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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Peace Gods and Earths,

A recent question in regards to some of my ways and actions or intent as it relates to my work was posed to me by one of the brothers. The basis was centered around whether or not my work was divisive in a sense and for me to clarify my purpose for my work. The line of questioning appeared to suggest that there existed conventional wisdom out there from the Father that appeared to contradict some of my findings, evidence or belief. So I responded below and made it into a blog for this cipher.


I’m doing the work of my Father. So what I know, comes from Allah. I’m not necessarily concerned with any of the religious terms that divide the cipher. I’ll let the religious man fight and argue over that.

Anyway, something you said, reminds me of something one of Allah’s Gods said to me the other day. He said be careful about what you hear people saying about the Father who never knew the Father or even those who knew him. He said it is impossible for one to believe that they knew everything the Father taught. I said "Add on." He then said, "Think about it. Do you remember everything you ever said or ever taught somebody in your lifetime?" I thought about it and I said no. He said, "Well how in the hell is somebody going to claim that they knew everything the Father said or taught when they can’t even remember their own words spoken in their lifetime!" We both laughed loud as hell. Because it’s the truth and that was a good one. [not implying that you implied you knew everything the Father taught but it reminded me of the conversation]

So I’m saying that to say, well maybe you heard the Father say he wasn’t a Muslim; or maybe you have it where he never taught it or maybe you might think he was against the Muslims..whatever your perspective might be... But he told different people different things and revealed to them what he needed to reveal to them that would benefit them for that time. This I have learned was his style.

Allah used to sometimes tell people when they had a meeting; he’d say, "If they aren’t here, then don’t go get them." And this shocked some because they might be thinking "Justice is right across the street" "Shahid is right there next door" "Hebekah and Messiah are coming down the street" "There goes your sons A-Allah and B-Allah" "Here comes Barry and the Mayor Allah"....Regardless of who was there or who wasn’t there Allah would say "If they aren’t here, then don’t go get them!" "This message is just for y’all that are here right now!"

At the same time, one couldn’t walk away from a meeting with Allah and then reveal to all who weren’t there what Allah specifically instructed for them to do. Or otherwise they would have been at the meeting.

So imagine you seeing your man in a meeting with Allah and your other peers. Then afterwards, you ask your man what happened in the meeting. Then he says, "Well, it was just a few of us discussing some things, that’s all."

That would be a helluva test or a trial on someone. Some would become suspicious, others might respect the confidentality, some would get jealous. This kind of situation would evoke reactions in certain people.

So I can only do what was revealed to me by those Allah left behind for me to reveal to me or confirm to me what I am doing. So I have my instructions and assignment and live it out according to my knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Others have theirs.

So I hope you understand.

Now, a person can do this. They can watch the person to see what they are going to do and then they can process it with their intelligence to determine if what they are doing is of benefit to people or not.

There are those who are teaching that Allah is the 13th man, therefore he "is not on the clock." As the clock only goes to knowledge and wisdom.

If this is true, and if a person is doing the work of Allah as revealed to them, then they are moving within Allah’s Wisdom of Knowledge and Understanding. If that’s the case, then don’t look for them to be on the clock either.

In other words, they might do things never seen before or what appears to be unconventional wisdom or unpopular or defy the status quo. In that sense, they become exceptional.

To me, this is the best way to answer your litany of questions.

And that’s peace.


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