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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Saturday, January 28, 2012

NGE member asks: Q. Who or what are the Muslims of the NOI praying to? Answer by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

God-Allah Cipherdeen:

Q. Who or what are the muslims of the NOI praying to?

Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah):

Ans. Peace. To God-Allah Cipherdeen. This question is "interesting."

I used to actually document it. You never ever heard or saw it written prior to @ 1994. It's a unique phenomenon to say the least.

Having come up as a 5%er i still remember the Gods had a prayer. It was published in some of the 5% publications.

When you ask "who does the NOI pray to" it's at that point what? It becomes a tool for applied mathematics. Like algebra.

You could ask that question of a Christian or anyone really.

And people could respond with general, specific, and even answers that would be elusive and misguiding from the point.

People can say whatever they want. Now you can read the material and the material is self-defining to answer your question.

That's how you do it if you don't want to "play the dozens" you know.

That's why like Muhammad Speaks/The Final Call have the Muslim Program on the back of the paper because of the level of questions mostly rhetorical that were used to take up or waste time of people. So THEM just put them point blank on the back to end that conversation so there's no reason to be facetious.

I'm not saying you are. But if i wanted to know why my tooth was hurting between the root and gums I'd either go to the manual or the dentist. IE: The source.

Answers are like variables to solve for the unknown of any given problem.

Some people don't pray, some do, some know who they pray to, some don't some know why, some don't.

I remember when the "anti-muslim" or the kind of "Kalimite" influenced younger gods and passive aggressive gods became like this a friend of mine. Omar was shot and killed. His family was Muslim. And thus he had a Janazzah(Muslim burial rites) in the masjid. Ironically he was buried on a Friday after Jumuah. So the people attending his funeral attended the jumua prayer.

When I went in with other Gods & I had at that time my Universal Flag of Islam pin on, there was a brother to my right leaning up against the wall reading Qur'an. He was there for the prayer. He did not know there was a funeral taking place. He was immediately surprised and uncomfortable to see my face as he was a strong anti-muslim advocate for the burgeoning NGE language styled sub-culture or we could say he looked "shook." Needless to say he was with a 2 other brothers that were muslim. He staunchly advocated "why would God pray" and "God does not pray" and "Who are you praying to." And there he was...

After prayer, and the funeral he spoke and was trying to explain himself. And although I wanted to "bomb" him as he was much of an annoyance at that time to me and others. And he had a much more dominant persona than me. I calmed him. And said "Each man have is own path, what's worse is that you are a lie to yourself." See, he was just looking for a place of peace for him. He hadn't exhausted all the knowledge on his path. So he was still what? Searching.

See man, can be anything to another man. But alone, at home, in a cell, on a train. It's just that mind in that head and whatever it thinks on or contemplates over.

"BELIEF" (in the Islamic sense) is very personal. It's in stages and moments in time and space.

I don't say all that to dance around your question, but my point is the human experience has to be honest with itself no matter how it presents itself to others.

I have many stories like the one above, including some of "Gods of notoriety." People are a process.

Now then we have ISLAM and in Islam there is no intercessor between the adherent and His Lord (Rabb). It's a straight line. Not through the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Muhammad or other…

If a man or woman prays to an image, there is two sides to that. One is historical and ancient and shows that Man when he knew His Lord prayed to Him as his Image. And the other side is people make Gods out of those other than god and find themselves in words/actions worshipping that which they (really) know not what.

Then there is the issue of Obedience vs Worship.

So to your question. It's Master Fard Muhammad that said out his own mouth that He came to make us all Gods. So if prayer were a part it would be to the source of life and the creator of all. And whether one sees themselves as this as well then that act would be a form of what? Gratitude. And the output or manifestation of that would be growth.

So people no matter what can advocate who they pray to as much as who they don't pray to and that doesnt mean what's really going on in the head and the heart of a human.

You already have the answer. The question is to yourself "Why did I ask this question?"

Peace. Understanding GodAllah


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  2. All Praise to Allah (The Original Ppl).
    Peace !
    I come in the name of 7 Islam Allah. I learned to offer salat as a Sunni and since obtained kos , I have found trouble understanding salat , maybe because of my understanding . I learned as a Sunni Allah doesn't answer prayers for numerous reason which still brings me to Same Who are you praying to ? b/c that insinuates 3rd person .
    Help understand this brothers. Its a sincere question. I leave as I came ' Peace '

  3. Peace God to bro Ziggy I to learned Salat among the Sunni bros but i recieved the understanding of Salaat from the 5% Nation (NGE/NOI) salaat is just a form of yoga not a prayer. prayer in the religion of Islam is known as Dua or supplication. which is sent to ones higher self which is the universal conscious which in totality is Allah ta ala or the God the most high which is housed in the Original Man. Just as the sun is not separate from its rays we as Allah are not separate from Allah ta ala thats my understanding hope and i hope that helped yoou out God PEACE

  4. are u saying we are praying to our higher self or a higher energy/spirit that exist in all living things?

  5. the NOi pray to wd fard a jahanami who claimed divinity. elijah probly killed him 2 realising he was not Allah swt

  6. Peace. Basically, the Gods that did prayer as this brother said, that's their thing. Not the norm of our culture. Excuses trying to fit it in won't work and I would never be shook by any of them. We are not anti Muslim. Just against those claiming to know the God and Earth culture and twisting it up with Muslims of the N.O.I. We don't pray..straight up! These dudes slandered our nation way before and the Gods played the law down. That Muslim god confusion don't rock with the true and living.