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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Who's Going to Take the Weight?" by Understanding Allah


The following was a 6 page follow up article with greater detail into the life of the sister and the case itself that printed a month after the incident. First I would like to add on a little something... I kept/keep that article in my book of life cover that has other fallen G’s n E’s that I have known and some I have not. It is a reminder and a motivation to our duty.

Also is... I would like to add, when i first got life and for some years, i would often here the words brotherhood and family. I still hear them, but i’m speaking on a common basis.

There is a serious need for those that have maintained or witnessed, or fought for strong family life within the 5% cipher to advocate strong family life. No organization in the black community is really making any head way to day due to our moral view and our lack of family life. The repetative display or portrayal in video and print and audio of our broken relationships produces a negative tatoo if you will, on the mind. Because this shows no solution, so the mind continues to acknowledge problems and identifies with problems and becomes or continues to be problem "orientated." We sell this off to each other as "reporting" or "just reporting." BUT if there is no clean glass well then how would anyone even have a goal to strive for. This of course is a predominant Black issue. We cannot/do not help one another, so white men is scoopin’ our queens, or they seek comfort in one another, the colored man/woman is adopting our babies and we watch the parade go by with tears in our eyes.

A 5% Community is what many of us came up in to a degree. Many today view this teaching soley as an individualized/istic lifestyle of "do whatever." Older (sometimes brothers the same physical degree but perhaps a degree highter of wisdom) Gods used to say heads fall off when we stop coming around one another.

The civilized is held responsible. I’ll stop there. One must define "civilized" and "responsible" that is an acknowledgement of who the powerful people are. Those that are responsible are those that "can" do. Those of said ability. We that know better cannot continuously allow the caricature of a nostalgic, decadent, rebellious idea as to who we are continue to be the rule rather than the exception. Good must rise like cream and those that know should add on to good. God does not expose the vice. He did not care about the poor part. Now that is referring to that which God makes. We must take responsibility as MAKERS and OWNERS of our situations, realities and destinies. Many times and much of the preservation of the poor part comes from not having "made" anything. The non making creating produces frustration in the mind and we lash out in a negative fashion. Thus the birth of the "hater." The maker is never the hater. Cause he/her too busy adding on to and protecting that which he/her OWN.

We expose the virtue and through that it covers the vice until we over come that. We must contuously advocate that God is a righteous being that is seen and heard everywhere. This is shown through our love and that love is seen by our works. Helping people is helping self. And that is the true mantra of the 5% as the Father brought it to the youth.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught Malcolm X and others in a specific manner on teaching ISLAM in such a densely populated urban area as New York. He taught Malcolm to find out what the needs of the people are and then go out and meet those needs for the people. Malcolm taught that hardcore during his life, and Allah the Father’s testament in just coming out of the Temple and his willingness to go among his own peers and the youth in an attempt to find out their needs and strive to meet them and to teach them how to do the same and meet their own needs and the needs of others is a statement of work of Quranic proportions from a Social Work standpoint.

The 5%ers in definition of the 16th degree in the 1-40 is true social workers. For the 5% know the true identity and not this displayed caricature of the community in which they serve. Now the key word there is "serve." Allah provided a service all 5% provide a service to those in need to those who lack. This is shown some clarity in the 1-36 and the 1-40 because you have this population of Black People (5%) who is Allah yet they "serve" a population (85%) that is Allah too yet know it not yet. That shows a beautiful humanitarian connection to life. And it makes me think of The Holy Qu’ran which states to Worship/Serve Allah as if you see Him and as if He Sees you. This is how The Gods and Earths show and prove the Oneness of Allah as being Indivisible in the Holy Quran to the entire world.

To the 5%. Keep on the job and do not discourage and continue to find the best manner to use the best of knowledge and the best of wisdom for the best of solutions. To those that didn’t know there is a duty attached. Study the heart and see if this is what the heart is built for. Think, reflect and then do.

If We Are Weak
Get Strong
Get Right
Not Wrong

Leaving as I came with the science of civilization.

Understanding Allah, In The Name of Allah (article below)

FallingWhen Naomi Gaines threw her babies into the river, we were shocked. The truth is, her impulse isn’t all that rare.
Beth Hawkins
Published on August 27, 2003

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