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Teaching General Civilization

Teaching General Civilization

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Be Civilized! Teach Civilization! Remain Civilized! by Wakeel Allah


In reflecting on Allah's teachings, as I constantly do, I feel compelled to share some of my understanding on what it means to be "civilized."

This term that Allah fought so strongly to establish in our minds and hearts, is cliche nowadays in the cipher of us who associate ourselves as "5%."

An influential brother and Master Builder from the NGE called me the other day and spoke on the fact that many who come in the name of the Father Allah aren't actually "civilized" and this is why we see savage kind of behavior being exemplified by individuals who wear and claim the Universal Flag or the Father Allah and his teachings.

While I wholeheartedly agree with my brother and know that he as well as his many students are very civilized, I added my see to this subject.

What I conveyed is that many of us who claim "civilization" versus those in the cipher who are outrightly "uncivilized", must understand that yes we are civilized as it relates to the 17th and 18th degree, yet in still, if we who are "civilized" don't show and prove the 19th and 20th degree, then we are not qualified to even claim to be "civilized" ourselves.

So how is it that we can condemn some Gods behavior as "uncivilized" in the secrecy of our conversations, yet we don't speak a word to our brothers who are in gross manifest error as it relates to understanding our divine culture which calls us to our moral obligation and to the high point of CIVILIZATION?

When we witness these acts, I notice that individuals are "deafenly" silent, and choose not to correct the vile behavior of individuals who come in the name of ALLAH yet show ultimate disrespect for themselves, their brothers, and the women and the children, and totally contradict the righteous teachings found in our lessons?

So we who are "civilized" sit back and say to ourselves or in our inner circle in secret "Did you see that God? Man, he sure was savage, and I don't agree with him." "But you know, I'm not like him, man, he's "uncivilized."

Yet, they won't say a peep to correct the person's behavior.

And the lessons clearly say that you are obligated to speak truth to power, you are obligated to speak to correct your brother out of love to uphold the integrity and dignity of our people.
When Musa went to the caves to civilize the Devil, at night he slept inside a "ring of fire." This was because the savage was afraid of the fire, and the ring of fire kept Musa (which means Civilizer) safe from the advances of the savages, in order that he might live another day to enlighten and civilize the savage.

Well, when you live the 19th and 20th degree, you add on to what the 20th degree identifies as "The Nation of Islam." That means it is a Nation of "civil law and order". It's a Nation of "High Mathematics." It's Nation of a collective group of persons who have taken on the duty of the righteous and are committed to upholding that duty, whether it requires them to take life to spare the innocent, or to give their lives in fighting for Islam against the wrongdoers. It's a Nation "with the power of the Sun" that extends a ring of fire around the righteous, so that we may live to see the end of the devil's civilization through removing the devil of our planet.
When Allah in the person of Clarence 13X came from the Temple back out into the streets of Harlem, it hurt his heart to witness the condition of some of these young children. It hurt his heart that some didn't have the proper guidance and some were overlooked even by the Muslim community. He said something to his family, meaning he mentioned later to his wife, brothers, sister and his children also some of the Elders and Firstborns why he decided to take on his mission.

Do you know what he referred to?

He referred to the principles or laws of CIVILIZATION as found in Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2.

This was a driving force behind his mission. These great codes of conduct propelled him to stand as a God (servant and Father) over the 5%ers for a period of time.

When Allah almost died after being shot in the basement in 1964, he laid in his hospital bed severely wounded from his gunshots. At the time, he had only shared the Student Enrollment with his few students. Yet, while laying in bed realizing he could be taken away from his 5%, he "skipped" them straight to the 17th thru 20th degree in the Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 2.
What was Allah saying while reinforcing this message with 4 Cipher Akbar and Abu Shahid, while at the same time revealing this lesson to Hebekah, Karriem, Al-Jabbar, Al-Salaam, Niheem and later ABG and others? More will be revealed on that.

Now today, some of us who never received or accepted this message, we are hustling backwards in this world that has turned the Black Man "inside out and upside down."

So not only do brothers fail to adhere to the 17th thru 20th degree, they openly do the opposite!

So when a man speaks up to live the law of civilization, those who are afraid to speak against injustice, opt to attack the servant that does the will of Allah instead of correcting their peers who are guilty of violating the Lessons.

This has become the accepted culture by many today. This is a trait of so-called Negroes who enjoin evil talk and shun positivity. This is not Allah's teachings, nor the teachings of Allah's Messenger, this is the teaching of Yakub and his made devil (to glorify or not speak AGAINST indecent behavior and conduct).

For Allah's teaching are revealed in Holy Quran, "the righteous enjoin good and forbid evil."
So, the next time somebody feels like talking evil against brothers who are living the prescribed laws of civilization, ask yourself (if you in fact believe you are civilized), ask yourself did you speak a word to warn your brothers who were outrightly demonstrating savage behavior "in the name of Allah"? Do this before you speak against the righteous people!
nd I know, many will attempt to use one's "religion" as a shield.

There are those who are quick to speak against Gods who teach civilization and use the fact they include the term Muslim (amongst many other terms) to identify themselves and this acknowledging of the term in the Lesson alone is enough to justify why they ought to be condemned. And they say also that if you identify with the term in the Lesson then you can't be "with the Father."

It reminds me of in the New Testament when the wicked came to persecute Jesus (Prophet Isa). Check out how Jesus handled that below:

30 [Jesus talking] "I and [my] Father are one."

31 Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

32 Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?

33 The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

You see, the wrongdoers and hypocrites knew they couldn't justify condemning the righteous man for his works (although they desired to stop him from civilizing the people), so they concocted their "religious" argument. They were much more interested and what the man called himself, rather than interested in what good he contributed to society.

But check Isa out...Isa (Jesus) who knew his lessons (scripture) of that day, looked at the religious hypocrites and quoted the lesson showing and proving that he was right and exact and it was their ignorance in the name of religion that blinded them to the actual fact revealed in their own Lessons:

34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

35 If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;

So it is the same with a righteous Gods today. When a hypocrite condemns you not for your righteous act, but for a term that is found in the lessons, just quote the Lesson that proves you are right and exact and "keep it moving" as the hypocrites will "wail and gnash their teeth."
You see, the religious the worst hypocrite!

Keep teaching and showing and proving Allah Mathematics through your wisdom, power and culture.

Oh, "a man is justified through his wisdom (ways and actions)."

The Messenger said he "keeps one ear on what a man says and the other ear on where that man fits in the Quran [lessons]."

I say that to say classify or categorize an individual on whether or not he is 5%, 10% or 85% by assessing his wisdom or lack thereof (words, ways and actions).
Then you are justified to deal with him accordingly. And understand that when evil takes place in front of "the civilized" and they don't speak a word to correct their behavior of the brother in error, then they are telling you who they are.

But for those who speak to help their brothers correct their ways for the betterment of themselves and their communities....welcome to the righteous Nation (of Islam), and yes, this means the Gods and Earths and all righteous people in the Universe who adhere and complete the 20th degree through their deeds.

Love and Respect,

Your Brother in Islam,
Wakeel Allah

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