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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Report to the Nation (Re: Allah School In Mecca)

[Below is an announcement that was sent out by Lord Born Justice concerning the proper knowledge of the affairs of Allah School In Mecca]


I greet you all in our Fathers name

We would like to let you know that a lot of misunderstanding on some things that was said at the Dec Parliament was taken out of context so let US set the record straight

1) YES we have meetings to build on the development of our land.

2) NO we are not destroying Allah school in Mecca nor are we leveling it to the ground as some of you were lead to believe what we are doing is building on idea's to DEVELOP THE ALLAH STREET ACADEMY not to tear it down, we can build over it, we can build around it we can extend it WE will not be DESTROYING IT

3) as some of you may know by now that there is a new building on the Conner of 127th and 7th ave next to our land (school) and we leased out 20ft X 5 ft to the construction company for a fee ( come to the parliament for knowledge of cash amount) no this that we did get our money based on the said agreement now more money is owed to us do to late fee's that has entailed from that agreement and rest assure that we will get that as well and we have our 20ft ft X 5 ft back with a NEW fence around the Allah's Garden area.

4) All money is in the bank with 3 Gods name on the account so no one person can remove any cash at any time, some of this money for now is being used to upgrade the Allah Street academy, new Gods and Earths rest room DONE, in the works as of today plastering & painting of the school upgrade the heating system by replacing missing pieces to the baseboard heaters through the school, replacing the ceiling tile and much more.

5) Plans on the table will be to extend the back of the school to create a state of the art IT lab to renew the old computer room in to two rooms one a library with two computers for our babies to do research and the other room to be made into a meeting room or small conference room, this is just to bring you up to now more will be revealed at the february 22 parliament.


Your brother in Righteousness
Lord Born Justice

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