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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Community Garden Resources" by Understanding Allah

Peace In The Name of Allah

.....additional information....

Community Gardening info

Sustainable Agriculture -urban/suburban

Growing Power. - This (below) is a full service urban farm that has a detailed training program to build your own urban farm and urban farm project. This is founded and ran by a Black Man, Will Allen, a former University of Miami athlete who felt that everyone has the right to healthy food. I had previously posted a video of his works months earlier. You can send away for a free packet with information on everything from how to build/construction to how fund the project in your area.

Cornell (University) Cooperative Extension. This (below) is probably the best single site for all things horticulturally related, from Soil Science, Insect Science, Pesticide knowledge, Fertilizers (natural, synthetic), Toxins, Agriculture, Viticulture, invasive, toxic, noxious, weeds, composting.... and on and on in great detail to whatever scientific minutia one would like to get to, down to the very last "botanical compound"

Also... Rutgers (University) Cooperative Extension is a great resource.


Muhammad Farms

Also is... In light of this political idea and this very needed idea of a "Green Economy." What is a Green Economy? And what does that mean for you and I regarding the way we live our lives as we rise out of a Corruption Based or "Pyramid Scheme" Economy... see...

In all actuality there are many great resources. These above are quite comprehensive. Bottom line is it’s really just about doing it. It’s not glamorous, and it takes more work and focused attention than most people think, but the rewards and knowledge/understanding gained is priceless. That’s why most don’t deal with it. The garden is like a world and the gardener is like the God. For the cause the gardener is he or her who is the Creator of Order, where chaos once existed or appeared.

The fundamentals is, if you have something growing on that piece of land, whether it’s grass, or weeds that’s all you need to know that food will grow. One should do the knowledge to what Gardening Zone in which one is in for the best results in purchasing seeds and plants that will be hardy in your local area. I’ll leave the spiritual side out of this build (smile).

In parting i would just like to reiterate that...
"the earth belongs to the original black man."
"The Orignal man is the God and Owner of the earth, and knows every square inch of it."

So know that this is Our creation to either Build or Destroy, and most of our physical beings have just a short little window in the scope of Time to manifest and add on, so let us be ourselves the Original Man/Woman and as ALLAH preserve the best part of what we make, and discard the poor part and be a people who are "waste free."

Leaving as I came with the science of civilization, PEACE!
your brother in ISLAM
understanding Allah, In The Name of Allah

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