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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Understanding the 85% by The Youth of the ALLAH Team

Understanding The 85%
By The Youth of the ALLAH Team

Khaliq Muhammad, Hashim Divine Allah, Justice Universal Allah and El-Aziz.

Achieving significant understanding of the "lost sheep", the Eighty-Five Percenters (the uncivilized people, who are easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction) will require dedication, persistence, discipline and a humble demeanor. In this era of materialism, the youth of today are expected to achieve major things because of our fearlessness. The establishment is looking to the politicians who can be successful in relating to the youth, but not to better them. More so, they are looking to the politicians who can deceive the youth, and gain the vote of the young people. Correspondingly, Barack Obama became the first person of Asiatic descent to become the presumptive nominee of a major political party. In addition, Obama acknowledged his youthful image expressing his probable absence in politics saying "I wouldn't be here if, time and again, the torch had not been passed to a new generation" in a 2007 campaign speech.

In reality, the true and living gods of the Five Percent Nation (of poor righteous teachers, civilized people and is Muslims and Muslim sons) might find it difficult to civilize the eighty-five percenters who do not know Allah or their origin in the world. Do they even know their true nature? They have absolutely no knowledge of the beginning of the Adamic Peoples and the true nature of their enemies. If they received knowledge of self from the poor righteous teachers; could they go out and teach civilization to the people who they were similar to before they entered the cipher of the Five Percenters? While Satan manipulates the original people in the remainder of his reign, the 5% carry out their duty of borning Gods and Earths (bringing into existence mentally as well as physically) , and leading the uncivilized to civilization in a period of total chaos.

It seems that in the present, the best knower is understanding the degradation within the original nation in the wilderness of North America; the right and exact solution is being pondered by the poor righteous teachers of ciphers across Amerikkka. The elders of the five-percent community are exchanging understanding on the subject of Hip-Hop. How Hip-Hop was the voice of the righteous and how it was grafted from the original to produce savages among the original people. As the tone and concepts in Hip-Hop become more barbaric, the civilized people find it harder to civilize the people who do not know their origin in this world. This new primary "get money" focus is reasonable but the lack of substance and logic is most certainly not. The pioneers of this new age destroyed the foundation of original Hip-Hop and built a new foundation from the ground up, which we are seeing the results of. This foundation has bred ignorance, negligence, lack of sympathy, and self-hatred. The bricks of the new foundation have stimulated the children of the lost and found nation to disrespect themselves, their women (wisdoms) and their communities. Are we reaping the benefits of the art our elders created, or do the corporations secure the rights to our music and the majority of the benefit of our labor in the music industry.

Day-to-day the Eighty-Five Percenters contradict themselves. One minute a brother is expressing his dissatisfaction with the brutal treatment of the women (wisdoms), most often to manipulate them. The next minute he is assaulting them, insulting them and sexually harassing our women. Also the wisdoms insist on advocating ignorance by revealing the majority of their beauty to the world of Satan, and the devils who is 100% wicked and is satisfied seeing the Asiatic wisdoms (women) consciously humiliate themselves and the Asiatic men cast down judgment to the women because of lack of understanding and love. In this generation the original man would rather take advantage of self-esteem issues of the wisdoms than help correct the savagery displayed and civilize our lost and found mother of civilization in the wilderness.

When the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began his mission of giving the Knowledge of Self to his people, he would often give an analogy, using percentages, of the three categories of people that everyone fit in. These three categories of people were broken down as the Eighty-Five Percent, the Ten Percent, and the Five Percent. The Eighty-Five Percent are obviously the majority of the population, and are those people without the knowledge of themselves. The remaining fifteen percent are those with the knowledge of self, but that is all they have in common. The Ten Percent used their knowledge to manipulate the Eighty-Five Percent. The Five Percent had, and still does have, the goal of bringing the Eighty-Five Percent into the Knowledge of Self, so that they can no longer be used and abused by the Ten Percent.

In order to be successful in this endeavor, the Five Percent must be composed of individuals who possess a strong conviction for wanting to share the truth with others. They must keep and maintain the goal of "saving the babies (youth)". If receptive to the Knowledge of Self, as taught by the Five Percent Nation, the possibilities for the youth are limitless. The "establishment", who the Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to as the Ten Percent, are constantly pondering new ideas as to how they can keep the young minds of today focused on mundane issues. Thereby, keeping them away from the Knowledge of Self.

A Dilemma, I knowledge in the distinction between the civilized people and the uncivilized is that the majority of the Five-Percenters refer to themselves as Gods (Allahs) or Queens (Earths, Wisdoms). The titles differentiate in gender. These self-imposed titles molds us into a people who are responsible for our actions (deeds), who strive for righteousness and ultimately God's will whatever it may be. On the other hand, I knowledge that most of the Eighty-Five Percenters I come into contact with during debates refer to themselves as all sinners in God's eyes. When In actuality they do not even know, truly who God is. If you refer to yourselves as sinners, that adds on to a product of sin, in behavior and thought, throughout your life. If we are all sinners in God's eyes, what is the purpose of our existence? Does it add up or have you been taught this misconception since you were old enough to speak. These Eighty-Five Percenters believe in that which they cannot see, feel or hear etc.

