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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The 2.Wisdom of 7.God by Maulud Sadiq Allah:

Growing up in the ghetto, one's interpretation of what it means for your woman to be "down with you" is extremely distorted. She will do up to and including any of the following:

Hold guns, drugs, contraband for you.

Post your bail.

Keep your commisary fat.

Not living a criminal life style - the so-called "down" woman (especially nowadays) takes on more of a mother role. These women take care of their man as if they carried him for 9 months, leaving him with little to no responsibility aside from keeping the bed warm.

But check this example:

Her husband had to leave her and her children because people were threatening his life. Not knowing who he could trust, she became like the Capt, Lt, and Secretary, handling all aspects of the organization.

This came in handy when her husband was locked up on federal charges. She handled everything.

While some men need their wives to smuggle them drugs or other contraband, this woman's husband needed something else.

The authorities, either saw the affect that her husband had on the other inmates or they were given instructions, but whatever the case, the prison denied him the Holy Qur'an.

As the account is told - his wife didn't try to smuggle the book in to him. No. Instead SHE WROTE IT OUT, page by page, and that's.....what she smuggled in.

How "down" is that?

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