sister was the first in my 17 years of teaching to be persuaded. Allah has blessed me to bring many to Islam and the Truth of God. Everyone who knows me and my work knows that for seventeen years now I have been debating and successfully defending this Truth, not just in street ciphers and fireside chats but in classrooms and auditoriums with professors, scholars, imams, preachers, etc. But this sister in Atlanta suggests to me that a new day is upon us. In those past discussions and debates the most resistant persons, while recognizing their inability to defeat the arguments presented to them, yet refused to allow themselves to be personally persuaded by the irrefutable arguments. But today, our level of understanding of the Truth of God and the evidences now available to demonstrate its correctness is such that 'knees bow and tongues confess.'

I thus decided to formally train as many who are interested in the science of the Truth of God. Truth of God Institute (TGI) will offer several short term and extended courses designed to expand one's knowledge and understanding of the Truth of God by exposing students to the full range of scientific, scriptural, literary, and historical evidences supporting the Truth of God as first revealed on these shores by Master Fard Muhammad/the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The extended, advanced courses are designed to train intellectual warriors –Truth of God scholars – preparing them to be able to go into any Synagogue, Church, or Masjid and discuss the Truth of God with the rabbi, pastor, and imam from a position of superior knowledge. I am convinced that today is the day the Truth of God will prevail in all arguments. This is not just academic. The state of Black America is a tragic witness of how desperately needed is the Truth of God in the Black community. I am convinced that we, collectively and individually, cannot do life right until we first get God right.”

For more on Dr. Wesley Muhammad see and

Who is God? Interview with Dr. True Islam on Knowledge4Life Blog Radio

Who is God? Interview on Knowledge4Life Blog Radio

Knowledge for LIFE has invited you to the event 'Interview w/ Dr Wesley Muhammad - True Islam' on Believer's Only Community Forum! We interview the prolific author Dr Wesley Muhammad - True Islam on his powerful and informative books, lectures and the truth of why GOD is Black.

Time: December 28, 2009 from 8pm to 9:30pmLocation: By: Knowledge for LIFE

Event Description:
We interview the prolific author Dr Wesley Muhammad - True Islam on his powerful and informative books, lectures and the Black GOD. Log on to this Sunday, the 28th, at 8:00pm est and Call-in at (646) 478-0513.

Dr. Wesley Muhammad endured Nine (9) difficult, exhausting, and painful years to fulfill all of the requirements necessary to earn a doctorate from the University of Michigan. He earned the Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, the second ranked universities, out of 142 publicly ranked institutions (colleges included) in the United States, in a highly specialized field such as Islamic Studies (which is a five language discipline). He successfully completed the requirements for the Masters Degree and received it with honors (2002).

Don't miss this interview, learn the truth behind the written Hebrew Name of God, is the true mystery in speaking the name of God or something deeper. Why are all the true images of God, Madonna and the Christ Child Black, What did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mean when he said the 'Black man is the Original Man' and more, much more.