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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Big Fields Await the Wide Awake Man to Work Out" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Consider this:

-If you went to "sleep" and in the morning and alarm went off and you woke up to it. And now you are awake. WIDE AWAKE

So, say your Mother (or man, woman, friend, etc) calls or yells your name and you respond "Yeah I'm Up!"

Let's say some time pass and "they" call you again. And you reply "yeah yeah i'm up I'm wide awake!"

Let's say after some more time, let's say you have a job and your boss calls you, or you have your own business and your employee calls you, or you have children who need to be escorted or a ride to school. And your reply to all of the above said is…"Yeah i'm up i'm awake Wide awake!"

Then there are more calls from the same people. Some yelling and complaining and some asking if you are alright. And your reply is "I'm up I'm Wide Awake!"

Then the calls become so much that you retort with this as your argument to respond:
"Look! I'm Awake. Can't you see that. LOOK AT ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE OUT HERE SLEEPING, ALMOST LIKE THEY ARE DEAD. Do you see them. I'm not them I'm awake. I'm not asleep!!!!"

-What's the problem here?

-What's the issue here?

-The issue is not you being awake. The issue is not getting up, being in motion, proceeding to the set destination! That's the issue!

-Being Awake is a PART or step in a "PROCESS." A PROCESS that entails knowledge you had before you went to sleep although made very clear once you "WAKE UP."

-No one's doors get open, No one's business gets help, No child(children) get to their destination (if you understand) because you keep saying "I'm awake."

-In fact, after a moment those around you who have far less knowledge will see for themselves that although what you have might be best, what you say might be best. In truth you just not the one. Cause you not doing what the knowledge you have requires.

So at that point the people in need of you will either become bitter and complain about you or move on. Or both. Then they have to move out with 1/2 knowledge because the ONE with the full knowledge is still stuck at "I'm Awake!"

Being conscious isn't enough. Being Aware is not enough!

Acknowledging the car, washing machine, school is broke is not enough. It's already expected of the "conscious" to recognize the problem. The thing is. It's the MUSLIM's JOB to FIX IT!!!!

Islam is a Verb!


Peace, under

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  1. This post makes you re-analyze some things and put them in proper perspective. I'm Awake, but certainly not moving. Inshallah, I can get that corrected in myself.