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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Farrakhan Puts Everything in its Proper Place" by Dr. Wesley Muhammad

This is an excerpt from The Honoable Elijah Muhamamd's Table Talk in December 1973 with Brother Minister Farrakhan, Dr. Salaam and a number of other attendees. The full transcript is avaialble in the recent publication by Bro Sultan Muhammad and the Table Talks Project, Table Talks of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (2012). This discussion appears on pages 130-134.


The Hon Elijah Muhammad (THEM): “Well, my Brother Minister [Farrakhan], you’ve got-a lot-of-things lined up in the right and the most best way.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan (MLF): “Thank you, Dear Apostle.”

THEM: “I love to see you wise because that gives me pleasure because I’m your teacher…and I made such wise ministers.”

Group of Ministers: “Yes, Sir!”

Dr. Salaam (DS): “Yes, you gave birth to all of us.”

THEM: “So when I see you acting and speaking wise I have rejoice in my heart. I say this is the ONE (i.e. MLF) the world can’t bother. I want to prove to Satan that my minister is a greater light to the world of man than you and your world’s man---the whole of them.”

MLF: “Yes sir. Bless you Dear Apostle.”

THEM: “It’s wonderful”


THEM: “Well, that’s what I’m saying I can sit here and listen to you (MLF) and then I can step back and smile. I just need you to be Paul, you know. Go ahead on and put it out just like you are doing. You’ll put it out, sometimes I sit here—we all sit here and get a chance to listen at you, I listen at you brother, preaching Brother, and you’ll be surprised just to take a peak at the room through your spiritual eye and look at us. We enjoy it!”

MLF: “All praises due to Allah.”

THEM: “You [MLF] put everything in such proper place wherein it belongs. It’s beautiful! So we all is very happy over you, from Allah—that Allah made a helper.”


So the most fundamemntal question for all followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhamamd is: Do we believe The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and trust his judgement, or not?

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