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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2009! ...and other info. By Understanding Allah

4. Culture/Freedom!

PEACE IN THE NAME OF ALLAH to the Universal Family on this great and glorious day of Culture/Freedom! Greeting you all in postitivity and light! Below I posted some relevant information/links on not only National Black HIV/AIDS Day 2009 (FEB. 7TH). Also some statistics on Blacks and HIV/AIDS as well as a blog and site of one of our young Black Sisters who wrote a bestselling book about life before AIDS and life with AIDS.

I knowledge in the knowledge of self cipher that there are many takes on HIV/AIDS and its history or reality. Never the less, our people suffer in not having a high quality of life in many ciphers and most definitely in realm of health. The majority of our people lack proper knowledge of all things. And our false pride many times keep us from acting upon that which we know is best for us. These masses (85%) is the people that the 5% serve. So it is incumbent to provide the information that is useful to add on to life and to give life to those who are not in such a fortunate position as those who have the knowledge and even greater those who actually apply the knowledge of self with wisdom. Real talk we are people who are experimented on, on the daily in various realms of a society that is truly a human condition experiment. Only the righteous are they who do not fall victim to the devil’s civilization. And that’s a small number. The masses of us live in areas condensed with each other not by our own choice but rather by other circumstances, and thus are placed in areas that the environment (on every level of that word) is hazardous to our health(in every sense of that word).

I knowledge that there are many resources however here are a few, and some supplemental information.

Before you check out the links below I would just like to add on with the positive mindset that we carry out our lives in a manner that is wise and we strive to be dignified examples for our people who are victimized and destroyed so much so on the basis of a great lack of knowledge, a lack of dignity and a collective low self esteem, that wraps itself up in false pride, and haughtiness. Let us be proud in the way of being desirous to be of a righteous independent and knowledgeable pride. When we move beyond the discussion of each others lives which is a supremely high level of low level thinking (yes that is an ironical oxymoron) and transcend into the discussion of ideas and then even the higher ideal of acting upon those ideas, then I am sure that that which we manifest will be the reporting on that Which WE DO. Which is really all that we are. Whatever you do that b you. Gods living as Gods. The Black Man is God, no matter what. A maker, an owner, an All Wise God, of which man of our people just don’t know it yet to begin to extract it out, and produce SELF, the best part.

Our people; Gods. And yet we think and talk and live so cheaply and we die so cheaply and quickly when it is truly preventative. Strive for the Higher Ideal. The Bigger Picture. How we view each other??? Well you know, mind make matter, so that’s really how we see/cee one another. If we don’t see each other as God then the thought will descend into a lower ideal which is what we treat each other as. Being compassionate don’t make you soft, that make you God. Being just and true don’t make you weak, it makes you strong. Righteousness is like a drug. The more right one do the more fear reduce itself from the psyche. Fear produces insulation, and since it is based on lack of knowledge and wrong doing it only produce more fear. Allah is Righteous, Allah Is Fearless, Allah Is Strong!

To help others is to help self. To help self lies in the helping of others.

If You’re Weak
Get Strong,
Get Right
Not Wrong!

Leaving as I came, with the science of civilization,
your brother in ISLAM.
understanding God Allah, In The Name of Allah

The Center for Disease Control statistics page (in alphabetical order)

Blacks and HIV

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day events/schedule (by state)/(click on state)

THE BODY -Complete HIV/AIDS resource center

Sister "Marvelous" Marvelyn Brown. -Author and Emmy Award Winning International AIDS Activist.

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