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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A-Team Table Talks: Queen Mother Dora Speaks! (The Father's Wife) by Wakeel Allah


Below is a tiny excerpt from the Allah Team Table Talks Series Books and DVDs.
This is from a book tentatively titled:

"Queen Mother Dora 3X Smith: A History of a Black Community Matriarch and Wife of the Late Hon. Clarence 13X Smith (Allah), The Founding Father of the Five Percenters."

This small passage is from a somewhat informal DVD interview conducted in Allah’s family home. This particular passage features Queen Mother Dora (Father’s wife), Shamel Allah (Father’s Grandson) and Wakeel Allah.

Listen as Queen Mother Dora sets the record straight about her husband (Allah) being allegedly kicked out of the mosque due to domestic violence.


Wakeel Allah: And I think another thing I think we need to clear up is that one of the rumors was—is that He got expelled because of domestic fights between you two. So can you comment or clear that up?

Queen Mother Dora: [laughs] No! Now you know!

Wakeel Allah: I think it was important that we clear that one up. [laughs]

Shamel Allah: It makes me laugh. That was a good one! That sounds like a Hot 97 one right there!

Queen Mother Dora: I tell you. He was something else. He didn’t believe in fighting with women. My husband? No. He’d say, “That ain’t what you do. You don’t be fighting with no women.” You know, like the men used to be beat up the women then...

Shamel Allah: Granddaddy would beat they ass outside when he’d see them.

Queen Mother Dora: He’d catch them if he could and whoop they butt.

Wakeel Allah: Is that right?

Queen Mother Dora: Yeah!

(end of excerpt)

Stay tuned...more will be revealed.

New DVD and Book coming soon....


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