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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Attributes" by Wakeel Allah


An attribute is a righteous name one chooses for their self or is given by another righteous person. Some Gods and Earths are religious about not using the term "attribute" because they associate it with "Muslims." Some might just call it your "righteous name." Either way it’s the same thing.

When I came up in the 5% Nation of Islam, we really didn’t choose our own names. This was reserved to be done by the brothers who were already in the God Cipher. In my day, your name was "given" to you and it came complete with a hand written manifestation. After you memorized the manifestation you were able to "add on" to the manifestation after you became confident in your lessons. Ironically, I didn’t receive my name this way. I got my name in the middle of a beef the Gods had with some cats while we was "out of town." I was never given a manifestation to my name. I actually wore this name for a hot second without even knowing the "breakdown" to it. I quickly researched it and lucky for me it was one of the 99 attributes of Allah and it already had it’s own "breakdown" in the "book of names." It was a real simple definition, nothing like the "breakdowns" that was handwritten by the Gods. I received it later.

In any case, as far as I’m concerned, I feel when you are seeking an attribute to find you an "Original" name in the original language. I personally don’t advocate to choose an "English name". Or at a minimum, I think you should have at least an original name in addition to the "English name." And by "English" I mean any name found in the English language (that includes the Supreme Alphabets) such as "Master" "Power" "Righteous" etc.

So I say either have a full original name or do "half and half" (and Allah on the end of your name doesn’t count in that "half and half" equation.

But again, this is just my recommendation. Because God one day won’t be using the English language. You will be given back your own language spoken by the original people.

Wakeel Allah

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