The belief of in an un-anthropomorphic mystery god contradicts our five senses. If God is not a material-being here on earth, how have we come to believe in it? The five senses are characteristics of a material-being. If God WAS a mystery god, it was most definitely not be able to hold a conversation with a material-being, correct? Well I apologize if my knowledge and understanding shatters your current beliefs but God did speak to Jesus (Isa)."Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods? (John 10:34)".God is in English in its plural form, meaning more than one. This God was not a mystery/spook; he was a human-being because we know that non-living things and or spirit cannot talk. The sound of speech arises from flesh. When saying "your" Jesus was denoting the elder God with supreme knowledge, understanding and wisdom in this chapter. Both of the men in the direct quote were Gods, Jesus (Isa) was an original man of Asiatic descent (maker, owner, cream of the planet earth, father of civilization, God of the universe) and so was the elder God he was communicating with.

In Genesis I of the King James Version of the Bible its states "In The beginning God created the heaven and the earth". Created derives from the Latin word "creare" which means to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes. Being is a living thing that possesses a state of existence or an object that has existence in the physical realm, so if you call God, the Supreme-Being, you're subconsciously describing a God here on earth who is a supreme living thing.

When trying to understand those 'who are the naive masses, mentally deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth about themselves and the world in which they live' (85%ers), one must understand how they arrived in that particular state of ignorance. One must over stand those 'who understand much of the truth but use it to their advantage to keep the 85% under their control through religion, politics, entertainment, economics, and other methods' (10%ers). If we, 'who are the enlightened divine beings, having repossessed knowledge of the truth regarding the foundations of life and of oneself, and seek to punitively liberate the 85% through education' (5%). We must ultimately strive to understand them and must be knowledgeable about clear means of communication, meaning that we must be able to come amongst them and be easily understood simply speaking of knowledge, wisdom, understanding which borns civilized people. Far too many Five-Percenters don't speak the "language" of the 85%, and this only widens the gap between us and disables dialogue. In order to understand the 85% we must not underestimate the strength of the ropes that bind our lost brethren or the messages sent to them by the devil of Eu-Rope.

Furthermore, let us not forget the 9th degree of the 1-40. When I was suffering from the triple stages of darkness, I did not know why anything was what it was or what caused it to be; I took what the 10% taught at face value. I was convinced that a mystery god controlled everything. Believing in a mystery god subconsciously lowers the self-esteem of the 85% and tricks them into worshiping Satan and his made-devils (Assimilation, imitation of Caucasians). Not knowing my true self (GOD), I didn't take responsibility or even credit, for what I did or accomplished and also sought what the bloodsuckers possessed (so-called American Dream). In addition, when you don't possess knowledge of self, you give praise to almost everything except yourself. You love the devil because he gives you nothing. You do not want at all to be anything affiliated with the Original Family (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow). You let the devil define what Black is; from the food you eat (Soul Food A.K.A Slave Food) to what you watch on television (BET, MTV, etc. all of which are entirely owned by your enemy).

The Eighty-Five Percenters obviously are backwards but the challenge of Five-Percenters are presented with is how to return them to knowledge of themselves and their nature (peace). We continuously warn them of the possible results of their ignorance actions, so their blood will not be on our hands. Now, no matter their behavioral and ignorant actions our duty is to teach them civilization, if we do not, the right and exact punishment is death. Love is the highest elevation of understanding among all the original people. Soon as a whole the poor teachers who compose the five-percent of people in this world will return their brother to civilization. "Man know thy self, and thou shall know the Gods" – Ancient Egyptian Proverb.
In conclusion, we must approach this challenge (Understanding the 85%) as the scientists, we are. Too often, I find that as knowledgeable Five-Percenters we do not get as active as we should be; we only build amongst ourselves which solves nothing.

We need to begin resurrecting our own (Original Family) now from online builds, to blocks, to corners, to parks and everywhere else where we are as the few poor righteous teachers. I have yet to see any 5% building in our streets, where knowledge is in demand. While teaching civilization in the inner-city or rural areas I suggest that we follow the steps of the scientific method, as we are in fact scientists. The purpose of the scientific method is to study the cause and effect relationship in nature. I cannot think of a more appropriate method for understanding the Eighty-Five Percenters and bringing them to civilization. By highlighting the negative in their lives produced by cause and effect, we can show them a path that could actually benefit them and their immediate family; which is the path to righteousness.

There are also Five-Percenters that need to step down from their pedestals. It doesn't matter how much more knowledge that you have, we are all the same in essence. Believing that you are better than your brother whether he is a Five-Percenter or an Eighty-Five Percenter is not equality, the 6th degree of Supreme Mathematics.

Properly Educate Allah's Children Everyday

This article was manifested by the Youth of the Allah Team:
Khaliq Muhammad
Hashim Divine Allah
Justice Universal Allah

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