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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Friday, February 6, 2009

Muslim and the Five Pillars of Islam

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Muslim means one who submits their will to Allah.  Submission is responsibility and duty. Responsibility is the ability to respond and take charge of a said task. Once someone takes charge of a task one may ask, “Who is responsible?”  Those seeking power of titles and namesake are usually the ones first to say, “I am!” Yet it is those same people that back peddle or shun responsibility because they do not want the discipline of the responsibility. This is why we must look at the title Muslim and the Five Pillars of Islam.


As said before, Muslim means one who submits their will to Allah. What does will mean? And who is Allah? Those are the most important questions in order to understand the title Muslim. In the book Closing the Gap the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan answers a question from Bro. Jabril Muhammad about the significance of the six written Lessons.  The Honorable Minister Farrakhan states, “If we start with the study of the answers given by one born to meet the Questioner, born to see and know the Questioner, then his answers have to be the basis of our beginning study of the course that would not just make us Muslims, in the common understanding of the meaning of Muslim, but make us into Gods, the very uncommon understanding of being a Muslim.” Muslim is also one willing to submit themselves in order to learn to become a master in their course of study. Without submitting or committing yourself to the course of study then one will never learn to be a Master.  This is the greatest part of the title Muslim, to be a disciplined student in order to elevate the self in stages and degrees to ultimately becoming Master or Allah (God). The parts of this course are the basic principles or pillars of Islam.


Allah means The God. Allah is the master and sole controller of the universe. Allah is also the Asiatic black man. Allah is the highest form of energy that exists in all things. Allah is the source of all power. The black man is the greatest vessel for this source of energy making him The God or Allah the best knower and Lord of all of the worlds. It is the righteous individual that can properly navigate this power. This is why we say that the black man is God. From all things, come from Him. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says in Our Saviour Has Arrived, “All Muslims are Allahs. But there is one Supreme Allah and He has His own name, Master Fard Muhammad.” Master Fard Muhammad was the Questioner and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the one answering the questions. It is these questions and answers that are the core teachings of 120 Lessons, which include Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet that the Father gave us.


The Five Pillars of Islam are to bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger, Prayer, fasting, zakat or charity, and Hajj. These pillars are important because it lays the base for the Muslim into perfect guidance and discipline to become a master. Pillars are poles that up hold a foundation of something, which is why principles are synonymous to, pillars in the Islamic world. Principles are a settled law or rule of action, especially to right action; a law of nature as illustrated in the mechanical powers. By having and applying these laws or principles then it is limitless to what man’s greatest potential will be.


By knowing who Allah is and His messenger then you can begin the study of all things in existence. Without those two things then none of us would have what we call knowledge of self. It is these two men, Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that laid the base to who Allah is and who the Messenger is and how this course makes us into Gods.


Prayer is a divine or pure form of meditation that makes the mind focused on the power within to achieve all things that the Supreme Being (Self) desires. With all the distractions in the world it is hard for many to be and maintain focus in order to not become part of this world. The 37th degree in the 1-40 of the 120 lessons ask the question “Tell us what the devil teaches the eighty five percent? That the God is a righteous and unseen Being-exists everywhere? Ans. Allah is the God in the Earth and in the heavens above, and is Just and True, and there is no unrighteousness in Him. But is not unseen. Is seen and is heard everywhere-for He is the All-Eye-Seeing.” It is the distractions and the temptations of this world that makes the righteous weak and indulges in the ways of the savages. Being the God in the Earth is to be the greatest in the land and in society. Being the God in the heavens above is to always think on the highest plane of the self.  Constantly conditioning the self to be righteous, the nature of the black man and woman.


Fasting is to abstain from food for an unusual amount of time. It is this discipline that causes the mind and body to be focused and clean. The more we eat the faster we will go to the grave. It is also what you eat that matters as well. Eating is also to ingest by what you eat physically and what you eat mentally which is called reading or studying. The diet is essential to the Muslim in order to reach the higher plane and be able to discipline his or herself to greatness. The body does not need to eat 2 or 3 times a day. It needs enough nourishment to sustain itself until it truly calls for food again. It is more mental discipline than physical. Fasting also keeps you from being overpowered by debt and the oppression of men. If you are disciplined in your stomach then you should also be disciplined in not spending a lot of money in fat foods, intoxicants, and games of chance. It also strengthens the will to do for the community rather than you always thinking and doing something for just yourself. Which goes into the next principle zakat.


Zakat or charity is to sacrifice wealth, time, food, or self to help those in need. Our charity is deeds and it strengthens the community to become the greatest force in existence. What you put in truly determines what you get back.


Hajj or the Pilgrimage is the journey of one’s self. You have the ritualistic Hajj in which the Muslim travels to Mecca and goes on a physical and spiritual (energized) journey to strengthen the self and you also have a Hajj that you deal with on a daily basis if you are dealing with knowledge of self. In this teaching Hajj is also a constant journey that the Muslim disciplines him or herself in order to correct the weak characteristics or abilities. To become the perfect man and woman. It is your mere journey of learning in this life that we live.


The Five Pillars of Islam is not a religious thing; it is the law in which the righteous uses in order to obtain the Godhood. It is our birth right as well as it is the ability to be the example for our people and the world.


The Muslim is the greatest example. The Muslim is well disciplined, courteous, respectful, upright, moral, honest, clean, and has integrity. Father Allah taught us the the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the 1st Muslim meaning that he was the one disciplined and became the perfect student of Master Fard Muhammad. Is that such a bad thing? I would have to say “NO” because he was free of excuses and truly ignored the slave master showing and proving that he could be independent and not dependent on the Caucasian. He showed that we did not need our former slave master in order to be a free and a respected people on earth.




Lord King Saviour Allah

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