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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What is the Allah Team?

What is the Allah Team?
By Wakeel Allah

Copyright ©2000

(excerpt from "Table talks with the Allah Team")

Q: What is the Allah Team?

A: I would first like to open in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad and I bear witness that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is his Messenger. I am most thankful to Allah and His Messenger for raising up in our midst strong soldiers for our people such as Father Allah (Clarence 13X) who taught Islam to the babies—and for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who is teaching Islam to the masses today. In their names do I greet the readers of this interview with the universal greetings of the Five Percent Nation of Islam, Peace! Peace to the Gods. Peace to the Earths.

First of all let me say that I thank you for your question because it is a very important one. We need to bring about an understanding as to who and what exactly is the Allah Team
so that the people will not misunderstand who we are. When the Allah Team first went public in May 98 the initial reaction by many Gods and Earths was one of curiosity. Many of them knew we were Five Percent so they began to study the information on our website. Since there was not an explanation as to who we were on our web site, many brothers and sisters began to speculate as to what we were. Of course this lead to guesses, assumptions and other speculations. I think that the last I heard was that brothers were calling us a "Nation." So it is imperative that we clear up this misunderstanding. We would like to set that record straight—the Allah Team is definitely not a nation, born universal truth (but) we are in the Five Percent Nation of Islam.

Allow me to clarify. Our lessons teach us that social equality is to advocate a group or a society of men together for a common cause. This same lesson then says that equality is to be equal in everything. Well if you understand that, then you will understand the concept of the Allah Team. We are a society of men that have come together because we share a common cause. We desire to see our people free, justified and equal. As brothers in the Five Percent Nation of Islam we wanted to present ourselves with intelligence and dignity because at the time of the forming of the Allah Team there was such a negative stereotype about the Five Percent. And there still is a negative stereotype out there about the Five Percent Nation. We, the Allah Team would like to set out to combat that negative stereotype. The Media has not been so kind to us. The Media, Correctional Institutions and the Government authorities alike have labeled us (The Five Percent and/or Nation of Gods and Earths) as a gang. They say we are bunch of criminals. That we sell dope and rob people. They want to label us as a menace to society. We don't place the total blame on the Media or the Government because there are some misguided brothers who are lending credence either (knowingly or unknowingly) that what the media writes about us to be the truth. There are some of those amongst us who set out and do just what the enemy wants them to do—that is to commit crimes so that the enemy can point them out and say "see, we told you (the public) that they are all criminals." And we say this to our brothers— please don't fall for that old trick. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that the Devil desires to sift us as wheat. Think over that. And if you were to study it you would see that the peoples opinions about the (5% and/or NGE) are being formed and shaped by these false allegations of us being a gang. It is also unfortunate that some of their negative opinions were formed directly by the interaction they had with people who claimed to be (5%NOI and/or NGE) who were not living out our lessons of righteousness. Don't get me wrong—we're not condemning brothers who have committed crimes because people will do things sometimes out of dire circumstances but we're not excusing it either and we definitely don't condone it. Nor do our lessons condone it.

Now, naturally the question comes to mind— well what are you all going to do about it? This is the same question that we who are now on the Allah Team face ourselves. We already have been given an assignment from our Father Allah (Clarence 13X) who said it openly and publicly that his desire was to stop crime. He said he was going to stop crime. Now, Father Allah (Clarence 13X) is not here today, but we who are the Five Percenters are here. And if you are the Son of the Father then set out to make his (Allah) word bond. Now just how do we do that? In our lessons Master Fard Muhammad asked us the question, will you set up home and wait for a mystery god? And of course the Honorable Elijah Muhammad answered, "No." And of course the answer is no. We recognize that God is within us, around us, behind us, in front of us and in fact is us. So we decided to do something about the situation.

The public is not familiar with the true teachings of the Five Percent Nation of Islam. The founder of the Five Percent (Clarence 13X) intended to teach and train the youth in order to make us honest and productive citizens in society. He emphasized that we should always remain gainfully employed and that we should seek an education. There are many Five Percenters who have done just that. The task we had was to assemble some of these brothers together to form a united front. So we decided to form a team for Allah. We call it the Allah Team. Since we had a predetermined idea to properly educate and correct these errors we had to ensure that everyone on the team had to be healthy, strong and good breeders. So what we did was first put the word out to some of the positive gods here in Allah's Garden (Atlanta, GA). We made knowledge born that we were going to form a team that would be like a task force and the task in front of us was to be who we say we are—God. Many are called and few are chosen, and those who are chosen, choose themselves. All praises is due to Allah. And I must say that we have a team of Black Men who are dedicated to the mission of saving self and saving others. We are still in the pursuit of looking for more positive gods to help us in our righteous efforts. So if you are the said person of that ability and would to use your mind, body and soul to make a positive change in the right direction—contact the Allah Team.
The Allah Team is not one-dimensional—by that I mean we take on various roles and responsibilities. We are teachers, scholars, soldiers, counselors, organizers, activists, scientists and most important of all, we are your righteous brothers. Another thing I would like to add is that the Allah Team is not some type of an "elite" society in the Five Percent who think that they are better than their brothers and sisters in the Five Percent. That would be foolish and silly on our part. In fact, we are a society who labors on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Five Percent— so in order to serve your people you must be a humble person and have humility. Now, that doesn't mean to be soft or a punk because there are no punks in Islam. It's only saying as the Bible says, "be humble as a dove, yet wise as a serpent." However, We do recognize the potential greatness in the Allah Team and I personally am proud to be a part of this special unit of intelligent Black Men. I just hope that the 5% community will see us for who we are and embrace their brothers in peace. The final note is that I think the righteous efforts of any Black Association should be applauded by the Black Community. The same goes for the (5% NGE). We should learn to build with positive and destroy the negative. The Allah Team is positive brothers for our Nation.

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