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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Poverty to Progress" by Isma'il Latif Umayya (Understanding GodAllah)

Poverty to Progress ( a limited piece)

The cycle of Poverty to (societal) Status plagues the "Americanized" person of color (mainly so called African-American and so called Latino).

This "arrived" or (societal) accepted status does not necessarily mean or require that one is "wealthy" materially. It's more of a psychological issue. An status of acceptance in places where others on the path of poverty to status desire to be thus it is given credence. It tends to be circular in function and limited in progress (for the people en masse of which the body of participants have arrived out of). It includes both intelligence and ignorance and financial poverty (covered) and (limited compared with mass society's) wealth

This cycle which received "jet-fuel" from it's former ability to damage with the on set of Crack. Ironically predicted by Minister Farrakhan (as attacking with "chemical warfare" as early as 1979/80) four years before Crack made it's meteoric impact.

The cycle of Poverty to (societal) Status plays the role as a supreme distraction for the same groups/people from becoming highly concerned with literacy, education, and the importance of education and being educators.

Being or claiming to be in the Nation of Islam, 5%er, Pan Africanist, Black Panther, Hebrew Israelite or any "conscious" group/nation/club or being "muslim" does not make one exempt.

Being "aware" or saying "we care" is not the same as actually Caring or Doing.

What happens during this cycle is that the "needs" of the people that practice and follow this path still must be supplied by the same people who are the authors of the very situation(s) that the said groups/people are trying to rise out of.

Thus something like… "the white man is the devil" but i rely on a left wing, liberal gay white man who has a burning desire to help people teach in my child's poorly funded/managed neighborhood school (as an analogy).

We don't need to lie to ourselves or blame others. The evidence is overwhelmingly, grotesquely apparent.

The leaning for Social status and it's being "accepted" by people in the group as having "made it" or "accepted" or of "notoriety" sacrifices Civilization in our communities. Once again, that doesn't mean people are or are not aware of the masses of the peoples conditions is. It just means that Social Status is rarely used to change the condition(s) of the masses of this group.

When the focus turns to Civilization. The emphasis then becomes on literacy, education, and a great and overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for the "educators." And of course that Social Status that is so sought after in people that have been "Americanized" from these conditions of poverty does not instantly change, but ultimately in degrees finally rises, but more importantly the individual(s) realize that that no longer matters as now. Dignity is present, and provides a sense of comfort with one's own being or "SELF" that no longer has a greater desire to prove to others who they are, by appearance or material or location. The emphasis is then in desiring to make one's worth known through their works.

The focus on Civilization is an open bearer of witness on itself that it loves education and development.

The cycle of Poverty to (Social) Status presents an ugly Quagmire for the "aware" practitioner of this process. That is…. The person(s) who has reached the (Social) Status and does not or cannot change the condition of the people, and yet is "Accepted" by others in their "status" group and some of the masses has a strange dilemma.

The person(s) in this situation are helpless against the victimizer that created the condition they rose out of (to a degree). And that "Victimizer" (or call "him" whatever title you like) made these flawed conditions out of a mindset that was taught through "mimicry" and of itself had limited insight, eyesight and foresight for humanity and society to grow and have balance. So the person(s) that have achieved or on this path for (Social) Status under this "Victimizer" and then themselves can not affect, change, or better the condition of their own people end up becoming "Mimickers" of the "Victimizer's" short-sighted "mimicry" he learned from the one(s) who civilized him with the intention to have a short-sighted rule in a "short-lived world," if you understand….

So the ultimate flaw takes place when the "children" of the "Teacher" (to whom there was a short separation) begin to mimic the "victimizer" who was taught by their "parents"(the teacher). That makes one something like "un-unoriginal."

So "Blame" and Reaction and name-calling is not going to change nor is it an EFFECTIVE method to change the condition of the people that are victimized.

Articulation of the problem and the Articulators of the problem are not like those who recognize and work to solve.

Allah say in Qur'an that the "educated" is not like the non-educated or the Muslim is not like the "Non-Muslim." If that is true (and it is) then there would have to be evidence in the behaviour/activity of the said "educated" or "with knowledge" or "muslim" that would separate or show a superior difference in them than the victimizer and the victim.

At this point i will digress. To be continued…

This was inspired out of conversations heard, overheard and sat in and interviews with people from among my people whose personalities are almost never known yet whose Genius many benefit from. And is dedicated to all those unsung that came before us that were crushed, made pariahs and fell victim to this victimizer's society and Genius' was never recognized. Allah knows best.

Peace, under (Isma'il Latif Umayya)

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