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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The A Team 5% Series "Master W.F. Muhammad & the Birth of the NOI" Tonite 7/9 8pm EST

The A-Team launches the "Who is the 5%?" Radio Series. First show "Master W.F. Muhammad & the Birth of the Nation of Islam in the West" Tonight, July 9th, 8pm-10pm EST, Tune in!

Select members of the Allah Team and guests discuss the 79th anniversary of the coming of Master Fard Muhammad and the birth of the Nation of Islam in the West (founded July 4, 1930).

Date: July 9, 2009. Time: 8pm-10pm EST. Call-in Number: (646) 595-4289

5% Series: WF Muhammad & The Birth of the Nation of Islam

-The Significance of July 4th, 1930

-what happened?

-who came?

-what did he bring with him

-Master’s trials, early leadership and following

-Master’s choosing of a teacher

-students trials and history

-the rise of NOI

-NOI effect on






-NOI concept of MFM


-5% concept of MFM


-NOI effect on society in general

-bringing in of Islamic culture

-educational paradigm

-diet aspects

-shaping black identity


  1. The FBI discovered in its search of the origin of the Nation of Islam that its founder Wallace D Fard was actually an ex-convict named Wallace D Ford from California.

  2. Fard Muhammad did come from "Mecca" Arabia no more than you are I did. There is no birth record of a Wallace Fard Muhammad born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia or anywhere in Arabia. Simply put, this guy was a con man with many aliases who preyed on the poor, less fortunate, semi-illiterate blacks of that time.

  3. Elijah "Pool" Muhammad was a greater con man for continuing these webb of lies that Wallace Dodd Ford alias Wallace D Fard started.

  4. All of these comments on two men,that outsiders of the nation of islam think they have an exact science from the enemies of black people,only makes them look more foolish,and more sick,than the europeans who slit their throats in the face of the euro-army prepared for war against hannibal. Ask yourself have they found jesus birth certificate? The Idea morons,is to stay out of the radar,thats a technique of God,and all of his prophets,when you stay out of Satans file on MasterFardMuhammad,you might see the truth,what did you exspect the F.B.I to tell negros?