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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell us.... by Lord King Saviour Allah

37. Tell us what the devil teaches the eighty five percent? That the God is a RIGHTEOUS and UNSEEN Being-exists everywhere?

Ans.-Allah is the God in the Earth and in the heavens above, and is Just and True, and THERE IS NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN HIM. But is not UNSEEN. IS SEEN and is Heard everywhere, for He is the ALL-EYE-SEEING.


Allah is SEEN as an ALL RIGHTEOUS BEING. Can one see Allah smoking, drinking, steeling, cheating, deceiving, dirty, lying, womanizing, being more in tuned with his X chromosome, i.e. homosexuality? Emphatically Now Cipher. The devil teaches the 85% that God can do all of these things because He created the world. That God did create a world that was world by an unrighteous standard. Making the Righteous God go into hiding for that 6000 year time period. After that time that God, Yakub, would no longer be able to rule the world. The Righteous God would then come out of hiding and destroy Yakub’s world.

When a so-called god smokes, drinks, deals with porn, etc, he makes himself a mystery because there is not a rational or logical person that could put that type of image as righteous and call that God. That person would be called a mystery God. You would be a mystery to yourself and the people and would be invisible. No one would pay any attention to you that would want some good or positivity in your life. As a matter of fact you would be calling negativity into your realm. That is what negative eating, drinking, thinking, and action would bring into existence.

Its when you neglect that type of behavior that you become SEEN AND HEARD everywhere and there is NO UNRIGHTEOUSNESS in YOU. You are JUST and TRUE because you are opposite of this world and are a part of a world that was a mystery for 6000 years. Understand God to give Justice.


Lord King Saviour Allah

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